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Replayer Themes

  • PandaLife Replayer by PandaLife Jun. 17, 2012

    Black and Purple replayer theme, put together by PandaLife. Credits to original graphic workers for the designs.

  • SPLITSUIT.COM PT4 Replayer by James Sweeney by StevenM Jun. 18, 2012

    The SplitSuit theme for PokerTracker 4 is a blue theme utilizing modern vector design. It can be used with any card deck, and is a versatile theme for players wanting a fresh look.

    Replayer provided by James Sweeney exclusively for PokerTracker 4

  • EducaPoker Theme by EducaPoker Jul. 20, 2012

    Custom theme for Poker Tracker 4
    Designed by exclusively for PokerTracker 4.

  • Full Tilt inspirated by PandaLife Jul. 26, 2012

    Full Tilt inspired theme by PandaLife. Credits to original graphic workers for the designs.

  • by Bar Nuthin Jul. 27, 2012

    The official replayer theme used by DragTheBar's Professional Coaches for training videos.

    Provided by for PokerTracker 4
    DragTheBar theme designed by

  • - Dark Theme by PokerStrategy Jul. 08, 2013
    The official Dark replayer theme for PokerTracker 4 uses a side by side card placement, for optimal use we recommend using any deck theme that has a centered rank and suit such as the built in Legacy decks. The replayer theme is compatible with the export Hand to Video feature in PokerTracker 4, PokerStrategists can create hand videos for post game review that can be posted on the forums.
    Designed by, exclusively for PokerTracker 4.
  • Heads Up Pro Theme by Jan. 03, 2014

    This designed theme is perfect for any Heads Up Poker professional.

    An attractive black and red layout, and a simple, easy to use design makes this theme an excellent choice for players of all levels.

  • IveyLeague Official Replayer Theme by StevenM Aug. 25, 2014

    The official Poker Tracker 4 replayer theme for used by Phil Ivey and Patrik Antonius in their training videos. Designed by BarNuthin.

    Note: This replayer theme uses layered cards for Omaha games, we advise selecting a "traditional" deck while using this theme to display the full face of the cards. Holdem hands replayed with this theme the standard "side by side" card placement, the traditional deck theme is not required for Holdem.

    Replayer theme provided by exclusively for PokerTracker 4

  • Official Replayer Theme by kraada Oct. 05, 2015
    The official PokerTracker 4 replayer theme for Replayer provided by exclusively for PokerTracker 4.
  • Spin&Go optimized theme by SNG Master by trixilw Mar. 07, 2016

    Theme optimized for Spin&Go and 3-handed jackpot games with Hero centered on the table.

    Design by SNG Master. Check our professional huds for Spin&Go and Sit&Go at