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Custom HUD Profiles

  • NASH CALL Chart by SmartHUD Oct. 27, 2014

    Push-or-Fold Nash Equilibrium solution for two player No Limit Hold'em games.

    This pop-up was made by and cannot be used in commercial products without permission.

    Note: you need to install "SMARTHUD Matrix" font to get this pop-up displayed correctly. This font can be downloaded at

  • Cash - 6 max / HUD and Popup by walyandar Nov. 12, 2014

    VPIP / PFR / Cold Call /3Bet / Fold to 3Bet
    CBet F / Fold to CBet F / CBet T / Fold to CBet T
    F AFq / T AFq / R AFq / Total AF / Notes
    Att to Steal - LP / Fold to Steal / 3Bet Steal / Squeeze / Hands

  • Spin & Go Master - Basic by trixilw Mar. 24, 2015

    Free, basic version of Spin&Go Master developed by SNG Master for Spin & Go and 3-handed Jackpot Sit & Go games.

    Spin&Go Master is a detailed and complex HUD layout, while it remains intuitive and an easy-to-use tool. It is also optimized for heads-up plays.

    The full version gives you detailed stats by effective stack, advanced postflop stats and much more. You can request a trial at

    You will need PokerTracker 4.13.1 or later to use this HUD

  • The Beast HUD by by illerax Jun. 10, 2015

    Professional PT4 HUD designed by professional poker players.
    Optimized for cash 6max.
    You can find more information about The Beast HUD, HUD making lessons, and check updates here -
    (Russian Language)

  • SpinXX HUD - Lite by mrtnz Jul. 22, 2015

    A free version of SpinXX HUD (v2.0)
    Unique HUD for Spin & Go and/or HUSNG games
    Please visit:
    for more details.

  • Spin N Go - LxHUDfree by alexrjl Aug. 21, 2015

    Reduced version of the LxHUD, a custom HUD designed for 3-handed Jackpot SNGs, such as Pokerstars "Spin & gos", including the Heads-Up stage. To buy the full HUD, for 1 buyin at whichever stakes you currently play, contact lxontilt on Skype.

    Both HUDs contain 4 moveable panels: Pre, IP, OOP, Limped,
    The full version has custom colour codes for all stats, along with a much bigger selection of pre and postflop stats.

  • HUD EAZY for Spin & Go's by ultrac by cultra Sep. 02, 2015

    This HUD for Spin&Go's is very simple, aesthetic (hopefully) and easy to use. No useless information, just most important data: (0) table effective stacks, (1) preflop stats (VPIP/PFR, 3bet/Fto3bet, Limp/Limp&Fold/Raise Limper), (2) stealing stats, (3) flop betting/folding stats, (4) aggression by streets stats, (5) betting/folding by streets stats. In pop-up there are easy to use simplified Heads-up Nash Charts (charts originally uploaded by StevenM).

  • Lacerta-6-max HUD by mael.pogam Aug. 11, 2016

    Complete HUD for 6-max (Lacerta_max-PA)

  • 3H SPINnGO Pro Free - 3-Handed Spin & Go HUD by vi11age Aug. 01, 2017

    3H SPINnGO Pro Free - 3-Handed Spin & Go HUD

    Free version of our Spin & Go HUD for 3-handed part of the game.
    It has advanced but intuitive panel layout.
    Panels are: BTN, SBvBTN, BBvBTN, SBvBB PRE, SBvBB POST, BBvSB PRE, BBvSB POST and Player panel.

    Click on the picture on the right to see how to arrange panels.

    Some panels will be unused during the game and they should be hidden behind the BTN panel:
    -For the player on the left you should hide BBvBTN, SBvBB PRE and SBvBB POST panels.
    -For the player on the right you should hide SBvBTN , BBvSB PRE and BBvSB POST panels.
    -Make sure that you are hiding the panel for the correct player.
    -You can check player names on a panel if you hover mouse over any stat.

    Full version of our Spin & Go HUD many more preflop and postflop stats.
    It has all preflop stats broken down by effective stacks, it has advanced pop-up panels and many turn and river stats that are not included in the free version.

    You can request a free trial of our Full HUD from our website: