PokerTracker's bag of tricks

May 23, 2011 - 12:17pm by 0 comments

It's nearly here!  PokerTracker's bag of tricks is bursting at the seams, and soon we'll be able to share our ideas with you.

There are improvements to come across the board, based primarily on the things you've been asking for.  From analyzing your crucial Tournament decisions like never before, to even finer detail in custom stats - we have been listening.  I particularly love that the next generation setup is much easier, along with the gorgeous HUD graphics and layout options (and yes I mean gorgeous layout options!).  The tools we all use as poker players are getting more powerful as well, but it's use is easier and clearer than ever before.  Some of the new report types will really help you push your game forward - and all together in one package without the need to purchase any third party add-ons.  There are so many nifty new ways to access and display the information you always wanted (or didn't know you needed) that it will change the way you view your game.

I really wish I could share even a few of the things I'm most excited about, but I must wait just a little longer - and soon you will all be able to see for yourselves.

The developers have listened to our voices - yours and mine - and brought us the next generation in online poker tracking and analysis tools.  I look forward to exploring the possibilities with you!

- WhiteRider

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