• I need a new Registration Code

    Your PokerAce Hud registration allows you to use PokerAce Hud on two computers that you own or exclusively use. This is a lifetime license, which means you can always have PA Hud on two of your computers. If you buy a new computer, simply uninstall PA Hud from your old computer and install and register it on your new computer. If you reinstall Windows on your computer, just register using your code. Once you change your registration to a new computer, you cannot reinstall it on your old computer. Doing so will cause your registration to become flagged and render PA Hud inoperable for you.

    If you did not keep the email your registration code originally came in, you can request another copy of it.

  • I got a message that my registration has been flagged. What does this mean and how can I fix it?

    The most common reason for a flagged registration is an invalid use of your registration code. Your registration is good for two computers that you own or exclusively use. That means you can install PA Hud on your desktop and your laptop, or your desktop and your work computer (provided you don't share it with coworkers). You are not permitted to register PA Hud on more than two computers, or to share your code with a friend.

    If you get the message that your code has been flagged, contact support. Explain your situation and perhaps your code can be unflagged.

  • I got a message that my registration needs updating. What does this mean and how can I fix it?

    This message is caused by not allowing PokerAce Hud to connect to the registration server to verify your registration. Make sure you have no firewall or privacy software running that might be interfering with the communication. If you are behind a proxy, make sure you have it configured in the PokerAce Hud preferences.

    If you get this message and the date that is displayed is not the actual current date, you will need to fix the date on your computer.

  • I would like to sell or transfer my registration to someone else.

    If you have used your registration code, you cannot transfer your registration to another person. Attempting to do so will result in your registration code being rendered useless.

    If you have not used the code, you are allowed to transfer the code to someone else. Open a support ticket and tell us the person's name and email address.

  • How long will it take to get my registration code?

    The automated order handling service will fill most orders within five minutes. Occasionally there will be an order that requires manual entry, and that may take up to 24 hours.

  • How long is my registration good for?

    When you register PA Hud version 1.--, you will receive all 1.-- upgrades for free.

    If a version 2.-- comes out, there may be an upgrade fee.

  • Can I make my payment through a poker site transfer?

    No, we can no longer accept payment from any poker sites as payment for PokerAce Hud or any PokerTracker products. This is against the online site's gaming license.

  • Why does the credit card link take me to PayPal?

    PayPal handles the credit card transactions for PokerAce Hud license purchases. To pay, click the "PayPal, Click Here to Buy" button under the credit card registration page. The PayPal page you are taken to will either have a section for your credit card information, or it will have a section labelled "Don't Have a PayPal Account?" with a "Click Here" button on it you will need to click. Follow the directions that are given.