Technical Issues

  • I get an error message when installing stating "Error opening file for writing". What should I do?

    This error message is caused by having PokerAce Hud running while you are installing the new version. The easy thing to do is to abort the installation, close PA Hud, then attempt the installation again. If you don't have PA Hud open and still receive the error, reboot your computer, then do the installation. You should have no problems after rebooting.

  • PokerAce Hud is listing my tables, but not displaying any stats.

    If PokerAce Hud is listing the tables, that means you have it configured to read from the site correctly. The most likely problem is a filter you have enabled or not using the PokerTracker database that contains the stats.

    In some rare instances, if you have PA Hud configured to read from a directory that PokerTracker is moving processed files to, it can cause stats not to display. Make sure you do not have PA Hud configured to read from any such directory. Also, do not place these directories inside of directories that the poker sites write hand histories to.

    The first thing you need to do is to make sure PokerTracker is importing hands. The import window in PT will tell you how many hands are being imported. Make sure they are. If they aren't, you'll need to contact PokerTracker support to figure out why.

    If PT is importing, and you still aren't getting stats, in PokerAce Hud, bring up the Preferences. Switch to the "Filters" section. Make sure that every checkbox is unchecked. Make sure that all player ranges have been deleted. Try setting the minimum hands required value to something small, like 5 or 10 hands. Save the preferences and see if you get stats after a few minutes.

    If you still don't have any stats after disabling all filters, go back into the Preferences, switch to the "Databases - Holdem or Omaha" section (depending on what you're using), and make sure every database listed is highlighted, or selected. Save the preferences and see if you get stats now.

    If there are still no stats, and you are using the cache feature, go back into the Preferences, switch to the "Databases" section and uncheck the "Use Database Cache" option. Save the options and restart PA Hud.

    If after all this, you still aren't seeing stats, contact support via the forums or support system. Be sure to mention that you've done all of these steps.

  • PokerAce Hud is not listing my tables.

    If PokerAce Hud is not listing your tables, that means one of two things. Either you don't have PokerAce Hud configured properly for the site, or the site has recently upgraded their software and that broke PokerAce Hud's compatibility.

    To make sure you have PokerAce Hud configured correctly please review the documentation to make sure you have everything configured properly.

  • PokerAce Hud doesn't work properly on Windows Vista. I can't press any buttons on the tables.

    Please Download and install the latest beta version.

    It is required that you run PokerAce Hud, PokerTracker, and each poker site you play on as "Administrator". To do this, right-click the icon you use to launch the applications, select Properties and click Advanced. Check the "Run as administrator" option in the window that appears.

    This came from a user who had problems: "Vista has a hidden Admin account that you have to install PA Hud under. With the tool TweakUAC, you can turn this account on if you turn the UAC off. Reboot your computer and install PA Hud. After installing, you can turn the UAC back on." I cannot verify this information as I do not run Vista, but you could give it a try if you are having problems.

  • PokerAce Hud is displaying stats, but they aren't updating while I play.

    The first thing you should check is to make sure that PokerTracker is importing hands. The PokerTracker import window will tell you how many hands are being imported. Check this to confirm that hands are importing.

    If PokerTracker is importing, but the stats still aren't updating, check the Refresh Rates you have set. In the PokerAce Hud preferences, under the "Refresh Rates" section, check to make sure you have valid rates set. The first thing to check is to make sure you have a range that covers players with zero hands. Also make sure there are ranges for all hands. Do not leave gaps. The documentation shows how the ranges should be set.

  • I cannot create a log file

    It may be necessary for you to disable User Account Control (UAC). Please see the Tutorial: How to Disable 'User Account Control' (UAC)