Purchase / Upgrading

  • How can I register Poker Tracker 2?

    PokerTracker 2 - Holdem is no longer on sale.  Please visit www.PokerTracker.com for information on PokerTracker 3.

Technical Issues

  • ATTENTION: Windows VISTA users, you must read this

    If you are using Vista is it imperative that you run ALL your poker software using the 'run as administrator' option or else there are going to be problems.

    To do this with Poker Tracker, right click on the Poker Tracker icon on your desktop and select "Run as administrator" from the pop-up menu. You should then get a prompt from Vista asking you to cancel/allow the program to run. Click on the "Allow" option to continue.

    To get Poker Tracker to run as administrator each time without having to remember to select it from the popup menu you can just right-click on the Poker Tracker desktop icon and select "Properties" from the menu. On the next window, click the "Advanced" button and check the "Run as administrator" box on the next window. Then apply all the changes. Now you can just start Poker Tracker by double-clicking on the desktop icon and it should again prompt you to cancel/allow Poker Tracker to run.

    ALL YOUR POKER SOFTWARE NEEDS TO BE STARTED THIS SAME WAY. This includes PokerAceHUD, GameTime+, any of the poker site software, everything.

  • Where has my data gone?

    Many times people ask why they can't see any or parts of their data. This is usually the results of a filter having been set on the Preferences tab that is preventing the data from showing.

    The title bar of the Ring and Tourney Stats window will display the filters that are currently being used so check those first to see if this could be the problem. Then go to the Preferences tab and remove the filter.

    If you still can't see the stats, try removing all filters by checking the "All Dates" box, unchecking all Site and Game Level boxes and unchecking the "Use Player Filter" box.

    In version 2.11.00 I added a "Remove All Filters" button to the top right corner of the Preferences tab. Use this button to quickly remove all filters so you can see the data.

  • What type of PC can Poker Tracker run on?

    First, Poker Tracker will only work on Windows based operating systems. It will probably run on slower machines but we recommend a Pentium II or higher with at least 128MB of memory and a decent amount of hard disk space. Poker Tracker databases can be HUGE (up to 600 MB per 120,000 hands or 100 MB per 20,000 hands for those of you that don't play 120,000 hands). As stated, it will probably run on slower PC's but you may not be satisfied with the performance. The speed of your PC will determine the number of databases you need to create in order to keep performance at a satisfactory level.

    Lastly, Poker Tracker is best viewed using a screen resolution of 1024x768

  • 'Could not load win.pct module' error on Replay Window

    Most likely the problem is that your PC is not setup to run java programs such as the one PT uses to calculate the winning percentages.


    If you are using any version of Windows other than Windows 2000, download and install this file: msjavwu.exe

    If you are using Windows 2000 with service pack 4 download and install this file: win2k_sp4.exe

    If you are using Windows 2000 with service pack 2 or 3 download and install this file: win2k_sp2_sp3.exe

    Once you have done this, download this file: winpct.exe

    It's a self-extracting zip and then run it - it will load 3 files to your PT folder (c:\program files\poker tracker v2). If you have installed PT in a different folder, you'll have to tell it the correct folder to install the files in.

    Then go to the PT folder (using Windows Explorer) and find the file regbat.bat and double-click on it. A command window will pop up and close real fast. After this happen, go into PT and see if it corrected the problem.


  • File sharing lock count exceeded. Incease max locks per file

    If you get this error then you will need to change some of your registry settings. Follow these steps:

    First, make sure Poker Tracker isn't running.

    1. Go to the Start button and select "Run..." from the menu.
    2. Type REGEDIT and then click OK on the window that opens.
    3. The Registry Editor is a lot like Windows Explorer in that you have registry keys that look like folders and values on the right that look like files.
    4. Go to the key value: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Jet.0\Engines\Jet 4.0 (double-click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE under that will be SOFTWARE, double-click on that, etc., etc. to keep drilling down.
    5. Click on Jet 4.0 and look on the right side of the screen. You should see an option "MaxLocksPerFile"...double-click on it.
    6. On the window that opens, enter 20,000 (no comma) and then click the "Decimal" button under the Base section. Now click "OK" to save the changes.
    7. Since there could be multiple Jet entries, search for these two keys:
      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Jet.5\Engines\Jet 3.5 AND
      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Jet.5\Engines\Jet 3.x

      If you find these, make the same changes to the MaxLocksPerFile registry entry for these keys as well.

    Close the registry editor and run PT again and see what happens. If it doesn't work, try rebooting and running PT again.



  • Reinstalling PokerTracker changed my product ID

    Yes, this is true. If you have computer problems, or you reformat or you install Poker Tracker on another computer the product ID will change and your old reg. code will not work.

    If this happens, you should open a Support Ticket and tell us your new product ID and we will send you a new reg. code and deactivate the old code.

    Some people are under the mistaken impression that they can only ever get 2 reg. codes from us. This is wrong. If you have computer problems or get a new computer or whatever, we will provide you with a new code to get you going again. We will also deactivate the old product ID.

    Getting a new code from us in this fashion does not count against your ability to have PT registered on 2 computers.

  • Why haven't I received my registration code?

    Please check your spam or junk mail filters if you do not recieve an email with your new registration code within 24 hours.  If you cannot find it please reply to your open support ticket and we will make sure you get your code as quickly as possible.

  • If I buy PT, can I use it on 2 PC's without paying twice...

    I get this question a lot. It is stated in the license agreement on the download page that you can register Poker Tracker on 2 different computers (YOUR OWN COMPUTERS THAT IS - you cannot share codes) with the purchase of one license.

    Each computer will have a different product ID (located on the Help/About Poker Tracker window) so you will need to get a different reg. code for each computer. When you buy PT, you should open a support ticket with the product ID's you want to have registered and I'll send you the 2 codes.

    NOTE: If you don't have the program installed on the second PC when you purchase Poker Tracker then you can send me the product ID from that computer at any time later and I'll send a code for it. You are not required to send both product ID's at the time of purchase.

  • Where is the documentation for Poker Tracker?

    Version 2.0 includes HTML based help documentation. Just click on one of the many "Help" hyperlinks you see on the Poker Tracker windows to get information about the particular window.

    Also, from the Help menu in Poker Tracker, you can select "Main Index" to see all of the available help links, "Getting Started" to see how to start importing hand histories from the site you are playing on, etc.


  • The auto-import is taking longer and longer to run

    Some users have noted that their imports take a while to run and that the program freezes or says "Not responding" when looking at it through task manager. Please note that the not responding does not indicate it has crashed, you would most likely receive an error message if this were the case. Chances are it's reading/importing or refreshing.

    There are a few things that could be causing this:

    1. The most likely reason is that you have a large number of processed hand history files still in your hand history folder. You need to move or delete these files so that Poker Tracker does not try to keep reading them only to find all the hands have already been imported. This slows things down and it keeps getting worse and worse as more files are added. Once you delete or move the files initially, you should use the "Move processed files to the following folder" option of the auto-import window going forward and Poker Tracker will move the files for you when you close the auto-import window.

      PLEASE NOTE: If you have just purchased PokerTracker, the slowness initially is probably caused by the fact that PT is now importing all of the hand histories that have been stored on your PC since you have been playing. This could take a while to run based on the number of files there are. Please let the process run to completion though.
    2. If you have the "Auto-Rate on import" box checked, make sure that you do not have your name setup to be rated. Go to the Ring Stats window, select your name and click the "Do not auto-rate this player" box. If you are rating yourself, and you have a large number of hands played, the slowness may be due to the fact that it's taking a long time to rate yourself based on all the hands you have imported.
    3. If you are using the Game Time window or an external program like GameTime+ or PokerAce HUD, make sure that you use the option "Do not include my stats" so that it doesn't try to retrieve all of your stats to display or use in the table averages. This is along the lines of #2 above in that using your stats causes it to take longer to refresh.


    These NVidia video drivers can cause conflicts with Poker Tracker that actually cause the program to freeze and use up 100% CPU. If your PC used these drivers, right-click on your Desktop and disable the "NVidia Desktop Manager" and see if this helps the problem you are having.



  • What type of poker games can be imported into Poker Tracker?

    At this time Poker Tracker will only load real-money Texas Hold'Em ring games and tournament games into the database. Your hand history files may contain other types of games but Poker Tracker will ignore them.

  • The SQLite 3 ODBC driver has not been loaded yet

    The sites that use Microgaming software (Prima Network and Ladbrokes) and the PokerRoom/Ongame sites (PokerRoom, Hollywood Poker, etc) all write hand history information to a database file on your computer. This file is in the form of a SQLite database file which means special drivers are needed in order for Poker Tracker to connect to the file and pull the information out of it so that the hand histories can then be stored in your Poker Tracker database.

    If you get the error message that the SQLite drivers have not been installed then you can download this file. Then double-click on the file after it downloads to install the required drivers.


  • My name at each site is different, how do I combine stats?

    On the General tab of the Ring Player Statistics or Tournament Player Statistics window, select one of your player names from the list on the left side of the window. Click the "Alias" button and on the window that opens, select the site and your other player name to combine the stats. You can enter as many aliases as you need.

  • I save my hands to file but get errors importing, why?

    The problem you are having with your hand histories is almost certainly because of a line wrapping problem. If you are saving your hands using Notepad you must make sure that you turn wrapping off. You do this by going to "Format" menu option and making sure that the "Word Wrap" option DOES NOT have a check beside it. If it does, click on it to remove the check mark. If you save your hand histories using WordPad you can turn off wrapping by selecting Options from the View menu and clicking on the column labeled "No Wrap". Copy and paste your hand histories again and save the file. Try the import again.

    Poker Tracker CANNOT read files unless they are plain text (not UNICODE text or some other format like MS Word.


  • I get an error "Chip count is not a valid number"

    This is most likely because your regional settings are not set to the proper values.

    If you are using Windows XP or greater, Poker Tracker can change the settings for you at startup (you will be prompted) and then change them back when you exit the program. If it doesn't prompt you, open the Utilities > Regional Settings window and click the "Yes, always change my settings each time I run Poker Tracker" box and click the OK button. Then close and reopen Poker Tracker.

    If you are using Windows ME, 98 or lower, you have to manually changed these settings BEFORE running Poker Tracker. From the Start menu, select Control Panel and then click the Regional Settings option. Language should be set to English and Country/Region should be set to United States.


  • POP 3 / Check E-Mail functionality

    The "Check POP3 Email" button on the import window can be used to directly download hand histories from your email server. You email server must be a POP3 server, this function will not work with Hotmail, Yahoo or AOL. Before using this feature you have to configure the settings (Utilities/POP3 Email Setup) which are the same setting you use for setting up your account in Outlook or Outlook Express.

    The "Check E-Mail" button can be used to load hand histories THAT HAVE ALREADY BEEN DOWNLOADED from your mail server. This feature works best if your e-mail program is Outlook or Outlook Express. This feature is somewhat more limited than the POP3 feature because your hand histories MUST BE in your Local Folders Inbox for PT to find them.


  • Why do the dollar amounts or dates appear to be wrong?

    This is most likely because your regional settings are not set to the proper values.

    If you are using Windows XP or greater, Poker Tracker can change the settings for you at startup (you will be prompted) and then change them back when you exit the program. If it doesn't prompt you, open the Utilities > Regional Settings window and click the "Yes, always change my settings each time I run Poker Tracker" box and click the OK button. Then close and reopen Poker Tracker.

    If you are using Windows ME, 98 or lower, you have to manually changed these settings BEFORE running Poker Tracker. From the Start menu, select Control Panel and then click the Regional Settings option. Language should be set to English and Country/Region should be set to United States.


  • My hands are sent to a Hotmail/Yahoo account

    If you have your hand histories e-mailed to your Hotmail or Yahoo account, it may be necessary to change your mail display settings to prevent "line wrapping". If line wrapping occurs, you may not be able to import your hands successfully.

    Hotmail Users: Go to your Hotmail account and select the "Options" link at the top right side of the web page. On the next page, click on the "Mail Display Settings" link. (If you don't see this option, make sure to click on the "Mail" button on the left side of the window). Go to the "Line Width" column and set it to 132. Click the OK button to save these settings.

    Yahoo Users: Go to your Yahoo account and select "Mail Options". On the Mail Options window select the link "General Preferences". Scroll down and find the option "Screen Width (Viewable)" and set that column to 99. Click the save button at the bottom of the window to save this setting. NOTE: 99 is the maximum width allowed with Yahoo, Hotmail allows for 132 characters per line. Because of this, line wrapping may still occur on some lines and it may be necessary for you to correct these problems manually.


  • I cannot compact my database
    1. Make sure you don't have an external program running like GameTime+ or PokerAce (or even the External PT Gametime window) at the time you are trying to compact. If another program is connected to the database at the same time, you will not be able to compact the database until you close that program.
    2. Are you using Windows XP with service pack 2? If so, see if this post helps with the problem:
    3. If 1 and 2 are no help, try repairing the database using the steps here:

    If doing this results in an error, please make a post in the support forum with the error message or contact us via the Support system.

  • Trouble compacting the database w/ XP Service Pack 2?

    If you are having trouble compacting and you have XP with service pack 2 installed, try downloading and running this file...


    This file updates you registry with the proper Access OBDC settings that are causing the compact to not work.


  • I am getting database errors when I run the program, why?

    If you are getting database errors running Poker Tracker it's most likely because you don't have a current version of the Microsoft Data Access drivers. You can download the driver install program here -> mdac_typ.exe

    Save this file to your computer (it's about 7.6MB) and then double-click on it to install the new drivers. If this doesn't fix your problem, please contact us via the PokerTracker Support system.