Technical Issues

  • How do I manually repair the PTS database?

    Sometimes the Poker Tracker Stud Access database cannot be successfully repaired using the option for this on the Utilities menu. If you have this problem or if Poker Tracker Support sends you here, follow these instructions.


    1. Start / Settings / Control Panel / ODBC Data Sources or if you use XP or greater Start / Settings / Control Panel / Administrative Tools / ODBC Data Sources
    2. On the window that opens, click the System DSN tab.
    3. Click on the entry PTRACKS and click the "Configure..." button.
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    5. On the next window that pops up, ptracks.mdb should be highlighted but if it's not, select it and click ok.


  • Backup Files / Moving PTS to a new PC

    The only files you need to backup are the database files. These files have the extension ".MDB". DO NOT BACKUP PTSREG.MDB though. If you haven't created additional databases, the only files you'll have are PTRACKS.MDB and HHDBS.MDB. Additional databases usually have the names PTRACKS2.MDB, PTRACKS3.MDB unless you have renamed them.

    If you want to move Poker Tracker Stud to a different PC, just backup the database files then run the install program - - on the new PC. Copy the database files over to the new PC and overwrite the files loaded during the install. You will need to send me the new product ID (from the About window) so I can send you a new registration code.

    If you have created any custom known hands filters, you will also want to backup/copy the files ptfilter.txt and pthands.txt. These files contain the custom filters so if you copy these you won't have to recreate them on the new pc.

    All of these files should be in the c:\program files\poker tracker stud folder if you have used the default settings.