Purchase / Upgrading

  • What's new in TableNinja II?
    • The new user interface is packed with more features than ever before.
    • SNG Sensei: Re-implemented, and much easier to use.
    • New "Street Betting" allow you to combine pot betting with fixed betting.
    • The hotkeys now work only when you're hovering over a table, thus you can play poker, watch TV, and type in Skype/Facebook without needing to "Toggle Hotkeys" (even though you can still toggle if you wish).
    • You are no longer limited to 4 hotkeys for betting - you can set as many as you wish. You can create hotkeys for actions such as "50% of the pot + 2 blinds."
    • The SNG Betting tab is gone and we've revamped it with a new concept called, "Filters".  Any hotkey that modifies the bet can have a filter, which defaults to "Always".  You can change that to things like "bb < 100", or "ante > 15" so you can have the same hotkey do different actions, depending on the table state.
    • The Default Bets options benefit from filters as well.  You can now define very specific betting options.  Example: Bet 60% of pot when you have less than 20 bb’s, otherwise bet 80% of pot.
    • In addition to Tile/Cascade/Stack support, TableNinja II adds two more layouts: Custom Layout, which allows you to specify how you want your tables set up.
    • Ninja Tile will make sure only the tables you have not yet folded on are tiled, while the rest are pushed to the stack.
    • To make switching to TableNinja II easy, TableNinja II will import your TableNinja (V1) settings automatically. Start TableNinja II and follow the setup wizard to import settings from TableNinja (V1).
  • How much does TableNinja II Cost?

    TableNinja II Pro: $19.99/Month or $150/year.  (37.5% savings when a full year is purchased)

    TableNinja II Pro (PokerStars Only):  $9.99/Month or $75 annually

    TableNinja II Standard*:  $9.99/Month for TableNinja II Standard (1yr license not available with TableNinja II Standard)

    TableNinja II Lite**:  $4.99/Month  (1yr license not available with TableNinja II Lite)

    *TableNinja II Standard:

    For customers that play lower stakes, we have TableNinja II Standard. TableNinja II Standard has all of the functionality of TableNinja II Pro for all of the major sites but is only provides support for up to $0.25-$0.50 stakes for cash games and up to a $15 buyin for tournaments.  TableNinja II Standard does not support any cash games with an ante.

    **TableNinja II Lite:
    For customers that don't use the more advanced and support intensive features such as the betting control hotkeys, we have released a TableNinja II Lite version ($5 per month) that is 50% less than the Standard version subscription. TableNinja II Lite will have Ninja Tile functionality for all supported sites plus SnG opener (Sensei) capabilities. The $5 per month price of the "Lite" version is substantially more affordable than the up to $18 per month charged by some competitors for similar but partial functionality (they don't have the SnG opening capabilities included in our "Lite" version.

  • Why is TableNinja II subscription based?

    Keeping TableNinja integrated with all of its supported poker clients requires constant maintenance, particularly now that online poker sites all have different regional clients.  At the same time, online poker and multi-tabling are constantly evolving and it is crucial that we have the resources to provide players with the best possible experience as new game types and play styles emerge. 

    Over the past five years, we've released several hundred updates to TableNinja (v1) that add new features based on requests from the community, support new game types, and support updates to all of the poker clients.  Each of these updates requires substantial time and money and we've learned that a one time payment is simply not a sustainable way to provide the kind of quality software that our users deserve.

    TableNinja II has been rewritten from scratch to be more powerful, flexible, and easier to use.  Your monthly subscription will ensure that it is continually evolving to match changes to the poker sites you play on and to provide the features elite poker players need.

  • Will I have to pay for each site that I add to TableNinja II?

    All supported sites are included in your PRO, Standard or Lite subscription.  There is also a PokerStars only version available. 

    Right now, TableNinja II supports the entire PokerStars network (.com, .fr, .it, and so on), all the FullTilt network and the entire PartyPoker network. More networks will be added, but work on them will not begin until a post launch assessment of the TableNinja II core product (including customer feedback) is performed.

    Any new sites (networks) added will be prioritized based on traffic and your feedback.

  • Does TableNinja II support Omaha?

    Yes, TableNinja II supports both Hold'em and Omaha.