• Can I install TableNinja II on more than one computer?

    Your TableNinja II registration code may be used on two personal computers that you own at the same time, the same registration code may be used to install TableNinja II on both computers. You may not share your registration code, you must be the the owner of both computers, sharing your registration code is a violation of the PokerTracker End-User License Agreement.

  • Where is my registration code for the free 30 day trial?

    Please see the TableNinja II - Free Trial page for details on how to take advantage of the free trial.

  • What happens to TableNinja II when a poker sites updates their software?

    TableNinja II is designed to be as robust as possible; however, some updates to the Poker Client software may result in TableNinja II no longer functioning correctly. We will add any updates to TableNinja II as they are complete and they will be available to anyone who has purchased a valid license with access to updates.

  • I lost my TableNinja II registration code

    If you are a registered user on the PokerTracker website, you can view your TableNinja II registration code directly on the site under My Account -> Registration Codes.

    If you have not yet registered on the website, please register for an account so that you can view your code on the site as mentioned above.

  • My TableNinja II Registration Code is not listed on the site

    If your TableNinja iI registration code is not listed on the PokerTracker website under My Account -> Registration Codes then your payment email address does not match your registered website email address and you were not logged into your account when you purchased.

    Please proceed to send us a message with the email address that you used to purchase TableNinja II along with your full real name and we will gladly link it to your account so that you can view your code on the site.