Purchase / Upgrading

  • Why have I been billed after I have already purchased PokerTracker?

    When you purchased PokerTracker, you opted in to receive the free month of TableTracker. As stated during the checkout process and again on your order confirmation email, this will turn into a normal TableTracker subscription unless cancelled before the end of your free trial.

    If you do not wish to use TableTracker, you can cancel your TableTracker subscription so that you will no longer be charged. Please see "How Do I Cancel My Subscription?" below for instructions on how to cancel your subscription.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    If you paid via Credit Card or PayPal (after July 8, 2009) you can cancel your TableTracker subscription via this form.

    If you paid via MoneyBookers or PayPal (prior to July 8, 2009) then you must cancel your subscription directly through the MoneyBookers or PayPal website. Please see the links below for instructions on each site:

    PayPal Help Center: How do I cancel a subscription

    MoneyBookers FAQ: Can I terminate a recurring payment

  • How do I upgrade my subscription?

    Please sign-up for your upgraded subscription. You will immediately have access to the new levels once payment is made.

    Once you sign-up for the higher level subscription, please 'Proceed' to send us a message stating that you have upgraded and would like to cancel your previous subscription. We will then cancel your subscription and refund the po-rated amount of your unused amount back to you via the original payment method.

Technical Issues

  • When I search, tables are returned yet there are no (or very few) stats. Why?

    The TableTracker servers only provide which tables are available and who is playing at those tables. The actual table and player statistics are retrieved from your local database. If you have not imported many hands into PokerTracker then you more than likely do not have previous stats from players at the table and no stats can be displayed.

  • When I open a table from within TableTracker the table does not open. Why?

    On a few sites, for the table opening functionality to work you must launch the poker site from within TableTracker. In the TableTracker window, on the bottom-left hand side click the 'Configure' button. Under the 'General' tab -> Launch Settings, choose your site, click 'Add' then browse to and locate your poker sites file used to open the site. Once configured, click 'Launch Site' from within TableTracker then you should be able to open tables.

  • What is the 'Avg Score' and how is it calculated?

    The 'Avg Score' projects the profitability of the specific table. The higher the score, the more profitable the table should be.

    The score is calculated by a complex algorithm which is based on the table players style of play. A lot of research was put into creating this scoring algorithm and we believe it is the most accurate predictor of a table's profitability available. If you would prefer to create your own scoring algorithm, you can do that under the 'Configure' button.


  • I have purchased TableTracker yet it claims my subscription has expired

    If after restarting PokerTracker, your subscription has not been updated then open 'My Computer', browse to your PokerTracker User Data /Data/Config directory and delete the file named 'PokerTracker.lic'. Start PokerTracker, enter your registration code and you should now have access.

    If you do not have your PokerTracker registration code, you can view it directly at http://pokertracker.com under My Account -> Registration Codes.

    If after doing all of the above, you are still having trouble, please contact us via the PokerTracker Support system.

  • Do TableTracker Subscriptions Automatically Recur?

    Yes, TableTracker is a subscription service and once you subscribe, for your convenience, you will be automatically charged based on your subscription plan. If you do not wish to be automatically charged then you must cancel your subscription prior to the recurring billing date.

  • Do I need to have PokerTracker in order to run TableNinja II?

    No, TableNinja II is a completely independent program that can be run separately, without PokerTracker or Hold'em Manager. TableNinja II is compatible with all major commercial poker analytics software, but it can also be run as a standalone program.


  • Why don't I see any tables when I search?

    TableTracker retrieves tables and players from the server and then looks up stats for those players in your database, so it will only show data for the players you personally have information on.
    TableTracker can be set to show only tables where there are players who you have stats on, using the option "Hide Tables Without Stats", and if you select this option then you will only be shown those tables which have players you have data on, other tables will not be listed.

    It is possible to configure TableTracker to limit the sizes and number of active players for which tables are shown, and this can prevent tables being listed if the limits searched are incompatible with the filters.
    See the tutorial Configuring TableTracker for more information on these options.

    Note that the limit you search for should specify the bet or blind sizes, not the 100BB buy-in that some sites quote.
    For example if you're playing no limit with a $1 big blind, and buying in for $100, you should search for $1 NL.

  • Is there a free trial?

    TableTracker is exclusively available to registered versions of PokerTracker.

    As of PokerTracker 3.00 (Beta 27+/Build 5+) or later each PokerTracker user is allowed twenty-five free TableTracker searches which can be used at any time with no expiration.

  • Why is TableTracker a subscription service and not a one-time purchase?

    PokerTracker owns and maintains servers that are constantly scanning all of the poker sites to monitor every table and player to provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate information. Due to the ongoing maintenance and operating costs involved we must charge a subscription instead of a one-time purchase such as PokerTracker which incurs no ongoing operating costs.

  • Is TableTracker allowed by the poker sites?

    Yes, like every PokerTracker product offered, it is completely accepted by the poker sites. Only table names and players at those tables are retrieved by the central TableTracker servers. All of the statistical data displayed within TableTracker is retrieved from your local database from hand histories which were previously imported into PokerTracker.