• Why don't I see any tables when I search?

    TableTracker retrieves tables and players from the server and then looks up stats for those players in your database, so it will only show data for the players you personally have information on.
    TableTracker can be set to show only tables where there are players who you have stats on, using the option "Hide Tables Without Stats", and if you select this option then you will only be shown those tables which have players you have data on, other tables will not be listed.

    It is possible to configure TableTracker to limit the sizes and number of active players for which tables are shown, and this can prevent tables being listed if the limits searched are incompatible with the filters.
    See the tutorial Configuring TableTracker for more information on these options.

    Note that the limit you search for should specify the bet or blind sizes, not the 100BB buy-in that some sites quote.
    For example if you're playing no limit with a $1 big blind, and buying in for $100, you should search for $1 NL.

  • Is there a free trial?

    TableTracker is exclusively available to registered versions of PokerTracker.

    As of PokerTracker 3.00 (Beta 27+/Build 5+) or later each PokerTracker user is allowed twenty-five free TableTracker searches which can be used at any time with no expiration.

  • Why is TableTracker a subscription service and not a one-time purchase?

    PokerTracker owns and maintains servers that are constantly scanning all of the poker sites to monitor every table and player to provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate information. Due to the ongoing maintenance and operating costs involved we must charge a subscription instead of a one-time purchase such as PokerTracker which incurs no ongoing operating costs.

  • Is TableTracker allowed by the poker sites?

    Yes, like every PokerTracker product offered, it is completely accepted by the poker sites. Only table names and players at those tables are retrieved by the central TableTracker servers. All of the statistical data displayed within TableTracker is retrieved from your local database from hand histories which were previously imported into PokerTracker.