Purchase / Upgrading

  • Why have I been billed after I have already purchased PokerTracker?

    When you purchased PokerTracker, you opted in to receive the free month of TableTracker. As stated during the checkout process and again on your order confirmation email, this will turn into a normal TableTracker subscription unless cancelled before the end of your free trial.

    If you do not wish to use TableTracker, you can cancel your TableTracker subscription so that you will no longer be charged. Please see "How Do I Cancel My Subscription?" below for instructions on how to cancel your subscription.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    If you paid via Credit Card or PayPal (after July 8, 2009) you can cancel your TableTracker subscription via this form.

    If you paid via MoneyBookers or PayPal (prior to July 8, 2009) then you must cancel your subscription directly through the MoneyBookers or PayPal website. Please see the links below for instructions on each site:

    PayPal Help Center: How do I cancel a subscription

    MoneyBookers FAQ: Can I terminate a recurring payment

  • How do I upgrade my subscription?

    Please sign-up for your upgraded subscription. You will immediately have access to the new levels once payment is made.

    Once you sign-up for the higher level subscription, please 'Proceed' to send us a message stating that you have upgraded and would like to cancel your previous subscription. We will then cancel your subscription and refund the po-rated amount of your unused amount back to you via the original payment method.