• I have purchased TableTracker yet it claims my subscription has expired

    If after restarting PokerTracker, your subscription has not been updated then open 'My Computer', browse to your PokerTracker User Data /Data/Config directory and delete the file named 'PokerTracker.lic'. Start PokerTracker, enter your registration code and you should now have access.

    If you do not have your PokerTracker registration code, you can view it directly at under My Account -> Registration Codes.

    If after doing all of the above, you are still having trouble, please contact us via the PokerTracker Support system.

  • Do TableTracker Subscriptions Automatically Recur?

    Yes, TableTracker is a subscription service and once you subscribe, for your convenience, you will be automatically charged based on your subscription plan. If you do not wish to be automatically charged then you must cancel your subscription prior to the recurring billing date.

  • Do I need to have PokerTracker in order to run TableNinja II?

    No, TableNinja II is a completely independent program that can be run separately, without PokerTracker or Hold'em Manager. TableNinja II is compatible with all major commercial poker analytics software, but it can also be run as a standalone program.