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New Release: 3.07 BETA

Postby Josh » Sat May 01, 2010 10:03 am

  • New Site: Merge
  • Hand Converter / Hud Hand Display
  • Multi-currency support
  • New Stats: Amount Won (Global), Amount Won (Native)
  • New Stats: Equity %, Equity $ (Holdem Hand)
  • New Stats: ICM Equity %, ICM Equity $ (Holdem/Omaha Tournament Hand)
  • Import: PokerStars: (Mac) Euro hand histories appearing to be lost
  • Import: PokerStars: Old tournaments being rejected as play money
  • Import: PokerStars: Pot size error with all-in on BB + ante
  • Import: PokerStars: Some emailed tournament summaries not importing
  • Import: iPoker: Locales (Russian) that don't have currency symbols that are expected
  • Import: Full Tilt: Run-it-twice hands not properly saving second summary in hand history
  • Import: OnGame: Issues with new rake taken lines
  • Import: Party: Hero's tournament place win amount was being zeroed out
  • Import: Old UB: Incorrect results with all-in hands
  • Import: Old UB: Issues with disconnect all-ins
  • Import: Cake: Guaranteed tournaments treated as freerolls
  • Import: Cereus: HORSE games (Holdem and Omaha hands)
  • Import: OnGame: New date format
  • Import: MicroGaming: Some hands not importing
  • Hud: WPEX: Table detection problems
  • Hud: Betfair: Crashes
  • Hud: FullTilt: Rush fixes (PC only)
  • Hud: Party: Cash game table finding
  • TableTracker: PokerStars and Full Tilt table opening
  • TableTracker: Removed sites from list that shouldn't have been there (WPEX, Merge, Betfair)
  • GUI: Reports: Tooltip issues
  • GUI: Configure Currency window. Resized and fixed crash on Mac
  • GUI: Boss: Skins with spaces in their options directory
  • GUI: Bodog HH folder in Setup Wizard
  • GUI: Betfair: Save HH's to disk false warning
  • Graphs: All-in EV fixes (more accurate when dealing with multiple all-ins)
  • Graphs: Days Played fix (requires rebuild of cache)
  • Filters: Misc - Stack Size - Absolute filter fix
  • Stats: SQL comments are now checked for and not permitted
  • lookup_positions table had too many entries

Please note that this version will need to update your database. It may take a long time depending on the size of your databases and the speed of your computer. Plan your update accordingly.

New versioning method. From now on, betas will be odd minor numbers (3.07), whereas stables will be even minor numbers (3.06).

We're introducing a few big and highly requested changes with this release. We've added support for the Merge Network of sites. We've added what is the beginning of our multi-currency support. We've also added a hand history viewer.

To use the new Multi-Currency feature, first go to the Configure menu and choose Configure Currency. This is where you will set your global currency. This is the currency that PT3 will convert all other currencies to. In order to see the conversions, you will need to add the new stats to your reports. The new stats are: 'Amount Won (Global)' and 'Amount Won (Native)'. A picture is worth a thousand words, so take a look at this screenshot:


The existing 'Amount Won' stat hasn't changed. It will behave as it always has, so if you only play in dollars, you can safely ignore this new feature. The 'Amount Won (Global)' stat shows the amounts all converted to the global currency. The 'Amount Won (Native)' stat shows the amount won in the native currency, but the summary is converted to the global currency.

Currently, the conversion rate used is the previous day's rate (this is automatically downloaded for you by PT3). We plan on offering you different methods of applying conversion rates in the near future. We currently support almost 30 currencies, so odds are good your local currency is supported.

The other highly requested feature is the hand history viewer. Take a look:


To access this window, click on the PT icon -> Show Last Hand. There are a variety of configuration options available so you can customize this window to your liking. There are buttons that will let you easily copy the hand to your clipboard, formatted in whichever way you prefer. If you play an interesting hand and want to post it on a forum, simply click on the forum button and paste it into your post. The functionality of this window is also available in the hand information window that appears when you double-click a hand in PT3.

Here's a sample output:

PokerStars - $10 NL (9 max) - Holdem - 9 players
Hand converted by PokerTracker 3

LP: $1,524.50
CO: $1,068.00
BTN: $2,257.50
Hero (SB): $1,136.00
BB: $1,037.00
UTG: $1,122.00
UTG+1: $225.00
MP: $1,478.75
MP+1: $1,012.00

Hero posts SB $5.00, BB posts BB $10.00

Pre Flop: (pot: $15.00) Hero has A:club: A:diamond:

fold, fold, fold, MP+1 raises to $30.00, fold, fold, fold, Hero calls $25.00, fold

Flop: ($70.00, 2 players) 7:heart: Q:spade: 7:spade:
Hero checks, MP+1 bets $50.00, Hero raises to $150.00, MP+1 calls $100.00

Turn: ($370.00, 2 players) 7:club:
Hero bets $225.00, MP+1 calls $225.00

River: ($820.00, 2 players) 9:heart:
Hero bets $610.00, MP+1 calls $607.00 and is all-in

Spoiler: show
Hero shows A:club: A:diamond: (Full House, Sevens full of Aces)
MP+1 mucks A:heart: Q:heart: (Full House, Sevens full of Queens)
Hero wins $2,031.00

We're working hard to bring you a lot more exciting features. Thanks for using PokerTracker!

Please note that this thread is locked. The release threads tend to become a jumble of various problems and questions that are very difficult for our support technicians to keep track of. If you have questions or problems, please create new threads for each individual issue.
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Re: New Release: 3.07 BETA

Postby Josh » Thu May 13, 2010 11:38 am

3.07.1 BETA Released

  • EV Calcs for Omaha
  • All-in EV graph for Omaha
  • Currency: Session based currency
  • Currency: Configure Currency dialog allows getting the rate of a specific date
  • Currency: Configure Currency dialog allows setting rates per session
  • ICM: Use starting chip stack
  • Graph: Multi-line tooltips
  • Mac: Details: Exporting to JPG and PNG not saving properly
  • Mac: TableTracker: Adjusted size of window so start button is visible
  • Import: Cereus: Including 7-2 prop bets in the pot
  • Import: Cereus: Deducting prop 7-2 wins from winnings
  • Import: Cereus: New hand numbers
  • Import: Merge: Villian mucked cards
  • Import: Merge: dealing with incorrect button
  • Import: PokerStars: New bounty tournament buyins
  • Import: PokerStars: "Added to the prize pool" summary time register problems
  • Import: Boss: BB/Dead BB detection
  • Import: Boss: Problems with currencies in locales without pound and euro symbols
  • Import: OnGame: Tournament hands with "chips" instead of "TC"
  • Import: Party: BB Min tables importing with wrong limit
  • Import: Betfair: DST off by 1 hour
  • Import: iPoker/Merge: Duplicate hands bug in auto-import
  • Currency: Amount Won (Global) splitting by limit for same currency
  • Currency: Currency information not being set for new limits
  • Currency: Issues with Limit Adjust dialog
  • Hud: Crashes with showing cards from previous hand
  • ICM: FTOPS style summaries
  • EV: Calculating EV for sites that don't show losing mucked hands
  • Cache: Problem with updating if the max hand ID cannot be determined
  • TableTracker: Placing number of tables in Buddy column
  • HH Viewer: Problem with INVALID_POS on MicroGaming hands
  • HH Viewer: Showing wrong bet/chip amounts on tournaments

Please note that this version will need to update your database. It may take a long time depending on the size of your databases and the speed of your computer. Plan your update accordingly.

I know a lot of Omaha users will be happy with the new addition of EV calculations for Omaha. It's been highly requested and we're glad to now be offering it.

We have improved our currency support by allowing you to set the conversion rate on a per-session basis. This will allow you to match your PT3 records with what the poker sites show, making record keeping and reconciling much easier.

We're continuing to work hard to bring you great new features! We hope you enjoy them and they help you improve your game. Thanks for using PokerTracker!
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Re: New Release: 3.07 BETA

Postby Josh » Wed Jul 21, 2010 1:01 pm

3.07.2 Beta Released

  • EV: Omaha EV in Replayer
  • Smart Tournament Detection
  • Reports: Winnings reports sorted descending
  • Internal improvements that should reduce crashes
  • Import: OnGame: Tournament buyins now specified in HH
  • Import: OnGame: NL/PL tournament hands imported as limit
  • Import: OnGame: Currency symbol missing
  • Import: Party: 20 BB Min hands limits
  • Import: Party: 20BB tables
  • Import: Party: Support for UTF-16 and UTF-8 hand history files
  • Import: Party: Support for euros and
  • Import: Party: tournament hands
  • Import: Entraction: Errors with "main pot" and "side pot" tags
  • Import: PokerStars: Tournament summaries in GBP not importing
  • Import: PokerStars: FPP build tourney summaries sometimes non-$0
  • Import: PokerStars: Tournament summary information now included in HH
  • Import: PokerStars: Large tournament summaries
  • Import: PokerStars: Audit files
  • Import: PokerStars: Daniel's Room tables
  • Import: PokerStars: Audit files rebuy/addons
  • Import: PokerStars: VPP/FPP column in audit files
  • Import: Full Tilt: Run-it-twice problems
  • Import: Full Tilt: Prize values for steps tourneys when imported from summaries
  • Import: Full Tilt: "99 winners" summary problem
  • Import: Full Tilt: New tourney summary syntax
  • Import: Full Tilt: Tournament fixes (6 max summaries, Rush buyins, removed DoN)
  • Import: Bodog: Last Chance satellites
  • Import: Bodog: Crash/Freeze causes
  • Import: Bodog: SnGs are uniquely identified to reduce occurance of tournaments being merged together at import
  • Import: Merge: Hi/Lo games incorrectly labeled as Hi
  • Import: Merge: Tourney summary errors
  • Import: Merge: DST adjustments not being made
  • Import: iPoker: UTF-8 and non-Western European locale issues
  • Import: Boss: Several crash sources
  • Import: Entraction: Importing hands with multiple split pots
  • Import: Betfair: "(6-max) (6 max)" problem
  • Import: French abbreviation for EDT timezone
  • Import: Everest: support
  • Import: Potential crash in Auto-Import
  • Import: Mac: Directory monitoring problem
  • Import: Crashing
  • Import: Tournaments that have no hands having the dates reversed
  • Import: Duplicate hands being imported at the end of a file import
  • Import/Hud: Merge: Tournament auto-import errors and table detection
  • Hud: Rush: Tournaments with certain names not being detected
  • Hud: Mac: Problem with multiple hud processes running
  • Hud: Potential crash causes
  • Hud: Startup problems causing issues on exit
  • Hud: Errors in server disconnection and thread termination
  • Hud: Cereus: Treat as 5 Max
  • Hud: Hole cards not displaying
  • Hud: PokerStars: Preferred seating options for 4-max
  • Hud: Rush: Flashing during updates when multitabling
  • Stats: cnt_p_limp_opp column summary type not set to "sum"
  • Stats: "Call F Bet2" stat in Holdem Tournament Player Statistics
  • Stats: Currency stats causing problems when added to certain reports
  • Stats: Donk Flop formatting to match Donk Turn and Donk River
  • Stats: "Convert To" function writing names into Description field
  • Stats: Remove Call F Bet2 from Holdem Tournament PS
  • Stats: fixed expressions for W$SD % When Bet or Raise Preflop/Flop/TurnRiver in all Player Statistics sections
  • Stats: Column cnt_p_BB_v_SB_steal_raise
  • Mac: Hud: Inability to move hud popups with right-click
  • Mac: Hud: Not getting text of all window title bars
  • Mac: Hud: Problem with MTT table switches
  • EV: Allow 0% as valid return for Equity
  • EV: Multiway pot EV calculations
  • GUI: Omaha currencies not working properly with non-european Windows
  • GUI: Order limits with similar blinds by currency
  • GUI: Graph: Crash source
  • GUI: Potential cause of crashes
  • GUI: Mac: Several causes of crashes
  • HH Formatter: INVALID_POS problems
  • HH Formatter: Currency problems with tournaments in copy/paste options
  • Reports: Sessions - Details report offset by "My Day Starts At" when it shouldn't be
  • TT: PokerStars table opening
  • Export: Tournament summaries
  • Setup Wiz: Was allowing exiting/backing out during import. Must cancel first now.
  • Postgres: Fix for performance problems on PostgreSQL 8.4
  • Replayer: Crashing on replaying 2 max games
  • Filters: Date Played: Today, This Month, This Year
  • Boss: Detection of Boss skins
  • Auto Rate: Extra validation
  • Housekeeping: Order of items made consistant between manual import and housekeeping
  • Currency: Crash source
  • Cache: Only update cache if hand imported is not a duplicate

Please note that this version will need to update your database. It may take a long time depending on the size of your databases and the speed of your computer. Plan your update accordingly.

The major changes in this release are for the tournament players. This beta release introduces PokerTracker 3's Smart Tournament Detection. What this feature does, in a nutshell, is that it will analyze your tournaments and automatically determine what kind of tournament it is, what the buy-in is and what your winnings are for the tournament. In addition to the automatic detection, we've also greatly expanded how tournaments are classified in PokerTracker. No longer are you restricted to a small number of descriptions for your tournaments. Any number of flags and descriptors are available and can be used to classify your tournaments in great detail.

What follows is a detailed description of the new Smart Tournament Detection and how to use it:

New Tournament Types and Detection

Major enhancements have been made to how tournaments are classified and detected. In many cases tournament summary requests will not longer be necessary unless detailed result data on opponents is required. The "Table Type" field is now in the format:

STT - Single Table Tournament
MTT - Multi-Table Tournament
Super-Turbo - Blinds are increased ~every 3 minutes or less
Turbo - Blinds are increased ~every 5 minutes
The FLAGS parameter can be any combination of:
SNG - Sit and Go
DON - Double or Nothing (a.k.a. "Double up", half the players win.)
BOUNTY - (a.k.a. "Knockout") bonuses are awarded for eliminating players.
SHOOTOUT - a multi-table tournament that is played in phases of single-table events
REBUY - players are allowed the option to rebuy upon elimination during the initial phase. This initial phase is typically an hour or a half-hour for turbo events.
MATRIX - structured as a group of Single-table events played simulteneously. Bonuses are awarded for placing on multiple tables.
RUSH - players are instantly assigned to a new table upon the completion of a hand.
POF - Push or Fold. only Push or Fold options are available.
SATELLITE - players compete for entry into another tournament.
STEPS - similar to SATELLITE but are structured as a series of SATELLITEs leading up to a grand prize.
DEEP - starting stacks are at least 2x normal leading to longer, usually slower-paced games.

A typical single-table 6 seat Turbo SNG tourney is now has the Table Type: "STT (6 max) Turbo SNG"
A single-table Double-or-Nothing tournament now has the Table Type: "STT SNG DON"
A Multi-table Bounty (a.k.a. Knockout) tournament: "MTT BOUNTY"


New Tournament fields (Flags, Tables, Seats, Speed) are present in the tournament filters dialog. You can now filter with much higher precision.


Similar fields are present in hand export and purge dialog. The following two dialogs are invoked via the Database Management dialog which is invoked from the Database Menu.


Tournament Auto-Detection

*Important Note on Tournament Auto-Detection: Auto-Detection is a process that will be continually improved. Not all tournament types can be supported in the auto-detection process, and on the initial release of the beta we do expect some errors. For some sites and tournament types they will be very accurate. Detection rules will be automatically updated when you start PokerTracker. We urge you to help us improve these results by reporting incorrect detection results.

This new feature analyzes the hands of a tournament and determines the type and can often calculate awards even when not provided in the hand history. The auto-detection process happens upon completion (or elimination) of a tournament or at the end of the import process.

To enable this feature during Auto Import make sure that the "Tournament Detection" checkbox is checked in the Auto Import tab.


A similar checkbox in Manual Import is labeled "Auto-Tournament Detect".


You can invoke Auto-Detection manually for existing tournaments via the Auto Detect button from the Tournament Results dialog. The Tournament Results dialog is invoked from the main menu/Tournaments/Enter Holdem (or Omaha) Results.


To invoke auto detect, first select one or a group of tournaments from the upper left report in the Tournament Results dialog. Then press the Auto Detect button.


The three checkboxes are designed mainly to protect data that might have been already filled from hand histories or tournament summaries. Here is an explanation:

"Save detected Finish and Amount Won." When the detection process can determine the place and prize it will assign these values. However, if any of this data is already filled it will not attempt to overwrite any values.

"Protect filled Table Type" when this item is checked, the system will not overwrite any Table Type value with the exception of "N/A".

"Save detected Table Type." When this item is checked, the detected table type will save to the database. Otherwise it will just display the detected type in the dialog.

Manually Setting Table Types

You can also manually set table types and other parameters from the Tournament Results dialog. This dialog is invoked via the main menu Tournaments/Enter Holdem (or Omaha) Results.

If a desired type is not yet present in your database you can manually add this type via the "Add Table Type" dialog invoked by the "Add Table Type" hyperlink in the Tournaments Results dialog:


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Re: New Release: 3.07 BETA

Postby Josh » Wed Aug 18, 2010 4:45 pm

3.07.3 Beta Released

  • TT: Omaha support (PokerStars, Full Tilt, Party, Cereus)
  • Filters: Tourney seats: 3,5,6,7
  • Hud: Pacific: Preferred seat support for new client
  • Hud: OnGame: Preferred seat support
  • Import: Problem with players sitting out
  • Import: Cake: Amount won error when no small blind is posted
  • Import: Cake: Hands incorrectly being recorded as CCPF
  • Import: Cake: All-in for less than the BB
  • Import: Cake: Rake in tournaments
  • Import: Bodog: Getting hero name with latest update
  • Import: Bodog: Removed play money support
  • Import: PokerStars: Heads up 20-100 BB tables
  • Import: PokerStars: Some freerolls not $0 buyin in summary import
  • Import: PokerStars: Audit file rebuy and table type
  • Import: Party: Hands from 20 bb Euro tables being imported as $0 NL
  • Import: Party: 20 bb min tables being imported as wrong limit
  • Import: Party: Tournament hands that end in a knock out
  • Import: Party: Auto-import file format
  • Import: iPoker: Starting chip stack problem and large stacks
  • Import: iPoker: Tournament hands with Euro buy-ins
  • Import: iPoker: .fr issues
  • Import: Merge: Crash on bad beat win
  • Import: Merge: Bad buyin for guaranteed satts
  • Import: Full Tilt: hands
  • Import: Full Tilt: Matrix tournaments
  • Import: Full Tilt: New Rush table, Electro
  • Import: OnGame: Support for Euro currency
  • Import: Cereus/Ongame: Inconsistent blind levels
  • Import: Everest: Players with leading spaces in their name
  • Import: Entraction: HH rebuy detection
  • Import: MicroGaming: PT3 preventing some hands from being written on older machines
  • Import: Certain tournament summaries causing crashes when imported twice
  • Import: Duplicate hands updating tournament summaries
  • Import: Observed tournament hands (not imported) creating tournaments in database
  • Import: Players with commas in their name
  • Import: UTF-8 import problem
  • Hud: Merge: Rebuy/1 Addon tables detection
  • Hud: Full Tilt: Rush support for .fr tables
  • Hud: Threading issues
  • Hud: Lockups
  • Hud: Pacific: Treat-As and Preferred seating for 2 and 6 max
  • Hud: iPoker: Removed miniview option (no longer a part of their client)
  • Hud: Font caching issue that was causing crashes/performance issues
  • Hud: Ability for queries to get live table statistics
  • Hud: Separate Last Hand and Hand History Viewer
  • Hud: Full Tilt .fr Rush support
  • TourneyDetect: Failures with aliased players
  • TourneyDetect: Only working if importing into active database
  • TourneyDetect: Boss: End of DON detection
  • TourneyDetect: Merge DoN errors due to missing hands
  • TourneyDetect: Early tourney end detection for iPoker and MicroGaming
  • TourneyDetect: Various minor fixes/updates
  • TourneyDetect: Various improvements and fixes
  • GUI: Replayer crash in Omaha non-showdown hands
  • GUI: Crash in empty report controls
  • GUI: Various improvements in Tournament Results window
  • GUI: Improved detection of PokerStars configuration on 64 bit computers and French installations
  • GUI: Full Tilt French installation detection/configuration
  • Mac: Copying files with unicode path names
  • Filters: Tournament filters not working for graphs
  • Filters: Tournament filters not working for Summary report
  • Filters: Tournament filters not working for vs Player report
  • Report: Tournament site summary cosmetic fixes
  • Report: Instance where player list refresh causes lockups
  • Stats: Live stats added to sections
  • EV: Multiway pot calcs
  • EV: Side pot precision problem
  • EV: Four of a Kind kicker value problem
  • Registration: Micro Limits version not taking into account different currencies
  • AutoRate: Crash when user has rules, but doesn't select an icon before adding a new one
  • HH Viewer: Pot size per-street
  • Graph: datefix_fromutc not being used on graphs (causing mismatch with reports)
  • Purge: Omaha advanced purge

With this beta, we introduce Omaha support for TableTracker. It comes with your existing TableTracker subscription, so there's no additional fee to search for Omaha tables. There are a few limitations at this time. Currently, only PokerStars, Full Tilt, Party, and Cereus are supported. More sites will be coming soon. Also, table opening will not work for Omaha tables. Again, that will be coming soon.

We've also fixed some useful stats. There is now a built-in M stat that is accurate to the last hand played. There are also stats that let you view the most recent winners and pot sizes that you can add to your Table Averages Hud groups. These are under the various Player Statistics groups and are labeled "Table - xyz."

Other than that, this is mostly a bugfix release working towards another stable build. Please notify our support technicians if you experience any problems. Thanks!
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Re: New Release: 3.07 BETA

Postby Josh » Wed Sep 08, 2010 10:33 am

3.07.4 Beta Released

  • Updated tournament graphs
  • GUI: Hud Config: Popups can now be moved up and down within groups
  • GUI: Double-clicking site name in auto-import list toggles auto-import for that site
  • Import: Cereus: Tournaments where buyin is points and not cash
  • Import: Cereus: Tournament summary using old table types
  • Import: Cereus: Tournament buyins from file names
  • Import: Cereus/Ongame: Inconsistent blind levels
  • Import: PokerStars: EUR audit files and prizes in T$ and W$
  • Import: Full Tilt: New Rush table, Electro
  • Import: UB problems caused by their latest updates
  • Import: Tournament numbers with leading 0 causing crashes
  • Hud: Rush: Performance issues
  • Hud: Rush: Crash while observing non-Rush tables
  • Hud: Issues causing deadlocks
  • Hud: Mac issues
  • Hud: Live Stats: Problem with incompatible return types
  • Hud: Exit crashes
  • Hud: Popups not being displayed in the order they were added to the group
  • Hud: Full Tilt .fr Rush support
  • Hud: Crash source when showing mucked cards
  • Stats: Custom stats are checked for duplicates
  • Stats: Variety of fixes for stats created for tournament graphs
  • Stats: Duplicating a built-in stat causing problems when using it in the Hud
  • Graph: Not using "Amount Won (Global)" for cash graph
  • GUI: Full Tilt auto-configure not reading location properly
  • GUI: Crash when "Check All" databases selected in backup/restore window
  • GUI: Mac: Stars configuration not being updated
  • GUI: Issues with adding and deleting stats
  • GUI: Improved detection of PokerStars configuration on 64 bit computers and French installations
  • GUI: Full Tilt French installation detection/configuration

A few changes in this release. Tournament graphs have been upgraded to be on par with the cash graphs. We've also made it possible to rearrange the order of your popup tabs in the Hud. Other than that, this is mostly a bug fix release. Please let our support technicians know of any issues you have with this version.
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Re: New Release: 3.07 BETA

Postby Josh » Tue Oct 05, 2010 1:57 pm

Beta 3.07.5 Released

  • Winamax support
  • Hud: No longer available on Replayer while import is running (due to performance issues)
  • TourneyDetect: Pacific/Full Tilt Matrix/PS Steps fixes
  • TourneyDetect: More tweaks and fixes
  • TourneyDetect: Merge bounties. Fix for $12+1 PS STTs, Winamax DoNs, Fixes for Full Tilt sats
  • TableTracker: PokerStars table opening fix
  • TableTracker: Fixed Party Poker executable launch settings
  • Hud: Rush: Problems during tournaments
  • Hud: Mac: Performance issues
  • Hud: Mac: Broken popup tooltips
  • Hud: Mac: CPU usage
  • Hud: Player name stat formatting using commas if the player name is a number
  • Import: Merge: Support for new beta client
  • Import: Merge: Tournament number problems
  • Import: Merge: Problem with rake
  • Import: Merge: Limit rake errors, limit BB raise amount problem
  • Import: MicroGaming: Various tournament fixes
  • Import: Cake: 1,000 being reported as 1 000
  • Import: Cake: Exported hands not being recognized
  • Import: Cake: Date format change
  • Import: Cereus: Get cards from format "Fold & Show [x x]"
  • Import: Cereus: Play money hands now rejected
  • Import: Entraction: All-in hands not being properly flagged
  • Import: Entraction: Tournament hands with commas in blinds not importing properly
  • Import: Entraction: Problem importing players who have a space starting their name
  • Import: iPoker: 'local update' Omaha hands not importing
  • Import: Boss: Ante hands problem
  • Import: PokerStars: New CAPPED tables
  • Import: PokerStars: Audit import problems
  • Import: PokerStars: Names that start with nonbreaking space become regular spaces later in HH
  • Import: Party: 'Instant Play' client mucked cards not importing
  • Import: WPEX: Insert tourney number from path into hand history so exported hands can be re-imported
  • Import: Bodog: Hand Grabber issues with their latest update
  • Import: Full Tilt: Summary import Rush 135's all Turbo
  • Import: Full Tilt: Summary fix for Rush speed
  • Import: Pacific: Omaha summaries not being recognized as Omaha
  • Import: High CPU usage
  • Import: Problem with rebuys
  • EV: Problem with side-pots
  • EV: 3 way all-in with two players continuing and no showdown
  • GUI: Modal dialogs closing on minimize
  • GUI: Mac: Housekeeping crash
  • GUI: Mac: Lockups/slowdowns when text controls get too much data
  • Players: Omaha lo winners not being properly linked when aliased
  • Stats: Description of 'trim()' function was named 'format_number()'
  • Stats: Users with custom 'cnt_hands' column prior to protected column of same name seeing incorrect behavior
  • DB: Updated rows in lookup_positions
  • Backup/Restore: Not restoring non-DB items when PostgreSQL is not installed

This is mainly a bug fix release, but we've introduced Winamax support as well. Due to the limited number of Winamax testers we have on the alpha team, there may be some issues, so please keep a close eye on the results and stats that PokerTracker is reporting and let us know if you notice anything odd or incorrect.
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Re: New Release: 3.07 BETA

Postby Josh » Thu Oct 21, 2010 12:10 pm

3.07.6 Beta Released

  • Mac: Winamax: Auto-import support
  • Import: Merge: Fixed change that caused some hands to error out
  • Import: Merge: New client changes
  • Import: Winamax: Euro limit symbols
  • Import: Winamax installation determination
  • Import: Full Tilt: email history support
  • Import: Boss: Errors with penalty blinds
  • Import: Everest: Omaha shorthanded tables missing from configuration file
  • Hud: PokerStars: Support for CAP tables
  • Stat: Amount Addons in Tournament sections coloring the amount shown
  • Mac: Backup/Restore: Available disk space calculation problem
  • TableTracker: Full Tilt table opening
  • TableTracker: PokerStars table opening

For this release, we've added Winamax auto-import support for the Mac version and fixed a number of bugs. Thanks to everyone who helped test.
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Re: New Release: 3.07 BETA

Postby Josh » Wed Nov 03, 2010 11:52 am

3.07.7 Beta Released

  • HH Formatter: Added per-street winning percentages to output
  • Import: Merge: Various fixes for date-based HH changes
  • Import: Winamax: New installed detection method
  • Import: Winamax: Euro problems with non-English installs
  • Import: Winamax: Tournament buyin problem
  • Import: iPoker: Automatic detection of Circus Poker
  • Hud: PokerStars: Center points added for black theme
  • Hud: iPoker: Not giving short handed tables their own layout
  • Hud: OnGame: Workaround for crashing of OnGame clients
  • Hud: Merge: Warns user that the Hud does not work properly in grid mode
  • Reports: Problem dealing with reports that are named the same but with different case
  • Export: Importer no longer saves summary files for any sites other than PS and FTP
  • Database: Better error handling of remote servers that don't respond

For this release, we've added equity percentages to the formatted hand history showdowns and fixed a number of bugs. Thanks to everyone who helped test.
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Re: New Release: 3.07 BETA

Postby Josh » Tue Nov 16, 2010 5:36 pm

3.07.8 Beta Release

  • GUI: OnGame: Ability to disable always on top fix
  • TourneyDetect: Full Tilt "KO" tournaments
  • TourneyDetect: Fix for 888 6 player prizes, PS 2000 chip 10 table MTTs detect Bounty
  • TourneyDetect: Cereus 6 max paying 70/30
  • Hud: PokerStars: 20bb CAP tables
  • Import: Cake: Cake 2.0 hand histories
  • Import: PokerStars: .it hand histories with "[AAMS ID:...]"
  • Import: PokerStars: Non-printable character at beginning of new tournament summaries
  • Import: Full Tilt: Play money hands rejected
  • Import: Full Tilt: hands
  • Import: Merge: Hero showdown cards
  • Backup/Restore: Problem with filters having less than or greater than symbols
  • Filters: Facing Flop Floatbet Call/Fold/Raise
  • Setup Wizard: Winamax being automatically checked when not installed
  • Mac: Replayer: Fonts not being readable (too small)
  • Mac: Import: UB: Automatic detection of hh directory
  • TableTracker: PokerStars table opening
  • Graph: Omaha -> Winnings -> Monthly Winnings graph SQL error
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Re: New Release: 3.07 BETA

Postby Josh » Wed Nov 17, 2010 5:47 pm

3.07.9 Beta Release

  • Merge: Problems with Hud and preferred seating introduced in the last release.
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