New Release: 3.09 BETA

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New Release: 3.09 BETA

Postby Josh » Fri Dec 17, 2010 11:54 am

  • PokerStars: Support for multiple hand history directories
  • PokerStars: Updated icon
  • Winamax: Option for letting user indicate player name in Auto-Import config window
  • Import: Comma in player name giving bad summary information
  • Import: Merge: Point tournaments importing as $
  • Import: Merge: Duplicate hand history directories
  • Import: iPoker: Hero showdown cards
  • Import: iPoker: HandHQ files not importing
  • Import: Party: Hands with "null" player names
  • Import: Winamax: Hand number overflow
  • Import: Winamax: Rebuys/Addons in summaries
  • Import: OnGame: Preferred seating preferences
  • Import: FullTilt: New timezone change to hh format
  • Import: Everest: Updated shorthanded tables list
  • Import: Everest: Conversion of UTF-8 table names
  • Hud: WPEX: Not working for $10 NL tables
  • Hud: Merge: Issues with Hud not finding tables
  • HH Viewer: Not showing cards when showdown occurs before river
  • Stat: Allin EV: Do not calculate when caller of an all-in folds before showdown
  • EV: Invalid showdowns errors
  • TableTracker: PokerStars table opening
  • TourneyDetect: v1.31: Support for Merge 6 seat DONs and fix for PokerStars $1 DONs

There's not a whole lot of changes for this beta release, but we've fixed a number of bugs. We hope to start the new year off with the addition of a few more sites with much bigger changes and additions coming a little later in the year.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the community for your support and cooperation in helping us build PokerTracker into what it is today. 2010 has been an exceptional year for us here at PokerTracker and we have every expectation that 2011 will be even better. It's the holiday season, so I hope that each and every one of you have a fantastic holiday with your friends and family and very profitable times at the tables for this new year.
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Re: New Release: 3.09 BETA

Postby Josh » Wed Jan 26, 2011 4:06 pm

3.09.1 Beta Released

  • New Site: Everleaf
  • Import: Bodog: Update to client broke hand grabber
  • Import: Full Tilt: Multi-Entry tournaments
  • Import: Full Tilt: Rush hands from hand history request tool
  • Import: Full Tilt: Import problem with table "Play"
  • Import: Full Tilt: Summaries not importing with latest client
  • Import: Full Tilt: Problem importing summary with player name including the word "Satellite"
  • Import: Full Tilt: New Rush table Adrenaline (6 max)
  • Import: Full Tilt: Rush hands from FT hand history tool not retaining 6 max tag
  • Import: Full Tilt: Rush table Magny-Cours (6 max)
  • Import: PokerStars: Summary import/tourney detect conflicts
  • Import: PokerStars: Home Games tournament support
  • Import: PokerStars: Ignoring "wins an entry" text in hh
  • Import: Pacific: Preferred Seating options and "Treat-As" updated to match latest client
  • Import: Winamax: Content in the Hero Name field caused crash
  • Import: MicroGaming: Incorrect import of GBP hands
  • Import: iPoker: Unicode issues
  • Import: Boss: Errors when there are two BBs posted and no SB
  • Import: WPEX: Date parsing not handling formats properly
  • Import: Boss: Dead blind problems
  • Import: Cereus: Buyins for "Guaranteed" in filename
  • Import: Summary type not being overwritten by auto-detect in manual imports
  • Hud: PokerStars: Jumping to detached controls
  • Hud: Winamax: 6 max support
  • Hud: Winamax: Sidebar support (hud adjusts properly when toggled off)
  • Hud: Merge: Window location problem
  • Hud: Crashes occuring when player positions not properly passed to the Hud
  • TableTracker: Full Tilt table opening
  • TableTracker: PokerStars table opening
  • Stats: Rake stat fixed to show prorated rake for split pots
  • Backup/Restore: Allow cancel to restore errors
  • Backup/Restore: Corrupt databases causing crashes

This beta introduces one of several new sites we plan on supporting early this year: Everleaf. Please let us know if you encounter any problems or inconsistencies you see.

We've included a couple big bug fixes in this release too. We've fixed Bodog support, which was broke with their latest client update. We've also added support for Full Tilt's Multi-Entry tournaments as well as PokerStar's Home Game tournaments. We hope you enjoy being able to track these new tournament types. Along with those, there are many other bug fixes in this release that we hope make your PokerTracker experience a little bit smoother.

Please let us know if you have any problems with this release, and thank you for using PokerTracker.
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Re: New Release: 3.09 BETA

Postby Josh » Fri Jan 28, 2011 5:04 pm

3.09.2 Beta Released

  • HandViewer: Don't show equity when villian cards are unknown
  • Import: iPoker: Pots with penalty blinds
  • Import: iPoker: Tournament summaries doubling rebuy
  • Import: OnGame: Blind problems
  • Import: OnGame: Problem when BB is allin for less than the SB
  • Import: Boss: Dead small blind calculation
  • Import: Boss: Penalty blind posted before the BB
  • Import: Boss: Recycled hand numbers
  • Import: PokerStars: CAP table support
  • Hud: Bodog: Not finding lobby on non-English OSs

For those of you still experiencing Hud problems on Bodog after the previous beta, we're hoping this release will solve your problems. Also, this release solves the problem of certain PokerStars CAP tables not being recognized by the Hud.

Please let us know if you have any problems with this one.
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Re: New Release: 3.09 BETA

Postby Josh » Fri Feb 04, 2011 5:44 pm

3.09.3 Beta Released

  • New Network: Yatahay Network (TruePoker and Doyles Room)
  • Import: iPoker: Reverted change that broke tournament Hud
  • Import: iPoker: Currency problem when importing hands from iPoker HH function
  • Import: iPoker: Fixed currency symbol when running on Asian (CJK) Windows
  • Import: FullTilt: Summary import false satellite win
  • Import: Stars/FullTilt: When betting is capped, treat player as all-in
  • Import: Pacific: Changes related to their new client
  • Import: MicroGaming: Delayed import
  • Import: Generic tournament summaries treating exported UTC times as local during import
  • Filters: Misc -> Preflop Sizing -> Facing Raise Size filters needed 1 and 1.5 bbs options
  • Stats: Amount Won (Native) stat in the Omaha Session section causing SQL errors in the Sessions report
  • Stats: Columns cnt_[street]_face_xr columns to allow for heads up position
  • TableTracker: Limit sorting using the text instead of the limit value
  • TableTracker: Remembering sorting between searches
  • Hud: Bodog: Always on top option for disappearing Hud
  • Hud: FullTilt: Not finding Matrix tournament tables
  • Hud: Replayer: Problems caused in Hud by Replayer title changing
  • SetupWiz: Problem with not excluding files properly

We've added support for a new network in this release: The Yatahay Network. For those of you unfamiliar with this network, its skins include True Poker and (more recently) Doyle's Room. In addition to that, we've fixed a large number of bugs for this release as well.
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Re: New Release: 3.09 BETA

Postby Josh » Wed Feb 23, 2011 7:46 pm

3.09.4 Beta Released

  • Import: Yatahay: Better tournament detection
  • Import: Yatahay: Work around for hand histories not containing seconds in the time format
  • Import: Bodog: Problem detecting windows and preventing auto-import from stopping
  • Import: Winamax: Problem with BB bets
  • Import: Winamax: Problems with stats not showing for some player
  • Import: Merge: Unreported split pots causing import errors
  • Import: Party: Auto-detect problems
  • Import: Party: Omaha dead blinds
  • Import: Party: Tournament summary places
  • Import: Party: Missing the final hand with a full file in auto-import
  • Import: Boss: Penalty small blind not importing
  • Hud: Bodog: Problems finding tables (lockups)
  • Hud: Merge: New tournament window format (full tournament Hud now)
  • Hud: Merge: Problem with 10 seated tournaments and stats disappearing
  • TableTracker: Queries not working with Omaha tables
  • TableTracker: PokerStars Omaha table opening
  • Filters: Tournament buyin list only listing Holdem buyins
  • TourneyDetect: Support for FIFTY50 flag
  • GUI: Mac: Euro symbols in the hand history viewer
  • Problem with using a proxy to connect to an https page
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Re: New Release: 3.09 BETA

Postby Josh » Thu Mar 03, 2011 3:23 pm

3.09.5 Beta Released

  • Hud: PokerStars: New short tables
  • Stats: Total AF and Turn AF not respecting user invalid text preference
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Re: New Release: 3.09 BETA

Postby Josh » Fri Mar 11, 2011 12:29 pm

3.09.6 Beta Released

  • Export: Window now allows selection of individual sessions and tournaments
  • Import: Processed files now moved to directory structure: Site\YYYY\MM-DD
  • TableTracker: Full Tilt listings
  • TableTracker: Full Tilt table opening
  • Import: PokerStars: Home game observed hands
  • Import: PokerStars: Automatic configuration discovery
  • Import: Cereus: Crashing when reading invalid seat numbers
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