Final Release: PokerTracker v3.15

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Final Release: PokerTracker v3.15

Postby APerfect10 » Thu Jul 31, 2014 3:37 pm

PokerTracker 3.15 - END OF LIFE
Release Notes - July 31, 2014

PokerTracker 3 will reach its End of Life on July 31, 2014 at which point the necessary software updates to assure online poker site compliance will no longer be offered. To remain compliant with changes made by your online poker room, we advise that you upgrade to PokerTracker 4 today to ensure that you continue to receive software updates.

PokerTracker 4 will continue to receive frequent updates to ensure compatibility with the poker sites and networks that you play on.

  • Import: 888: All hands from 888 skin “Lucky Ace” to be detected and import as 888
  • Import: 888: Support tournaments that have hand histories which record buyin size using commas instead of decimals
  • Import: 888: Allow tournament hands to import with "1 000$" formatting
  • Import: Full Tilt: Address an import error that can occur when hand is imported with the win line in the river instead of summary
  • Import: Full Tilt: Fixed an ‘amt_won’ error that occurred with a side pot if the winnings appeared in the river action
  • Import: GTECH: Incorrect amount won/lost in cash hands using the new GTECH hand history format
  • Import: GTECH: Disable All in Equity for Svenka Spel due to the lack of hole cards necessary to calculate All-In Equity
  • Import: iPoker: Compensate for changes in iPoker hand histories to allow Tournament Detection to be triggered after winning Double or Nothings
  • Import: iPoker: Address an invalid pot error that can occur when a Dead Small Blind is not tallied in the "bet" line of declaration
  • Import: Merge: Compensate for Merge client update which broke the import process
  • Import: Merge: Comply with multiple Merge hand history changes
  • Import: Merge: Improve import when the Small Blind is not dealt in
  • Import: Merge: Changed "Hero Left Table" errors to warnings, this error message is now only displayed when Hero was dealt cards.
  • Import: Merge: Solve import errors that could occur with hands that use a numeric game type that were saved by the Merge client prior to 7/17/2014
  • Import: WPN: Address an import error that could occur in $5 pots at WPN "Short" JP tables
  • HUD: 888: Default 2-max 888 HUD positions have been changed so they are now North & South instead of East & West
  • HUD: PokerStars: Compensate for recent PokerStars updates to restore Zoom support, and also improve player and table detection.
  • HUD: PokerStars: Zoom: Improved player detection for players that have VIP badges
  • Reports: Alias: Fix of bug which did not allow Omaha > General > Player Statistics reports to use aliases
  • Reports: Alias: Solve a problem that occurred when a player was added to an alias that resulted in an omaha_cache SQL error
  • TableTracker: Full Tilt table opening update (this update is not expected to continue working after end of life is reached)
  • TableTracker: PokerStars table opening update (this update is not expected to continue working after end of life is reached)
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