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PT3 Build History / Release Notes

Postby WhiteRider » Wed May 28, 2008 4:47 am

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Subject: New Release: 3.13.9 BETA

Josh wrote:Release Notes
PokerTracker 3.13.9 BETA – August 1, 2012

Key Updates Summary
  • NEW: Party Poker's new downloadable client is now supported! Mac users no longer have to play on Party Poker's old web browser client thanks to this new addition to PokerTracker 3 for Mac OS X!
  • NEW: Barriere Poker is now supported supported in PokerTracker 3 for Mac OS X!
  • Sites: Party: Added support for the Max OS X Party Poker downloadable client
  • Sites: Barriere: Barriere Poker support added for PT3 on Mac OS X
  • Import: Entraction: Added support for tournament buyin and fee detection
  • HUD: iPoker: The HUD at Speed Poker tables has been disabled to improve the playing experience
  • Import: Party: Alter support for unique changes in the PartyPoker Mac client hand history format
  • HUD: Merge: Address issues caused by recent hand history change in Table Name format that could create problems with HUD table detection
  • Import: Merge: Alter parsing of tournament buyin fees to avoid a numeric overflow
  • Import: Party: Translate "Bord" to "Table" for Danske Spil Danish skin
  • Import: Party: Alter support in rake parsing with emailed jackpot hands
  • Import: Fix issues detecting blind positions when a player is allin with just an ante
  • Import: Winamax: Address xBet_raise column error vs allin when no opp exists
  • Export: Support for new folder naming with Poker sites whose names have changed
  • Mac: Fix crash that occurs when attempting to launch the HUD when shared memory is too low
  • TableTracker: Fixed PokerStars table opening

New Release: 3.13.8 BETA

Josh wrote:Release Notes
PokerTracker 3.13.8 BETA - July 4th, 2012

  • New Site: Barriere Poker Support
  • Import: Boss: Support for hands played in Canadian Dollars
  • Hud: Merge: Removed the mini-view code as it causes issues and Merge reps confirmed its no longer a feature
  • Mac: Hud: Enable the memory grabber on Lion 10.7.4 and future versions
  • Import: Marking gutshot when open ended straight draw set
  • Import: Invalid showdown cards cauasing problems
  • Import: Enet/Winning: Misdetection of Enet hand histories causing false positives
  • Import: OnGame: Not supporting ICT (Indochina Time) timezone
  • Import: MicroGaming: Not skipping Blaze hands during import
  • Import: PokerStars: Hand history directory detection for all of the new balkanized clients
  • Import: Boss: Issues with antes
  • Import: Cake: Buyins formatted with comma instead of decimal
  • Hud: Issues with treat-as 10-max
  • Hud: Boss: 6-max center points for miniview and regular tables were swapped
  • Hud: Boss: Missing points for 9-max
  • Hud: Boss: Mini view rotations
  • Hud: Enet: 100% CPU usage when closing a table
  • TourneyDetect: Issues with multiple eliminations in final hand for multiple 1st prize tournaments

New Release: 3.13.7 BETA

Josh wrote:Release Notes
PokerTracker 3.13.7 BETA – June 8, 2012

Key Updates Summary

  • General fixes to support new Merge 6.0 client
  • Import: Merge: Fix uncalled winning pot size calculation bug introduced in prior alpha
  • Import: Merge: Add support for MERGE 6.0 Tournament HUD
  • Import: Revolution: Address network-side multiple currency issue

New Release: 3.13.6 BETA

Josh wrote:Release Notes
PokerTracker 3.13.6 BETA – June 6, 2012

Key Updates Summary
  • Support for change from Cake to Revolution Gaming Network
  • Introductory support for new Merge 6.0 poker client
  • Add support for preferred seating on GTECH G2 and IGT Networks
  • IGT (Boss) is now called GTECH G2.
  • HUD: GTECH G2: Add support for preferred seating
  • HUD: IGT: Add limited support for preferred seating (no support for 6Max due to limitations of IGT’s seating method)
  • Sites: Merge: initial support for the new merge client, address new time zone functionality introduced by Merge
  • Sites: IGT (Boss) has been renamed “GTECH G2”
  • Sites: Cake has been renamed “Revolution Gaming Network”
  • Currency: Added CAD (Canadian Dollar) tracking for Game Currency in preparation for Canadian specific games
  • HUD: Solve issue that could in rare situations create a remnant HUD when finding a new table
  • HUD: iPoker: Fix seat auto centering for 2-max tables
  • HUD: iPoker: Tables set to default to 9-max
  • HUD: Party: Fix for HU SNG tables having mismatched table / window names after a recent update
  • HUD: PokerStars: Fix to address a Zoom player name encoding issues found only on Russian windows
  • Import: 888: Solution for player name which show in seats list, but in hand the name is blank
  • Import: Enet: Allow exported hands to re-import
  • Import: Everleaf: Address problems that occur with blind allin situations
  • Import: Everleaf: Address problems with mucked cards
  • Import: GTECH G2: inconsistencies between 3 & 4 using Canadian Dollars
  • Import: iPoker: Not defaulting to 10 max on a known DON table
  • Import: iPoker: Allow the text formatting such as "Double Up *10"
  • Import: iPoker: Stop buyins paid using points from importing as US Dollars
  • Import: Merge: Address stack size errors in hands with >900K starting stacks
  • Import: Merge: Add support for $20 Bounty SNGs
  • Import: Merge: Fix to stop Hi/Lo tourneys from importing as Hi Limit
  • Import: OnGame: Fix issues with tourney buyins and blinds
  • Import: Party: Issue with SB being eliminated (Bug #3165)
  • Import: PokerStars: Fix to allow changes in audit files to import (rebuy/addons)
  • Import: PokerStars: All parsing of audit files with commas used in numbers to represent thousands
  • Import: PokerStars: Solve position-oriented stat errors caused by including players who have sat out
  • Import: Revolution: Solve issues created by DoubleUp format tournament syntax
  • Import: Revolution: Data errors on hands with players with spaces in their names
  • Import: Winamax: Support for enhanced tourney summaries
  • TourneyDetect: Fix a problem that occurred when summary players > observed players
  • TourneyDetect: Improvements in rebuy detect and prizes in SHOOTOUTs
  • TourneyDetect: Fix to stop iPoker 10 max DONs from being detected as 6-max
  • TourneyDetect: PokerStars 1.38+.12 buyins are now always defined as turbos
  • TourneyDetect: PokerStars: Improve detection for 45, 27, and 18 player SNGS
  • TourneyDetect: Add support for both 9 and 10 seat version of Merge animal name SNGs
  • TourneyDetect: Address issues with DON prizes when there are multiple eliminations on final hand
  • TourneyDetect: Define OnGame .55 buyins as .50 +.05
  • TourneyDetect: Fix 888 site name inconsistencies for DON detection
  • TourneyDetect: Address issue with new syntax for Revolution DoubleUp tourneys
Special Notes
  • MERGE Tournament import is currently broken due to a bug in the new MERGE 6.0 poker client hand history format. MERGE has been notified of this bug, hopefully this bug will be fixed shortly.

New Release: 3.13.5 BETA

Josh wrote:PokerTracker 3.13.5 BETA

  • Import: Boss: Added new automated support for X-max table sizing
  • HUD: PokerStars: Zoom: Added support for NLO8 and PLO8 ZOOM tables
  • Import: PokerStars: Add support for hands played using GBP currency
  • Import: Boss: added automated support for 9-max, 6-max, 2-max
  • Import: Boss: Solve issues with X-max labeling
  • Import: iPoker: Add support for 4-max and treat as 4-max
  • Import: PokerStars: Mucked cards are now imported when the player folds and shows
  • HUD: Enet/Winning: Solve issue where extra spaces in hand history interfered with table detection
  • HUD: Everleaf: Treat-as options are no longer needed, and therefore removed from PokerTracker 3
  • HUD: iPoker: Address HUD placement issues that occurred due to the last two seats at a 4-max table
  • HUD: Microgaming: Stop scaling the HUD when the user slides out the chat window
  • HUD: OnGame: Solve issues caused by window title changes
  • HUD: OnGame: Alter preferred seating methodology in OnGame tournaments
  • HUD: Party: Table window detection fix specific to DanskeSpil
  • HUD: PokerStars: Fix issue that caused occasional missing Zoom hands while 4 tabling
  • Import: Boss: Bad Beat Jackpot hand import errors including "buckAdj" work-around for missing $1 on split pots, and multiple winners on one line
  • Import: Cake: Fix winnings calculations for players with “:” in their names
  • Import: Entraction: Solve issues determining X max seating in hand history and added support for 8-max games
  • Import: Everest: Solve issues that occur with hands that contain only one blind
  • Import: Everest: Fix to allow exported Everest hands played in Euros (EUR/€) to be re-imported into PokerTracker 3
  • Import: iPoker: All cash game tables are now 9-max by default
  • Import: MicroGaming: Address pot size validation issues
  • Import: OnGame: Detect the end of DONs when using tournament auto-detect
  • Import: OnGame: Add support for hand histories emailed by OnGame Support
  • Import: OnGame: Alter support for legacy hand histories that do not include table size
  • Import: OnGame support for X-max in new HH
  • Import: Party: Fix Omaha tourney split pot import bug
  • Import: PokerStars: Populate satellite tournament summaries in scenarios where the ticket winners are not specified in the summary provided by PokerStars
  • Import: PokerStars: Fix issues that occurred when player names contained square brackets
  • Stats: Fix face cbet on Turn and River calculation
  • TableTracker: Fixed PokerStars & Party Poker table opening after recent poker client changes

New Release: 3.13.4 BETA

Josh wrote:PokerTracker 3.13.4 Beta Release Notes

  • PokerStars Zoom Hud

New Release: 3.13 BETA

Josh wrote:New Release: 3.13.3 BETA

  • PokerStars Zoom Hud

Josh wrote:New Release: 3.13.2 BETA

Key Updates Summary:
  • PokerStars Zoom cash table support improved. Now supports Fixed Limit Holdem.
  • Import: PokerStars: Added support for Zoom PLO8, Fixed Limit Holdem
  • Import: MicroGaming: Improved hand history detection using registry
  • TableTracker: Fixed PokerStars table opening
  • Import: PokerStars: Possible exceptions when searching for the table name
  • Import: 3-way EV calculations
  • Hud: PokerStars: Not working for new Fifty50 tournaments

Josh wrote:New Release: 3.13.1 BETA

Key Updates Summary:
  • PokerStars Zoom cash table support improved
  • HUD: Added preferred seating support for PokerStars Zoom cash tables
  • HUD: Added new PokerStars Zoom cash games support (Limit Holdem and Limit Omaha 8/b)
  • HUD: Fix for PokerStars Zoom cash game HUD to support Windows Vista
  • HUD: Fix for PokerStars Zoom cash game HUD to support non-English Windows XP users

Josh wrote:New Release: 3.13.0 BETA

  • PokerStars Zoom cash game table support added
  • Import: 888: Address a scenario that occurs where the BB is walked, but the winnings were improperly calculated
  • Import: Cake: Address a scenario that occurs where the BB is walked, but the winnings were improperly calculated
  • Import: iPoker: Solve an issue when currency is formatted with only one digit after the decimal ($0.1)
  • iPoker: Solve legacy hand format errors that occur during a new import (2007 era hands)
  • Import: MicroGaming: Address new Microgaming hand history format changes which occur at some skins
  • Import: Fix labeling for Omaha Hi/Lo games on the Winning Poker Network (Yatahay)
  • Import: Fix general issue that occurs on all sites with three way preflop short stack allins
  • TableTracker: Fix Party Poker table opening
  • All-In EV: All-in EV calculation process altered to verify all-in side pots
Special Notes
  • Only the Windows version of the Zoom Hud is supported at this time
  • Hand histories created by PokerStars Zoom tables do not differentiate between play money and real money play at this time. As a precaution PokerTracker recommends that you create a dedicated database exclusively for Zoom play money hands to avoid intermingling your real money and play money hands accidentally.

New Release: 3.12.1

Josh wrote: 3.12.1 Stable Release Notes

  • Import: 888: Address a scenario that occurs where the BB is walked, but the winnings were improperly calculated
  • Import: Cake: Address a scenario that occurs where the BB is walked, but the winnings were improperly calculated
  • Import: iPoker: Solve an issue when currency is formatted with only one digit after the decimal ($0.1)
  • Import: iPoker: Solve legacy hand format errors that occur during a new import (2007 era hands)
  • Import: MicroGaming: Address new Microgaming hand history format changes which occur at some skins
  • Import: Fix labeling for Omaha Hi/Lo games on the Winning Poker Network (Yatahay)
  • Import: Fix general issue that occurs on all sites with three way preflop short stack allins
  • TableTracker: Fix Party Poker table opening
  • All-In EV: All-in EV calculation process altered to verify all-in side pots

New Release: 3.12

Josh wrote:PokerTracker 3.12 Release Notes
March 8, 2012

Key Features Summary:

  • Numerous updates to address poker client changes on nearly all poker sites supported by PokerTracker 3.
  • Various optimizations to improve response times and improve the in-game experience for players.
  • System-wide EV calculation adjustments to increase accuracy and the removal of non-qualifying hands.
  • Improve multi-currency support.
  • Improve tracking of tournament buyins through Auto Detection.
  • Numerous TableTracker additions, updates and fixes.
  • PostgreSQL and GUI performance updates, including the optimization of the database backup and restore process.
  • Improve PokerTracker 3 experience to address issues unique to Apple OS X users.
  • Several poker sites renamed to match new branding or ownership.

  • Sites: Add new support for Enet and Winning (Yatahay). Add HUD support for Cake network and Microgaming’s anonymous tables. Preferred seating or auto-center options for OnGame and 888. New Java client support for OnGame.
  • Play money: Support added for play money on various poker sites including PokerStars.
  • Apple OS X: Entraction and OnGame auto-import now supported. Holding ALT while opening PokerTracker 3 enables logging.
  • TableTracker: Added support for Merge, Party.FR, Party.IT, PokerStars.FR, PokerStars.IT, Cake, and Microgaming.
  • Filter: Add “Yesterday” filter.
  • Support for Bodog’s live import removed due to incompatibility with 4.x poker client.
  • PokerStars Memory Grabber disabled for Apple OS X 10.7 Lion users due to operating system incompatibilities.
  • Automate Postgres SQL install for users with Apple OS X 10.7 Lion.

Changed and Fixed

The above list is an abbreviated list of changes since the last stable release. You can see a full list of changes here: PT3 3.11 Beta Release Notes.

The PokerTracker developers and support staff want to thank those of you who helped test our beta releases. Your patience and help are greatly appreciated and benefit the PT3 community as a whole.

New Release: 3.11.11 BETA

Josh wrote:Fixed
  • Import: Everleaf: Support for hh changes
  • 888: References to "Pacific"
  • Hud: Note editor behavior

New Release: 3.11.10 BETA

Josh wrote:Changed
  • Hud: Microgaming: Removed the restrictions on anonymous tables
  • Sites: Remaining instances of old site names
  • Import: Everleaf: Hand history detection
  • Import: Entraction: Hand history directory detection
  • Import: Merge: Bad positions due to incorrect dealer position when button is in empty seat
  • Import: Merge: Support for the new seats count in the hand history files
  • Import: 888: Treat-As problems
  • EV: Support for Boss cash hands in 2012

New Release: 3.11.9 BETA

Josh wrote:Fixed
  • Import: PokerStars: Changes made to winning player line (causes all players to lose)
  • Import: PokerStars: Fifty50 buyings summary import
  • Import: Enet: Pot/rake/bbj parsing issue
  • Import: Enet: Issue causing Yatahay hands not to import
  • Import: Cake: Chat line imported as player
  • Import: Cake: Issue with "-1/-1/0" blinds in hand histories
  • Import: iPoker: Tournament summary processing issues
  • Import: MicroGaming: GTD tournament problems
  • Import: MicroGaming: Encoding issues
  • Import: MicroGaming: Errors in HEM exported hands
  • Import: Entraction: Hi/Lo and multiple pot issues
  • Import: Wheel detection issues in hand detection
  • Export: Issues with Boss, Everleaf, MicroGaming and Winamax
  • Export: Issues with large tournament exports
  • TableTracker: PokerStars table opening

New Release: 3.11.8 BETA

Josh wrote:Fixed
  • Import: PokerStars: Memory grabber issues
  • Import: PokerStars: Summary import problems with names containing parenthesis
  • Import: Entraction: 5 Card Omaha hands
  • Import: Merge: Corrupt hand history files
  • Import: Everleaf: Mucked cards
  • Import: Cake: Player names starting with "?"
  • Import: Cake: 8 seat tournaments and 9 max table deteection
  • Import: iPoker: Hand history syntax problem with "Double Up*10"
  • Import: iPoker: Problems with Italy format
  • Import: iPoker: Timezone problems (switched to GMT timezone for all skins)
  • Import: Party: Problem when winner has a space in their name
  • Import: Everest: Issues with sites that use Euros
  • Import: OnGame: Fixed limit import errors
  • Import: Tribeca: Multiple issues
  • Import: Button detection for sites that don't specify button position
  • Export: Support encoding for .fr and .it sites
  • EV: Fix with unknown dead hole cards
  • Hud: Groups with note icon and missing stats showing

New Release: 3.11.7 BETA

Josh wrote:Changed
  • Cake: Removed session-only stat restriction
  • Currency: Play money support
  • TableTracker: Fixed PokerStars and iPoker table opening
  • Currency: Problem downloading currency data from multiple exchange rates
  • Export: Not exporting in the encoding native to the original site
  • Import: MicroGaming: Cash tables treated as 10 max
  • Import: Merge: Mucked cards
  • Import: iPoker: Support for Italian hands
  • Import: OnGame: All-In EV miscalculation in side pots when mucked cards are unknown
  • Hud: Group with single note icon not showing up

New Release: 3.11.6 BETA

Tue Nov 08, 2011

Josh wrote:Key Features Summary:
  • Full HUD support added for Cake Network in compliance with Terms of Service changes
  • Add TableTracker support for numerous regional Party & PokerStars sites, as well as Cake and Microgaming skins
  • Automate Postgres install when using Apple OS X Lion
  • Numerous updates to support client changes on Betfair, Cake, Enet, Everest, iPoker, Merge, OnGame, PokerStars, and Winamax
  • Improve backup and restore experience, and dialog messages for Mac OS X users
  • Fix table-opening support for PokerStars in TableTracker (Windows)
  • Improve Postgres binary path detection

  • New Site: Yatahay: America's Cardroom
  • TableTracker: Add support for Party.FR, Party.IT, PokerStars.FR, PokerStars.IT, Cake, and Microgaming

  • Import: Merge: Support for new seat tags to be implemented in upcoming Merge client update
  • Import: Everest: Everest.FR tables added
  • Import: Winamax: Updates to address pending changes with "returned to" winnings
  • Import: OnGame: Added support for 6 max tables
  • Import: Enet: Fix issues when importing hands from uncapped rake tables
  • Import: Cake: Fix import problem with tournament prize summaries
  • Import: iPoker: Fix import problem where tournaments with a zero tournament number ID caused orphaned hands that couldn’t be purged
  • Import: PokerStars: Update to support audit file formatting changes
  • Import: PokerStars: Fix hole card import bug for names that contain brackets
  • Import: Revise calculations and values in database for Kicker Strength, Hand Strength, Straight Draw Strength, and Flush Draw Strength for consistency with pending PokerTracker 4 database changes
  • Import: PokerStars: Fix play money Omaha Hi/Lo limits
  • Import: iPoker: Fix issues when importing hands exported from other software using non-standard hand history formatting
  • Import: Betfair: Removed from auto-import list
  • Export: Limit sessions not exporting due to invalid characters in file name
  • Postgres: Revise binary path detection method
  • Backup/Restore: Problem with calculating free space
  • Backup/Restore: Validation of database parameters before restore
  • Mac: Disable PokerStars hand grabber when using OS X Lion due to OS conflict
  • Mac: Change restore complete dialog to match requirements for manual restart of PokerTracker 3
  • All-in EV: OnGame: River all-ins do not show mucked cards
  • TableTracker: PokerStars table opening

New Release: 3.11.5 BETA

Josh wrote:Fixed
  • Problems with the compile from 3.11.4 that may cause problems for some users
It's highly recommended that you upgrade to this version if you previously downloaded and installed 3.11.4!

New Release: 3.11.4 BETA

Josh wrote:Key Features Summary:
  • Improve support for and tournaments, and add 888 jackpot tables
  • Fix the ability to view table averages in the HUD on the Cake Network
  • Numerous updates to support hand histories on Cake, Merge, OnGame, and Winamax
  • Repair filtering when viewing the Final Hands report
  • Optimize PokerTracker's automated tournament detection algorithm
  • Improve dialog messages for Mac OS X users
  • Import: 888: Added Jackpot, 10 max tables
  • Import: Added Tournament prizes
  • Import: Altered Tournament buyins
  • Import: Cake: Fix Issues with masked hero and non-declared player seating
  • Import: Cake: Fix for to address the possibility of an endless loop
  • Import: Cake: Fix issue where "Dealt to" lines lock up during import
  • Import: Merge: Fix file reading issue which might create duplicate hands during import
  • Import: Merge: "Hero Left Hand" and "Hand Cancelled" errors changed to warnings
  • Import: Merge: Add a description tag for hands where no limits are reported
  • Import: OnGame: Fix issue where a penalty blind was reported as small blind
  • Import: Winamax: Address Satellite values in summary & 1st place prize awarded
  • Import: Winamax: All imports when the text "Ante" in found in a player's name
  • Import: val_f_hole_cards_used column fixed
  • HUD: Cake: Fix to allow table average stats using Cake's HUD restrictions
  • HUD: 888: Alter the default coordinates for 9 seated tables
  • HUD: Merge: Fix to allow tables with apostrophes in name
  • Stat: Alter the column width of T$/Day
  • Stat: Alter the formula for Call PFR to account for rare missing actions
  • Stats: Alter the formula used to calculate Made Hands
  • Replayer: Merge: Solve crashing issue in rare situation where hand history is incomplete and hero sits out
  • Reports: Final Hands report filter fixed
  • TourneyDetect: Various additions and fixes to the detection algorithm for multiple sites
  • TableTracker: Removed table opening option from Merge (does not function)
  • Mac GUI: Firewall message altered to refer to OS X specific component
  • Mac GUI: Backup/Restore: Altered Mac dialog text to account for PostgreSQL 9.x

New Release: 3.11.3 BETA

Josh wrote:Key Features Summary:

  • Cake Network has agreed to permit PokerTracker HUDs that display data from the current table session. This is a PokerTracker exclusive feature, Cake will use this exclusive term to test the effects of PokerTracker's HUD on their network and gauge player response.
  • Numerous updates to support client changes on Cake, Pacific, Winamax, Party, OnGame, Enet, Merge, PokerStars & FullTilt (Legacy Hands)
  • System wide EV calculation adjustment to increase accuracy by removing non-qualifying hands
  • Improve multi-currency support for Omaha players

  • Hud: Cake: Cake support (PT exclusive!!!)
  • Hud: OnGame: Enable auto center in new Ongame client
  • Hud: 888: Preferred seating
  • Hud: Cake: Preferred Seating
  • Hud: iPoker: Fix auto-center and other seating issues
  • Import: Cake: Fix error when multiple players share the same name prefix
  • Import: Cake: Patch malformed Cake hand histories & find missing players
  • Import: Cake: Detect Heads Up and 6 max seating in tournaments
  • Import: Enet: Correctly adjusts for 4-max tables
  • Import: FullTilt (Legacy Hands): Date incorrectly parsed causing wrong time to be saved to db
  • Import: Merge: Force error to occur when hero leaves the table and the game is cancelled
  • Import: Merge: Fixed import of some third party hand history formats
  • Import: OnGame: Timestamp issues with latest clients
  • Import: Pacific: Error with all-in steals
  • Import: Pacific: Fix for blinds with spaces as thousands separator
  • Import: Party: Emailed summary fix when player count is unknown
  • Import: PokerStars: Bounty tournament summaries fixed
  • Import: Winamax: Tournament summary "Player:" fix
  • Import: Winamax: MTT duplicate hand numbers fix
  • Import: Winamax: Fix tournament summaries error when no hero known
  • Import: flg_x_highcard database column not set as intended
  • HH Viewer: Fix to solve intermittent missing win percentages
  • HH Viewer: Fix for uncalled bets displayed as winning $0
  • EV: All-in versus dead small blind poster fix
  • EV: 3 way all-in with a fold on a later street fix
  • EV: Add system-wide EV calc disqualifications when there are any post all-in folds
  • Currency: Amount Won (Global) and Amount Won (Native) corrections
  • Filters: "Call Raise on Flop" filter calculation adjusted
  • Notes: Alteration of notes to accommodate Cake
  • Purge: Fix for when a tournament purge results in blank error message

*Special Note*: The display of HUD table average groups are not supported on Cake at this time

New Release: 3.11.2 BETA

Fri Jun 03, 2011

Josh wrote:Fixed
  • Import: OnGame: Date/time problem with new hand format
  • Import: OnGame: Split pots not importing correctly
  • Import: OnGame: New summary format
  • Import: Everleaf: Hand summary imports
  • Import: FullTilt: Summaries that have "... rest of summary removed because it was too long."
  • Import: Winamax: Game type information for summaries
  • Import: Merge: Crash when importing corrupt hand history due to disconnection
  • Hud: Fixes for European versions of Windows
  • EV: Enet/Yatahay: Disable EV calcs since mucked cards aren't known

New Release: 3.11.1 BETA

Josh wrote:3.11.1 Beta Released

  • New Site: Enet, Yatahay
  • Play money support for PokerStars, Full Tilt and Cereus
  • Mac: Entraction auto-import
  • TableTracker: Merge support
  • Import: OnGame: Support for new java client
  • Filter: Yesterday
  • Cache: Updated rebuild/update heuristic to take varying cache sizes into account
  • Import: Bodog: Hand grabber problems with communication exceptions
  • Import: Bodog: Tournament tables defaulting to 10 max, added Hud option for 9 max
  • Import: Cereus: Importer corrupting hand histories
  • Import: Cereus: Play money support
  • Import: FullTilt: Play money tournament summaries
  • Import: FullTilt: Rush play money hands importing as tournament hands
  • Import: PokerStars: Summary prizes "SCOOP - $xx Entry"
  • Import: PokerStars: User name 'postser' causing problems
  • Import: iPoker: Some fixes for Italy changes
  • TableTracker: PokerStars table opening
  • Graphs/Reports: Omaha currency issues
  • HandViewer: Potential fix for crashes on lower-end computers
  • Replayer: Lockup/Crash when there is no dealer
  • Hud: Attempting to read from databases that don't exist
  • Hud: Issue reading Euro window titles in Russian Windows
  • Hud: Winamax: Automatically turning always-on-top option on
  • Hud: Merge: Warn the user of grid mode, but continue showing Hud
  • Hud: Bodog: Treat as 6 max
  • HHViewer: Mark for review problems
  • Stat: Tournament "Hand" stat not having an empty summary format
  • Stat: Tournament EV Expected stat formatted using currency
  • Stat: Tournament "Player" stat not using ignore_formatting

Beta 3.11 Released
Josh wrote:Click Here to Download PokerTracker

Key Features Summary:
  • Hud optimizations to improve response times, provide even faster RUSH Hud updates after each hand is completed, and fix rare missing Hud bugs which will also improves the Hud for OnGame and Bodog players
  • Numerous updates to support hand history changes on Full Tilt, Merge, iPoker, PokerStars, 888, Everleaf and Cereus
  • EV fixes for issues with dead blinds and sidepots with uncontested winnings
  • Improve multi-currency support in graphs
  • Improve tracking of freeroll tournament buyins
  • Numerous TableTracker updates and fixes
  • PostgreSQL and GUI performance updates, including the optimization of hand history purging and backing and restoring databases
  • Improve installation for Mac OSX users
  • Mac: Holding ALT while opening enables logging
  • Import: Settings preference to move Processed Files into subdirectories by Site and Date
  • Backup/Restore: Databases with custom port
  • Backup/Restore: Alert errors on "FATAL"
  • Backup/Restore: Mixed Postgres DBs
  • Import: Cereus: Dead blind import errors
  • Import: Cereus: Multi sit n go tournaments
  • Import: FullTilt: Changes in Matrix tournaments
  • Import: FullTilt: hand history request beta hands
  • Import: iPoker: Double rebuys
  • Import: Merge: Disable import of "rabbit hunting" cards
  • Import: Merge: Tournament starting stacks including blinds
  • Import: MicroGaming: Tourney blind levels
  • Import: PokerStars: Fifty50 summary import
  • Import: PokerStars: Errors with requested home games with club name in brackets
  • Import: 888: Seating issue that messed up the Hud and preferred seating
  • Import: Everleaf: Encoding conversion problems
  • Import: Everleaf: Hand histories on non-Euro systems
  • EV: Issues with dead blinds
  • EV: Issues with sidepots for uncontested winnings
  • TableTracker: Full Tilt table opening
  • TableTracker: PokerStars table opening
  • TableTracker: Query filtering off of wrong site ID
  • Tourney: Show Freerolls as 0.0 rather than N/A
  • Tourney: Allow 0 for Buyin stat for freerolls
  • Mac: Fixed typo of "architecture" in the PPC error message
  • Mac: Problems with Import Options and Tournament Detect checkboxes
  • Mac: Installer permissions request problem
  • GUI: Tournament buyin filter sorting
  • GUI: Lockup when scanning directories
  • GUI: Mac: Lockup when non-ascii characters exist in screenname
  • GUI: Mac: Crash in filters window
  • GUI: Crash in dialog windows
  • GUI: Hand Histories being converted to the wrong encoding resulting in an empty hand history box
  • GUI: FullTilt Config issue
  • Hud: Crashes on machines where the Hud takes more than 4 seconds to load up
  • Hud: Memory usage reduced
  • Hud: Problem with Hud not launching if installed to path with spaces
  • Hud: FullTilt: Rush tables not recognizing players that start with words like "BET"
  • Hud: Mac: Windowing issue where notes dialog would activate the Tracker window after being closed
  • Hud: Problem with Always on Top setting with the HHV window causing display problems
  • Hud: Merge: Allow treat-as for tournaments
  • Purge: Fixed performance issue causing slow purges
  • Query: Performance issues on PostgreSQL 8.4 and 9.0
  • Reports: Play button for custom reports
  • Graphs: Using unadjusted stats resulting in wrong information displayed
  • Graphs: Currency data in the information box
  • Graphs: Special stat for currency graphs to fix query issues

New Release: 3.10

Josh wrote:Added
  • New Site: Everleaf
  • New Network: Yatahay Network (TruePoker and Doyles Room)
Changed and Fixed:

The above list is an abbreviated list of changes since the last stable release. You can see a full list of changes here: PT3 3.09 Beta Release Notes. No fixes or changes are listed above, but there have been many since the last stable build.

The PokerTracker developers and support staff want to thank those of you who helped test our beta releases. Your patience and help are greatly appreciated and benefit the PT3 community as a whole.

Version 3.09.6 Beta - Friday Mar 11, 2011

  • Export: Window now allows selection of individual sessions and tournaments
  • Import: Processed files now moved to directory structure: Site\YYYY\MM-DD
  • TableTracker: Full Tilt listings
  • TableTracker: Full Tilt table opening
  • Import: PokerStars: Home game observed hands
  • Import: PokerStars: Automatic configuration discovery
  • Import: Cereus: Crashing when reading invalid seat numbers

Version 3.09.5 Beta - Thursday Mar 03, 2011

  • Hud: PokerStars: New short tables
  • Stats: Total AF and Turn AF not respecting user invalid text preference

Version 3.09.4 Beta - Wednesday Feb 23, 2011

  • Import: Yatahay: Better tournament detection
  • Import: Yatahay: Work around for hand histories not containing seconds in the time format
  • Import: Bodog: Problem detecting windows and preventing auto-import from stopping
  • Import: Winamax: Problem with BB bets
  • Import: Winamax: Problems with stats not showing for some player
  • Import: Merge: Unreported split pots causing import errors
  • Import: Party: Auto-detect problems
  • Import: Party: Omaha dead blinds
  • Import: Party: Tournament summary places
  • Import: Party: Missing the final hand with a full file in auto-import
  • Import: Boss: Penalty small blind not importing
  • Hud: Bodog: Problems finding tables (lockups)
  • Hud: Merge: New tournament window format (full tournament Hud now)
  • Hud: Merge: Problem with 10 seated tournaments and stats disappearing
  • TableTracker: Queries not working with Omaha tables
  • TableTracker: PokerStars Omaha table opening
  • Filters: Tournament buyin list only listing Holdem buyins
  • TourneyDetect: Support for FIFTY50 flag
  • GUI: Mac: Euro symbols in the hand history viewer
  • Problem with using a proxy to connect to an https page

Version 3.09.3 Beta - Friday Feb 04, 2011

  • New Network: Yatahay Network (TruePoker and Doyles Room)
  • Import: iPoker: Reverted change that broke tournament Hud
  • Import: iPoker: Currency problem when importing hands from iPoker HH function
  • Import: iPoker: Fixed currency symbol when running on Asian (CJK) Windows
  • Import: FullTilt: Summary import false satellite win
  • Import: Stars/FullTilt: When betting is capped, treat player as all-in
  • Import: Pacific: Changes related to their new client
  • Import: MicroGaming: Delayed import
  • Import: Generic tournament summaries treating exported UTC times as local during import
  • Filters: Misc -> Preflop Sizing -> Facing Raise Size filters needed 1 and 1.5 bbs options
  • Stats: Amount Won (Native) stat in the Omaha Session section causing SQL errors in the Sessions report
  • Stats: Columns cnt_[street]_face_xr columns to allow for heads up position
  • TableTracker: Limit sorting using the text instead of the limit value
  • TableTracker: Remembering sorting between searches
  • Hud: Bodog: Always on top option for disappearing Hud
  • Hud: FullTilt: Not finding Matrix tournament tables
  • Hud: Replayer: Problems caused in Hud by Replayer title changing
  • SetupWiz: Problem with not excluding files properly

Version v3.09.2 - Friday January 28th, 2011

  • HandViewer: Don't show equity when villian cards are unknown
  • Import: iPoker: Pots with penalty blinds
  • Import: iPoker: Tournament summaries doubling rebuy
  • Import: OnGame: Blind problems
  • Import: OnGame: Problem when BB is allin for less than the SB
  • Import: Boss: Dead small blind calculation
  • Import: Boss: Penalty blind posted before the BB
  • Import: Boss: Recycled hand numbers
  • Import: PokerStars: CAP table support
  • Hud: Bodog: Not finding lobby on non-English OSs

Version v3.09.1 Beta - Wednesday January 26th, 2011

  • New Site: Everleaf
  • Import: Bodog: Update to client broke hand grabber
  • Import: Full Tilt: Multi-Entry tournaments
  • Import: Full Tilt: Rush hands from hand history request tool
  • Import: Full Tilt: Import problem with table "Play"
  • Import: Full Tilt: Summaries not importing with latest client
  • Import: Full Tilt: Problem importing summary with player name including the word "Satellite"
  • Import: Full Tilt: New Rush table Adrenaline (6 max)
  • Import: Full Tilt: Rush hands from FT hand history tool not retaining 6 max tag
  • Import: Full Tilt: Rush table Magny-Cours (6 max)
  • Import: PokerStars: Summary import/tourney detect conflicts
  • Import: PokerStars: Home Games tournament support
  • Import: PokerStars: Ignoring "wins an entry" text in hh
  • Import: Pacific: Preferred Seating options and "Treat-As" updated to match latest client
  • Import: Winamax: Content in the Hero Name field caused crash
  • Import: MicroGaming: Incorrect import of GBP hands
  • Import: iPoker: Unicode issues
  • Import: Boss: Errors when there are two BBs posted and no SB
  • Import: WPEX: Date parsing not handling formats properly
  • Import: Boss: Dead blind problems
  • Import: Cereus: Buyins for "Guaranteed" in filename
  • Import: Summary type not being overwritten by auto-detect in manual imports
  • Hud: PokerStars: Jumping to detached controls
  • Hud: Winamax: 6 max support
  • Hud: Winamax: Sidebar support (hud adjusts properly when toggled off)
  • Hud: Merge: Window location problem
  • Hud: Crashes occuring when player positions not properly passed to the Hud
  • TableTracker: Full Tilt table opening
  • TableTracker: PokerStars table opening
  • Stats: Rake stat fixed to show prorated rake for split pots
  • Backup/Restore: Allow cancel to restore errors
  • Backup/Restore: Corrupt databases causing crashes

Version 3.09 Beta - Friday December 17th, 2010

  • PokerStars: Support for multiple hand history directories
  • PokerStars: Updated icon
  • Winamax: Option for letting user indicate player name in Auto-Import config window
  • Import: Comma in player name giving bad summary information
  • Import: Merge: Point tournaments importing as $
  • Import: Merge: Duplicate hand history directories
  • Import: iPoker: Hero showdown cards
  • Import: iPoker: HandHQ files not importing
  • Import: Party: Hands with "null" player names
  • Import: Winamax: Hand number overflow
  • Import: Winamax: Rebuys/Addons in summaries
  • Import: OnGame: Preferred seating preferences
  • Import: FullTilt: New timezone change to hh format
  • Import: Everest: Updated shorthanded tables list
  • Import: Everest: Conversion of UTF-8 table names
  • Hud: WPEX: Not working for $10 NL tables
  • Hud: Merge: Issues with Hud not finding tables
  • HH Viewer: Not showing cards when showdown occurs before river
  • Stat: Allin EV: Do not calculate when caller of an all-in folds before showdown
  • EV: Invalid showdowns errors
  • TableTracker: PokerStars table opening
  • TourneyDetect: v1.31: Support for Merge 6 seat DONs and fix for PokerStars $1 DONs

Version 3.08.1 - Tuesday November 30th, 2010

  • Import: Cake: Cake 2 support
  • TableTracker: iPoker launching

Minor patch release for Cake and iPoker players. Thanks!

Version 3.08 - Friday November 19th, 2010

  • New Site: Merge
  • New Site: Winamax
  • Hand Converter / Hud Hand Display
  • Multi-currency support
  • Smart Tournament Detection
  • EV Calcs for Omaha
  • TT: Omaha support (PokerStars, Full Tilt, Party, Cereus)
  • There have been many changes. Please see the beta versions below for details.
  • There have been many fixes. Please see the beta versions below for details.

For those of you upgrading from build 3.06.x, your databases will need updated. Depending on the size of your databases, this process may take a while. Please upgrade when you have time to allow this update to occur uninterrupted.

The above list is an abbreviated list of changes since the last stable release. You can see a full list of changes below.
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Re: PT3 Build History / Release Notes

Postby WhiteRider » Wed Dec 01, 2010 4:38 am

Newest versions are at the start of the thread

Version 3.07.9 Beta - Wednesday November 17th, 2010

  • Merge: Problems with Hud and preferred seating introduced in the last release.

Version 3.07.8 Beta - Tuesday November 16th, 2010

  • GUI: OnGame: Ability to disable always on top fix
  • TourneyDetect: Full Tilt "KO" tournaments
  • TourneyDetect: Fix for 888 6 player prizes, PS 2000 chip 10 table MTTs detect Bounty
  • TourneyDetect: Cereus 6 max paying 70/30
  • Hud: PokerStars: 20bb CAP tables
  • Import: Cake: Cake 2.0 hand histories
  • Import: PokerStars: .it hand histories with "[AAMS ID:...]"
  • Import: PokerStars: Non-printable character at beginning of new tournament summaries
  • Import: Full Tilt: Play money hands rejected
  • Import: Full Tilt: hands
  • Import: Merge: Hero showdown cards
  • Backup/Restore: Problem with filters having less than or greater than symbols
  • Filters: Facing Flop Floatbet Call/Fold/Raise
  • Setup Wizard: Winamax being automatically checked when not installed
  • Mac: Replayer: Fonts not being readable (too small)
  • Mac: Import: UB: Automatic detection of hh directory
  • TableTracker: PokerStars table opening
  • Graph: Omaha -> Winnings -> Monthly Winnings graph SQL error

Version 3.07.7 Beta - Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

  • HH Formatter: Added per-street winning percentages to output
  • Import: Merge: Various fixes for date-based HH changes
  • Import: Winamax: New installed detection method
  • Import: Winamax: Euro problems with non-English installs
  • Import: Winamax: Tournament buyin problem
  • Import: iPoker: Automatic detection of Circus Poker
  • Hud: PokerStars: Center points added for black theme
  • Hud: iPoker: Not giving short handed tables their own layout
  • Hud: OnGame: Workaround for crashing of OnGame clients
  • Hud: Merge: Warns user that the Hud does not work properly in grid mode
  • Reports: Problem dealing with reports that are named the same but with different case
  • Export: Importer no longer saves summary files for any sites other than PS and FTP
  • Database: Better error handling of remote servers that don't respond

For this release, we've added equity percentages to the formatted hand history showdowns and fixed a number of bugs. Thanks to everyone who helped test.

Version 3.07.6 Beta - Thursday, October 21st, 2010

  • Mac: Winamax: Auto-import support
  • Import: Merge: Fixed change that caused some hands to error out
  • Import: Merge: New client changes
  • Import: Winamax: Euro limit symbols
  • Import: Winamax installation determination
  • Import: Full Tilt: email history support
  • Import: Boss: Errors with penalty blinds
  • Import: Everest: Omaha shorthanded tables missing from configuration file
  • Hud: PokerStars: Support for CAP tables
  • Stat: Amount Addons in Tournament sections coloring the amount shown
  • Mac: Backup/Restore: Available disk space calculation problem
  • TableTracker: Full Tilt table opening
  • TableTracker: PokerStars table opening

For this release, we've added Winamax auto-import support for the Mac version and fixed a number of bugs. Thanks to everyone who helped test.

Version 3.07.5 Beta - Tuesday October 5th, 2010


* Winamax support


* Hud: No longer available on Replayer while import is running (due to performance issues)


* TourneyDetect: Pacific/Full Tilt Matrix/PS Steps fixes
* TourneyDetect: More tweaks and fixes
* TourneyDetect: Merge bounties. Fix for $12+1 PS STTs, Winamax DoNs, Fixes for Full Tilt sats
* TableTracker: PokerStars table opening fix
* TableTracker: Fixed Party Poker executable launch settings
* Hud: Rush: Problems during tournaments
* Hud: Mac: Performance issues
* Hud: Mac: Broken popup tooltips
* Hud: Mac: CPU usage
* Hud: Player name stat formatting using commas if the player name is a number
* Import: Merge: Support for new beta client
* Import: Merge: Tournament number problems
* Import: Merge: Problem with rake
* Import: Merge: Limit rake errors, limit BB raise amount problem
* Import: MicroGaming: Various tournament fixes
* Import: Cake: 1,000 being reported as 1 000
* Import: Cake: Exported hands not being recognized
* Import: Cake: Date format change
* Import: Cereus: Get cards from format "Fold & Show [x x]"
* Import: Cereus: Play money hands now rejected
* Import: Entraction: All-in hands not being properly flagged
* Import: Entraction: Tournament hands with commas in blinds not importing properly
* Import: Entraction: Problem importing players who have a space starting their name
* Import: iPoker: 'local update' Omaha hands not importing
* Import: Boss: Ante hands problem
* Import: PokerStars: New CAPPED tables
* Import: PokerStars: Audit import problems
* Import: PokerStars: Names that start with nonbreaking space become regular spaces later in HH
* Import: Party: 'Instant Play' client mucked cards not importing
* Import: WPEX: Insert tourney number from path into hand history so exported hands can be re-imported
* Import: Bodog: Hand Grabber issues with their latest update
* Import: Full Tilt: Summary import Rush 135's all Turbo
* Import: Full Tilt: Summary fix for Rush speed
* Import: Pacific: Omaha summaries not being recognized as Omaha
* Import: High CPU usage
* Import: Problem with rebuys
* EV: Problem with side-pots
* EV: 3 way all-in with two players continuing and no showdown
* GUI: Modal dialogs closing on minimize
* GUI: Mac: Housekeeping crash
* GUI: Mac: Lockups/slowdowns when text controls get too much data
* Players: Omaha lo winners not being properly linked when aliased
* Stats: Description of 'trim()' function was named 'format_number()'
* Stats: Users with custom 'cnt_hands' column prior to protected column of same name seeing incorrect behavior
* DB: Updated rows in lookup_positions
* Backup/Restore: Not restoring non-DB items when PostgreSQL is not installed

Version 3.07.4 Beta - Wednesday September 8th, 2010

  • Updated tournament graphs
  • GUI: Hud Config: Popups can now be moved up and down within groups
  • GUI: Double-clicking site name in auto-import list toggles auto-import for that site
  • Import: Cereus: Tournaments where buyin is points and not cash
  • Import: Cereus: Tournament summary using old table types
  • Import: Cereus: Tournament buyins from file names
  • Import: Cereus/Ongame: Inconsistent blind levels
  • Import: PokerStars: EUR audit files and prizes in T$ and W$
  • Import: Full Tilt: New Rush table, Electro
  • Import: UB problems caused by their latest updates
  • Import: Tournament numbers with leading 0 causing crashes
  • Hud: Rush: Performance issues
  • Hud: Rush: Crash while observing non-Rush tables
  • Hud: Issues causing deadlocks
  • Hud: Mac issues
  • Hud: Live Stats: Problem with incompatible return types
  • Hud: Exit crashes
  • Hud: Popups not being displayed in the order they were added to the group
  • Hud: Full Tilt .fr Rush support
  • Hud: Crash source when showing mucked cards
  • Stats: Custom stats are checked for duplicates
  • Stats: Variety of fixes for stats created for tournament graphs
  • Stats: Duplicating a built-in stat causing problems when using it in the Hud
  • Graph: Not using "Amount Won (Global)" for cash graph
  • GUI: Full Tilt auto-configure not reading location properly
  • GUI: Crash when "Check All" databases selected in backup/restore window
  • GUI: Mac: Stars configuration not being updated
  • GUI: Issues with adding and deleting stats
  • GUI: Improved detection of PokerStars configuration on 64 bit computers and French installations
  • GUI: Full Tilt French installation detection/configuration

Version 3.07.3 Beta - Wednesday August 18th, 2010

  • TT: Omaha support (PokerStars, Full Tilt, Party, Cereus)
  • Filters: Tourney seats: 3,5,6,7
  • Hud: Pacific: Preferred seat support for new client
  • Hud: OnGame: Preferred seat support
  • Import: Problem with players sitting out
  • Import: Cake: Amount won error when no small blind is posted
  • Import: Cake: Hands incorrectly being recorded as CCPF
  • Import: Cake: All-in for less than the BB
  • Import: Cake: Rake in tournaments
  • Import: Bodog: Getting hero name with latest update
  • Import: Bodog: Removed play money support
  • Import: PokerStars: Heads up 20-100 BB tables
  • Import: PokerStars: Some freerolls not $0 buyin in summary import
  • Import: PokerStars: Audit file rebuy and table type
  • Import: Party: Hands from 20 bb Euro tables being imported as $0 NL
  • Import: Party: 20 bb min tables being imported as wrong limit
  • Import: Party: Tournament hands that end in a knock out
  • Import: Party: Auto-import file format
  • Import: iPoker: Starting chip stack problem and large stacks
  • Import: iPoker: Tournament hands with Euro buy-ins
  • Import: iPoker: .fr issues
  • Import: Merge: Crash on bad beat win
  • Import: Merge: Bad buyin for guaranteed satts
  • Import: Full Tilt: hands
  • Import: Full Tilt: Matrix tournaments
  • Import: Full Tilt: New Rush table, Electro
  • Import: OnGame: Support for Euro currency
  • Import: Cereus/Ongame: Inconsistent blind levels
  • Import: Everest: Players with leading spaces in their name
  • Import: Entraction: HH rebuy detection
  • Import: MicroGaming: PT3 preventing some hands from being written on older machines
  • Import: Certain tournament summaries causing crashes when imported twice
  • Import: Duplicate hands updating tournament summaries
  • Import: Observed tournament hands (not imported) creating tournaments in database
  • Import: Players with commas in their name
  • Import: UTF-8 import problem
  • Hud: Merge: Rebuy/1 Addon tables detection
  • Hud: Full Tilt: Rush support for .fr tables
  • Hud: Threading issues
  • Hud: Lockups
  • Hud: Pacific: Treat-As and Preferred seating for 2 and 6 max
  • Hud: iPoker: Removed miniview option (no longer a part of their client)
  • Hud: Font caching issue that was causing crashes/performance issues
  • Hud: Ability for queries to get live table statistics
  • Hud: Separate Last Hand and Hand History Viewer
  • Hud: Full Tilt .fr Rush support
  • TourneyDetect: Failures with aliased players
  • TourneyDetect: Only working if importing into active database
  • TourneyDetect: Boss: End of DON detection
  • TourneyDetect: Merge DoN errors due to missing hands
  • TourneyDetect: Early tourney end detection for iPoker and MicroGaming
  • TourneyDetect: Various minor fixes/updates
  • TourneyDetect: Various improvements and fixes
  • GUI: Replayer crash in Omaha non-showdown hands
  • GUI: Crash in empty report controls
  • GUI: Various improvements in Tournament Results window
  • GUI: Improved detection of PokerStars configuration on 64 bit computers and French installations
  • GUI: Full Tilt French installation detection/configuration
  • Mac: Copying files with unicode path names
  • Filters: Tournament filters not working for graphs
  • Filters: Tournament filters not working for Summary report
  • Filters: Tournament filters not working for vs Player report
  • Report: Tournament site summary cosmetic fixes
  • Report: Instance where player list refresh causes lockups
  • Stats: Live stats added to sections
  • EV: Multiway pot calcs
  • EV: Side pot precision problem
  • EV: Four of a Kind kicker value problem
  • Registration: Micro Limits version not taking into account different currencies
  • AutoRate: Crash when user has rules, but doesn't select an icon before adding a new one
  • HH Viewer: Pot size per-street
  • Graph: datefix_fromutc not being used on graphs (causing mismatch with reports)
  • Purge: Omaha advanced purge

Version 3.07.2 Beta - Wednesday July 21st, 2010

Please see the linked post for full release notes - there are significant tournament changes in this release.

  • EV: Omaha EV in Replayer
  • Smart Tournament Detection
  • Reports: Winnings reports sorted descending
  • Internal improvements that should reduce crashes
  • Import: OnGame: Tournament buyins now specified in HH
  • Import: OnGame: NL/PL tournament hands imported as limit
  • Import: OnGame: Currency symbol missing
  • Import: Party: 20 BB Min hands limits
  • Import: Party: 20BB tables
  • Import: Party: Support for UTF-16 and UTF-8 hand history files
  • Import: Party: Support for euros and
  • Import: Party: tournament hands
  • Import: Entraction: Errors with "main pot" and "side pot" tags
  • Import: PokerStars: Tournament summaries in GBP not importing
  • Import: PokerStars: FPP build tourney summaries sometimes non-$0
  • Import: PokerStars: Tournament summary information now included in HH
  • Import: PokerStars: Large tournament summaries
  • Import: PokerStars: Audit files
  • Import: PokerStars: Daniel's Room tables
  • Import: PokerStars: Audit files rebuy/addons
  • Import: PokerStars: VPP/FPP column in audit files
  • Import: Full Tilt: Run-it-twice problems
  • Import: Full Tilt: Prize values for steps tourneys when imported from summaries
  • Import: Full Tilt: "99 winners" summary problem
  • Import: Full Tilt: New tourney summary syntax
  • Import: Full Tilt: Tournament fixes (6 max summaries, Rush buyins, removed DoN)
  • Import: Bodog: Last Chance satellites
  • Import: Bodog: Crash/Freeze causes
  • Import: Bodog: SnGs are uniquely identified to reduce occurance of tournaments being merged together at import
  • Import: Merge: Hi/Lo games incorrectly labeled as Hi
  • Import: Merge: Tourney summary errors
  • Import: Merge: DST adjustments not being made
  • Import: iPoker: UTF-8 and non-Western European locale issues
  • Import: Boss: Several crash sources
  • Import: Entraction: Importing hands with multiple split pots
  • Import: Betfair: "(6-max) (6 max)" problem
  • Import: French abbreviation for EDT timezone
  • Import: Everest: support
  • Import: Potential crash in Auto-Import
  • Import: Mac: Directory monitoring problem
  • Import: Crashing
  • Import: Tournaments that have no hands having the dates reversed
  • Import: Duplicate hands being imported at the end of a file import
  • Import/Hud: Merge: Tournament auto-import errors and table detection
  • Hud: Rush: Tournaments with certain names not being detected
  • Hud: Mac: Problem with multiple hud processes running
  • Hud: Potential crash causes
  • Hud: Startup problems causing issues on exit
  • Hud: Errors in server disconnection and thread termination
  • Hud: Cereus: Treat as 5 Max
  • Hud: Hole cards not displaying
  • Hud: PokerStars: Preferred seating options for 4-max
  • Hud: Rush: Flashing during updates when multitabling
  • Stats: cnt_p_limp_opp column summary type not set to "sum"
  • Stats: "Call F Bet2" stat in Holdem Tournament Player Statistics
  • Stats: Currency stats causing problems when added to certain reports
  • Stats: Donk Flop formatting to match Donk Turn and Donk River
  • Stats: "Convert To" function writing names into Description field
  • Stats: Remove Call F Bet2 from Holdem Tournament PS
  • Stats: fixed expressions for W$SD % When Bet or Raise Preflop/Flop/TurnRiver in all Player Statistics sections
  • Stats: Column cnt_p_BB_v_SB_steal_raise
  • Mac: Hud: Inability to move hud popups with right-click
  • Mac: Hud: Not getting text of all window title bars
  • Mac: Hud: Problem with MTT table switches
  • EV: Allow 0% as valid return for Equity
  • EV: Multiway pot EV calculations
  • GUI: Omaha currencies not working properly with non-european Windows
  • GUI: Order limits with similar blinds by currency
  • GUI: Graph: Crash source
  • GUI: Potential cause of crashes
  • GUI: Mac: Several causes of crashes
  • HH Formatter: INVALID_POS problems
  • HH Formatter: Currency problems with tournaments in copy/paste options
  • Reports: Sessions - Details report offset by "My Day Starts At" when it shouldn't be
  • TT: PokerStars table opening
  • Export: Tournament summaries
  • Setup Wiz: Was allowing exiting/backing out during import. Must cancel first now.
  • Postgres: Fix for performance problems on PostgreSQL 8.4
  • Replayer: Crashing on replaying 2 max games
  • Filters: Date Played: Today, This Month, This Year
  • Boss: Detection of Boss skins
  • Auto Rate: Extra validation
  • Housekeeping: Order of items made consistant between manual import and housekeeping
  • Currency: Crash source
  • Cache: Only update cache if hand imported is not a duplicate

Please note that this version will need to update your database. It may take a long time depending on the size of your databases and the speed of your computer. Plan your update accordingly.

Version 3.07.1 Beta - Thursday May 13th, 2010

  • EV Calcs for Omaha
  • All-in EV graph for Omaha
  • Currency: Session based currency
  • Currency: Configure Currency dialog allows getting the rate of a specific date
  • Currency: Configure Currency dialog allows setting rates per session
  • ICM: Use starting chip stack
  • Graph: Multi-line tooltips
  • Mac: Details: Exporting to JPG and PNG not saving properly
  • Mac: TableTracker: Adjusted size of window so start button is visible
  • Import: Cereus: Including 7-2 prop bets in the pot
  • Import: Cereus: Deducting prop 7-2 wins from winnings
  • Import: Cereus: New hand numbers
  • Import: Merge: Villian mucked cards
  • Import: Merge: dealing with incorrect button
  • Import: PokerStars: New bounty tournament buyins
  • Import: PokerStars: "Added to the prize pool" summary time register problems
  • Import: Boss: BB/Dead BB detection
  • Import: Boss: Problems with currencies in locales without pound and euro symbols
  • Import: OnGame: Tournament hands with "chips" instead of "TC"
  • Import: Party: BB Min tables importing with wrong limit
  • Import: Betfair: DST off by 1 hour
  • Import: iPoker/Merge: Duplicate hands bug in auto-import
  • Currency: Amount Won (Global) splitting by limit for same currency
  • Currency: Currency information not being set for new limits
  • Currency: Issues with Limit Adjust dialog
  • Hud: Crashes with showing cards from previous hand
  • ICM: FTOPS style summaries
  • EV: Calculating EV for sites that don't show losing mucked hands
  • Cache: Problem with updating if the max hand ID cannot be determined
  • TableTracker: Placing number of tables in Buddy column
  • HH Viewer: Problem with INVALID_POS on MicroGaming hands
  • HH Viewer: Showing wrong bet/chip amounts on tournaments
Please note that this version will need to update your database. It may take a long time depending on the size of your databases and the speed of your computer. Plan your update accordingly.

Version 3.07 Beta - Saturday May 1st, 2010

  • New Site: Merge
  • Hand Converter / Hud Hand Display
  • Multi-currency support
  • New Stats: Amount Won (Global), Amount Won (Native)
  • New Stats: Equity %, Equity $ (Holdem Hand)
  • New Stats: ICM Equity %, ICM Equity $ (Holdem/Omaha Tournament Hand)
  • Import: PokerStars: (Mac) Euro hand histories appearing to be lost
  • Import: PokerStars: Old tournaments being rejected as play money
  • Import: PokerStars: Pot size error with all-in on BB + ante
  • Import: PokerStars: Some emailed tournament summaries not importing
  • Import: iPoker: Locales (Russian) that don't have currency symbols that are expected
  • Import: Full Tilt: Run-it-twice hands not properly saving second summary in hand history
  • Import: OnGame: Issues with new rake taken lines
  • Import: Party: Hero's tournament place win amount was being zeroed out
  • Import: Old UB: Incorrect results with all-in hands
  • Import: Old UB: Issues with disconnect all-ins
  • Import: Cake: Guaranteed tournaments treated as freerolls
  • Import: Cereus: HORSE games (Holdem and Omaha hands)
  • Import: OnGame: New date format
  • Import: MicroGaming: Some hands not importing
  • Hud: WPEX: Table detection problems
  • Hud: Betfair: Crashes
  • Hud: FullTilt: Rush fixes (PC only)
  • Hud: Party: Cash game table finding
  • TableTracker: PokerStars and Full Tilt table opening
  • TableTracker: Removed sites from list that shouldn't have been there (WPEX, Merge, Betfair)
  • GUI: Reports: Tooltip issues
  • GUI: Configure Currency window. Resized and fixed crash on Mac
  • GUI: Boss: Skins with spaces in their options directory
  • GUI: Bodog HH folder in Setup Wizard
  • GUI: Betfair: Save HH's to disk false warning
  • Graphs: All-in EV fixes (more accurate when dealing with multiple all-ins)
  • Graphs: Days Played fix (requires rebuild of cache)
  • Filters: Misc - Stack Size - Absolute filter fix
  • Stats: SQL comments are now checked for and not permitted
  • lookup_positions table had too many entries

Please note that this version will need to update your database. It may take a long time depending on the size of your databases and the speed of your computer. Plan your update accordingly.

Version 3.06.2 - Friday April 16th, 2010

  • Registration issue with trial window

Version 3.06.1 - Thursday April 15th, 2010

  • Problems with trial settings
  • Import: Party tournament hero placement issue
  • Import: OnGame: New hands with rake taken lines

Version 3.06 - Wednesday April 14th, 2010

  • Omaha
  • Mac OS X Release
  • Setup Wizard
  • Backup & Restore
  • New Site: Bodog
  • New Site: Cake
  • New Site: Betfair
  • New Site: Cryptologic network
  • New Site: WPEX
  • New Site: Pre-Cereus Ultimate Bet & Absolute
  • New Site: Tribeca
  • Adjust Limits window in Database Management
  • Filters: Today, This Month, This Year
  • Internet proxy support
  • New cash graphing options
  • Dozens of new filters
  • Full Tilt Rush Hud support
  • Incremental cache updates
  • User Interface: Numerous improvements (sanity checks, keyboard shortcuts, etc)
  • AutoRate: Performance improvements
  • Housekeeping optimizations
  • Housekeeping: Added reindex, reworked window
  • PostgreSQL no longer bundled. Downloaded on demand when needed
  • Reports: Name can be changed
  • Hud: Group import/export
  • TableTracker: New "Tables" column so users can see how many tables a player is playing

For those of you upgrading from build 5, your databases will need updated. Depending on the size of your databases, this process may take a while. Please upgrade when you have time to allow this update to occur uninterrupted.

Please read the official release announcement for full comments.

Beta 30.10 - Monday April 12th

  • GUI: Email Import: Mark/Unmark All buttons
  • GUI: Email Import: Added size of email
  • Stats: Raise BB/SB Steal to Tournament sections
  • Import: Everest: Problems caused by previous beta
  • Import: Bodog: Web request problems
  • Import: Problem with 3 bet and 4 bet opportunities
  • Import: WPEX: Pre-2006 hand support
  • Import: Entraction: Spaces in money amounts
  • Import: PokerStars: Tournament summaries with no end times
  • Import: PokerStars: File encoding issue
  • Import: Pacific
  • Import: 3/4 Bets (partial fix)
  • Import: Entraction: Problem with split pot tags in high stakes pots
  • Import: Cake: Multiple penalty blind errors
  • Import: Cake: Incorrect buyins for freerolls and guaranteed tournaments
  • Import: Cereus: Histories that don't have spaces between player name and action
  • Import: WPEX: Error with unusual seat declarations
  • Import: iPoker: Tournament names with non-ascii characters not importing
  • Import: Old UB: All-in situations (partial)
  • GUI: Report: Crashing/Locking problems
  • GUI: Crash: Opening Auto-Rate with more than two limits in db
  • Setup Wizard: Not disabling sites
  • Backup/Restore: Notes being missed/skipped
  • Backup/Restore: Too many volumes/zip files/window size problems
  • Hud: Mac: Tooltips on popups
  • Hud: Mac: Cereus tournament tables
  • Hud: PokerStars: New ante and 100-250 bb tables
  • Hud: Mac: Cereus MTT detection
  • Cache: Invalid stats during incremental cache update
  • AutoRate: Omaha not using Omaha min hands and erroring out

Beta 30.9 - Wednesay March 31st

  • New Site: Tribeca
  • GUI: Cache Rebuild option to Housekeeping
  • Graph: Primary line is no longer bold
  • Graph: Winnings, Showdown/Non SD and EV lines are always the same colors
  • Import: Party import now uses available player count instead of requiring "Treat As" options
  • GUI: MicroGaming: Updated icon
  • GUI: Old Absolute updated icon
  • GUI: Housekeeping information
  • GUI: Bodog hand history validation message
  • GUI: Bodog crashes
  • GUI: Lockup with reports when right-clicking
  • GUI: Check/Bet groups not in new stat selection control
  • GUI: Graph: Crashes
  • GUI: Crash when closing PT3 while auto-import is running
  • GUI: Quicker feedback on Start/Stop Hud button
  • GUI: Fixed report crash under certain filter conditions
  • GUI: "Older Version" message box typo
  • GUI: Not working for 1024x600 screen resolution
  • GUI: Housekeeping: Update Cache recommendations
  • GUI: Lockup during population of controls.
  • Setup Wizard: Skipping import causing problems with manual import
  • TableTracker: Filtering not working properly against stack sizes
  • TableTracker: Freezing when launching and/or opening tables
  • Import: FullTilt: Omaha Hi/Lo Rush table
  • Import: FullTilt: Play money .COM tables
  • Import: FullTilt: Post showdown "player shows hand" lines causing problems
  • Import: FullTilt: Player names starting with "Seat "
  • Import: Bodog: Memory leaks
  • Import: Cereus Holdem cash hands being misidentified as old Absolute hands
  • Import: Cereus jackpot hands not importing
  • Import: Cereus 7-2 hands
  • Import: Various WPEX problems
  • Import: Various Cryptologic problems
  • Import: Various pre-Cereus AP/UB problems
  • Import: Pacific preflop blind raises causing problems
  • Import: PokerStars: FPP tournaments being flagged as play money
  • Import: PokerStars: AEST (Australia East TZ) problems
  • Import: PokerStars: Tournament summary times issue
  • Import: OnGame: SQLite (pre-P5) Omaha support
  • Import: OnGame: Supervisor Session ID in HH
  • Import: OnGame: Fix for French tables on Winamax
  • Import: Party: Crash when big blind seat isn't valid
  • Import: Everest: All-ins before the river
  • Import: Boss: Players with parenthesis in their name
  • Import: Boss: Non-dollar currency imports in non-European languages
  • Import: Boss: Players with ampersands in their name
  • Import: WPEX: FPP tourneys importing as cash
  • Import: Entraction: Euro currency symbol in non-European locales
  • Import: Entraction: Limits written with commas
  • Import: Entraction: Hands sent from customer service
  • Import: Entraction: Hand histories with comma delimited currency
  • Import: MicroGaming: Problems with Euro characters
  • Import: Betfair: Problem with exporting hands
  • Import: Betfair: Exported Omaha tournaments
  • Import: Betfair: Early showdown cards not being saved
  • Import: iPoker: Pounds import errors
  • Import: iPoker: Rebuys issue
  • Import: Tournament results not being accurate when summary imported before hands
  • Import: Mac: UTF-8 import issue
  • Import: JST Japanese timezone support
  • Import: Problem with calling all-ins
  • Import: Email: Possible performance fix
  • Graph: All-In EV being displayed in $ when BB is selected
  • Graph: All-In EV not displaying for aliased hands
  • Graph: Daily winnings graph not filtering properly
  • Hud: iPoker auto-center
  • Hud: PokerStars Double or Nothing tables
  • Hud: Failure when database is deleted
  • Hud: Betfair 6 max tables incorrectly identified as 9 max
  • Hud: PokerStars: 4-max stat positions
  • Filters: Made Hand - Two Pair - Flop - Top and Middle (needs to be Top and Bottom)
  • Cache: Problem with certain players not being cached
  • Email: Bug with SMTP requirements
  • Stats: Custom/imported stats always asking to save changes
  • Stats: Column definition for Raise F Bet stats
  • Stats: Added stats for Omaha (that were added in recent alpha)
  • Stats: W$SD % When Bet or Raise PreFlop format/title
  • Stats: cnt_sb_steal_raise column in Holdem Tourney Player Stats section
  • Stats: Details tab actions stats incorrect
  • Stats: Total Flop Action for tournaments
  • Replayer: Wrong pot odds in certain circumstances
  • Queries: datefix functions not calculating DST correctly
  • AutoRate: Ignoring min hands required when date filters also used
  • Backup/Restore: XML issues when exporting/importing notes

A ton of bug fixes. We're gearing up for a new stable release, so please report your bugs!

Beta 30.8 - Thursday March 11th

  • New Site: Betfair
  • New Site: Cryptologic network
  • New Site: WPEX
  • New Site: Pre-Cereus Ultimate Bet & Absolute
  • New cash graphing options
  • Auto Rate: Omaha
  • New filters
  • Options to allow user to select which tabs are shown
  • Reports: Name can be changed
  • Hud: Group import/export
  • GUI: New stat selection controls
  • TableTracker: New "Tables" column so users can see how many tables a player is playing
  • Filters: Tournament filters window crashing when opening second window
  • Filters: Pot size filters now work with graphs
  • Filters: Custom reports filtering error with using group-by and non-group-by columns in filters
  • Hud: More Rush performance issues
  • Hud: PokerStars: Memory grabber for euro tables
  • Hud: Mac: Cereus preferred seating
  • Import: Everest re-importing previous hands (duplicates)
  • Import: Bodog: Hands from DogWatch grabber
  • Import: PokerStars: Pound tournament hands being rejected as play money
  • Import: Party: Java client hand histories
  • Import: Bodog: Player names with spaces wouldn't locate hole cards properly
  • Import: WPEX: Tournament support
  • Import: Mac: Move (truncate) after import problem
  • Import: Omaha hand type recognition
  • TableTracker: Mac: Launching for Cereus and FTP
  • TableTracker: Full Tilt table opening
  • TableTracker: PokerStars table opening
  • Backup/Restore: Better method for restart
  • Backup/Restore: PokerTracker.cfg with different PostgreSQL settings
  • Cache: Queries not properly using cache
  • Cache: Upgrading from pre-Omaha build causing cache to be populated at startup (during splash screen)
  • Cache: Auto-importing into an empty database not auto-updating cache
  • Mac: Memory leak during auto-import
  • Mac: Bugs in tooltips
  • Mac: Hud: Getting window titles in current locale
  • GUI: Limits in Filters windows not sorted correctly
  • GUI: Details tab showing previous data when filtering should show no data at all
  • GUI: Exit PT3 if user clicks link to download in New Version message
  • GUI: Couple crashes
  • Notes: Searching for player_name instead of player_name_search
  • Reports: Divide by zero prevention (caused some queries to error out)
  • Stats: Fixed incorrect summary types for a few Hand stats
  • Problem getting PostgreSQL Bin directory
  • Database: Role names now in quotations
  • Installer: After this version, will remember location of PT3 install for next time

We're having a few major events this month. First, PT2 Holdem support is coming to an end at the end of this month. Anyone still using PT2 should look to upgrade now, as no new development or bug fixes will be happening after the 31st. Secondly, the beta tests of the Mac and the Omaha functionality is going to be ending. We want to thank everyone who helped us test the new functionality.

This release introduces support for a few more sites. We've also expanded the auto-rate functionality to work with Omaha. Players will no longer share a single icon for both Holdem and Omaha, they each now have their own.

We've also introduced new graph tabs for cash games. You can now choose different configuration options, like whether you want to see results in currency or in BB, whether you want to see results by hand, date, month or sessions. A new innovative option we've added to PT3's graphs is the ability to see stat values on the graph. Want to see how your VP$IP changes affect your winrate? You can do that. You can also choose which stats are on your info box, if you even want an info box at all. This will be expanded for tournaments in the future.

We've got some new filters in this version as well. There are way too many to list here, but check them out. I'm certain they will help in the pursuit of leaks.

In addition to the new features, we've fixed a large number of bugs. If you were experiencing any problems with the last beta, please try this one. Be sure to notify us of any problems you encounter.

Beta 30.7 - Saturday February 20th

  • Internet proxy support
  • Registration: Separate Holdem and Omaha trials
  • Full Tilt memory grabber removed, since it's no longer functional
  • PostgreSQL: Updated internal library (will hopefully fix some performance issues)
  • Import: Full Tilt run it twice hands
  • Import: Full Tilt heads up tables not being recognized as 2 max
  • Import: Performance bottleneck with Full Tilt Rush tables
  • Import: Pokerstars Euro Steps (A-G) tournaments in PokerStars.cfg
  • Import: PokerStars: Euro detection on non-Windows / non-European systems
  • Import: Cereus Omaha hands not importing mucked/showed cards
  • Import: Boss Omaha hands not importing mucked/showed cards
  • Import: iPoker tournament buyin and date errors
  • Import: Party: Incorrect rake calculation on $3 SnGs
  • Import: Cake: Incorrectly default tournaments to MTT
  • Import: Cake tournament hand numbering system to void duplicates
  • Import: Cake Omaha hands erroring because low pot not being calculated
  • Import: Cereus bounties
  • Import: Mac: Old Full Tilt hands that are incorrectly formatted
  • Import: Email import performance problems
  • GUI: Adjust Limits changes, fixed problem with some tables not being properly changed
  • GUI: Problem with PT3 hanging
  • GUI: Mac: Inactive cursor issue on tabs
  • GUI: Mac: Text of the filters buttons when filters are activated
  • Filters: Today, This Month, This Year for Holdem Tournaments and Omaha
  • Cache: Some custom stats returning null values which causes invalid SQL to be generated
  • Cache: Lockups/Crashes due to new cache update code
  • Cache: Cache status taking long time on large dbs
  • Hud: Mac popups
  • Hud: Mac player notes not appearing above the table
  • Hud: Full Tilt Rush: Performance issues
  • Hud: Mac: Cereus tourney tables not being recognized
  • Replayer: Chat box not showing all four Omaha showdown cards
  • Database updates crashing
  • Backup/Restore: Huge database problems
  • Fixed Today, This Month, This Year filters to use "My Days Starts At..."
  • Mac: Crash when accessing notes

We promised when Omaha support was introduced that it would have its own trial period. This version introduces new trial period code. Basically, you can choose when you start your trial period. If you want to trial Holdem and Omaha simultaneously, you can. If you want to trial Omaha a year after you bought Holdem, you can do that too. We also decided to reset everyone's trial period with this release. You now get another 60 days of Holdem AND 60 days of Omaha, for free. That being said, since Omaha is still in beta, everyone (even trial users) will notice that they are registered to use Omaha!

We've fixed a lot of bugs with this release as well. Full Tilt Rush performance problems should be a thing of the past. The problems some of you were having with the new cache updating should be gone as well. Please be sure to let us know if you encounter any problems with these.

It's also worth noting that for a few days after release, some virus scanners will falsely identify PT3's executable (and maybe a few .pt3 files) as viruses. This is a false positive and should be reported to the anti-virus companies. There are no viruses in PT3 if you've downloaded it from our website.

Beta 30.6 - Friday February 12th

  • Reports: Tournament summaries
  • Adjust Limits window in Database Management
  • Filters: Today, This Month, This Year
  • Cache: When cache is at 100%, auto-import will update it after each hand and hud will use cache-only queries
  • Cache: Updating the cache from Housekeeping now does it incrementally if no new columns have been added
  • Backup/Restore: Problems with very large databases
  • Backup/Restore: PostgreSQL binaries detection
  • Import: Problem causing import to never stop
  • Import: Stars import using UTF-16 now
  • Import: All-in bugs
  • Import: Bodog Omaha issues
  • Import: Cake SB calls all-in BB bug
  • Import: Cereus sniper tournaments
  • Import: Full Tilt run it twice hands
  • GUI: Crashing
  • Hud: Rush on Windows XP 64bit
  • Hud: Refresh rates causing problems with Rush
  • Hud: Party tourney tables not recognized after being moved
  • Alias: Checking against Omaha hands
  • Notes: Omaha tournament notes
  • Email: New OpenSSL libraries to improve performance

Those of you having Hud performance problems should see a significant difference in this release. We have made some changes to the cache. As long as your cache is 100% before you start auto-import, it will be automatically updated after each hand. In addition to that, the Hud has been altered to use cache-exclusive queries in this case. What does that mean? The Hud queries, which are the source of most Hud performance issues, will be extremely fast.

This new cache change brings along another nice feature. Incremental cache updates. If PT3 doesn't detect new columns (from custom stats, or imported in with a Hud profile or report), the cache won't be recreated from scratch. This means cache updating during housekeeping should be significantly faster. Please note that purging hands or adjusting limits of sessions results in a purged cache, so you'll need to rebuild after those two activities.

That leads us to the next new feature. The Adjust Limit window. From the Database Management window, you can now change the limit of a session. Keep in mind, this will clear your cache, so it's recommended to do after you're done playing, so your cache can repopulate in time for your next session.

We've added summaries to both Holdem Tournaments and Omaha Tournaments. We've also added some highly requested filters in terms of dates. You can now set the "Today" or "This Month" or "This Year" filter and PT3 will automatically filter to those dates. This is just the beginning of a whole lot of new filters we're going to be adding to PT3.

In addition to those new features, we've fixed a number of bugs for this release. If you've encountered random crashes in PT3, we hope to have solved that problem. If you use Full Tilt's run it twice option, those hands should import without problem as well, although some stats and filters that rely on hand type might not work properly (due to only having partial information in the database).

Please let us know if you encounter any problems with this version.

Beta 30.5 - Saturday February 6th

  • Bodog Omaha support
  • Hud: Rush tables now can have a separate layout assigned from normal tables
  • Import: Rebuy calculations for PokerStars manual import
  • Import: Euro/Pound import problems
  • Hud: Replayer duplicating stats

Beta 30.4 - Friday February 5th

  • Cache status bar info
  • PostgreSQL no longer bundled. Downloaded on demand when needed
  • Housekeeping: Added reindex, reworked window
  • Hud: Rush performance problems
  • Hud: FTP SnGs not being recognized
  • Import: Problem with deal blinds
  • Import: Cake: BB posting after SB folds
  • Import: Cake: Incorrect pot size when player/chips aren't declared
  • Import: Party: Tourney player results and table type assignments
  • Import: PokerStars: FPP rebuys giving $ amounts
  • Import: PokerStars: Rebuys
  • Import: PokerStars: Logic error that caused rebuy lines to be removed from stored HH
  • Import: PokerStars: ACST time zone
  • Import: British pound symbol issue
  • Import: iPoker hands not being converted to 6 max with AQTL
  • GUI: Bodog not checked for auto-import when not installed
  • GUI: Notes being added to wrong section
  • GUI: Report crashing
  • PostgreSQL: Mac performance problems with queries
  • Filter: River - Any A not working
  • Backup/Restore: Fixed problem where tables would be restored empty

Beta 30.3 - Saturday January 30th

  • Import: Party errors
  • Rush Hud: Multitable issue
  • Rush Hud: Replayer

Beta 30.2 - Saturday January 30th

  • Custom Stats: Convert stats
  • Omaha: Cereus support
  • Omaha: MicroGaming support
  • Omaha: OnGame P5 support (no older PT2 format support or .db support - need histories!)
  • Omaha: Pacific support
  • Omaha: Everest support
  • Omaha: Boss Media support
  • Omaha: Cake support
  • Omaha: Entraction support
  • Pacific: Mucked hands support
  • Cake: Auto-detect support for over 50 Cake skins
  • Full Tilt: Rush Hud (instant updates)
  • Mac: Cereus auto-import and Hud support
  • Housekeeping optimizations
  • Mac Hud: Ctrl+click is same as right-clicking
  • Hud: Imported profiles now automatically convert stats from Holdem to Omaha
  • Backup/Restore: Allow changing DB name when restoring
  • Full Tilt: Rush hands have their own limit and belong to same session
  • Everest: More shorthanded tables automatically recognized
  • Import: Satellite prizes awarded in FPP shown as $
  • Import: Party import issues
  • Import: Party email tournament summaries
  • Import: Party NL Holdem tournaments defaulting incorrectly to 9-max
  • Import: Party emailed Omaha hands importing as Holdem
  • Import: More Party emailed problems
  • Import: Party java client imports
  • Import: PokerStars rebuy issue
  • Import: PokerStars Euro hand histories
  • Import: PokerStars 4-max tables
  • Import: PokerStars handling of the Euro symbol on non-English versions of Windows
  • Import: Full Tilt Omaha Hi/Lo hands importing as Hi
  • Import: Large MTT summaries messages
  • Import: Cereus tournament buyins from file name
  • Import: Cereus $ GTD tourneys
  • Import: Full Tilt tournament summaries not importing
  • Import: iPoker tournament number parsing error
  • Import: iPoker: Euro import problems on non-Euro Windows
  • Import: Emails not working
  • Import: Generic tournament summaries all importing as Omaha
  • Import: Crashing in manual import with certain file names
  • Import: Addons during bulk imports
  • Import: Problem with UTF-8 detection (caused many EUR/GBP problems)
  • Import: All-in pot size calculation error
  • Import: Fold to BB problem
  • TableTracker: Full Tilt and iPoker table opening
  • TableTracker: PokerStars table opening
  • TableTracker: Mac: Launch site for PokerStars, Full Tilt and OnGame
  • TableTracker: Full Tilt table opening
  • Mac: Hud config: Unable to change separator
  • Mac: Hud not appearing (due to directory problem)
  • Mac: Infinity symbol
  • Backup/Restore: Not enough disk space for restore
  • Backup/Restore: Backups stored non compressed due to size limitations
  • GUI: Find player window empty site entry
  • GUI: Settings not allowing user to choose an Omaha only player
  • GUI: Purge dialog showing "[No Low Winner]" instead of "[No Player Selected]"
  • GUI: Window Vista users notified of SP1 OR GREATER on PostgreSQL install
  • GUI: Directory selection bug (duplicating last directory selected)
  • GUI: Auto-detect not saving directories detected
  • GUI: Mac: Tournaments not able to be selected in purge window
  • GUI: Cake player filtering problems
  • GUI: Access violation in display controls
  • GUI: Error about cache not existing when purging new database
  • GUI: Display UTF-8 properly in hand history display
  • Stats: Crashing when users don't correctly match braces
  • Stats: Hands Won incorrect value
  • Full Tilt: Preference file access crashing when it doesn't exist
  • Party: Seating for beginners table
  • Notes: Tournament hand notes added to non-tournament hands
  • Several crash sources
  • Several memory leaks

This beta was delayed a bit longer than we hoped. There are a ton of bug fixes in this release, as you can see. I won't get into details on them, but PT3 should run better for everyone now, in one way or another.

The biggest delay was caused by the release of Rush Poker by Full Tilt. We weren't satisfied in giving you guys something silly like stats in exported notes, or to make you look up your opponents manually in a list of players. We wanted only the best. We wanted to give you exactly what you have on every other table you play on. We wanted to give you access to hundreds of stats in an instant, so you can make your decisions quickly and move on to the next hand. It was certainly not an easy task, and it's something you'll likely only find in PT3 for a good long while, but we succeeded in bringing you the first real time updating Hud for Rush Poker.

There are a few caveats you should be aware of. At this time there are no session stats or hero stats available. You will not be able to mark interesting hands for review via the Hud. Player notes will need to be added quickly (before the players change). Obviously, mucked hands don't display either. Other than that, your Hud is fully functional. This hasn't been tested against Full Tilt mods, so if you aren't using one of the four default table layouts provided by Full Tilt, you may experience issues. Mac users will unfortunately not be able to cash in on this feature just yet. It's Windows only for now, but we're working hard to bring it to our Mac users as well.

We've also almost completely finished the Omaha site support. Every site has Omaha support except for Bodog (which is coming soon). Unfortunately, we did not receive a large number of Omaha hand histories to test with, so there will most likely be occassional hands that won't import. If you encounter one that errors out or doesn't import properly, please send it to our support team so we can get it fixed. We've also made custom stats and Hud layouts easier to work with. You can convert custom stats from one section to other sections easily. Hud profiles also automatically convert stats from Holdem to Omaha and vice versa.

We continue to improve our Mac product by adding support for the Cereus Network in our auto-import and Hud. We've also improved the stat interaction on the Hud by allowing CTRL+click and drag to move the stats on the table.

We want to thank our users for patiently waiting for this update. We know it took longer than anyone hoped, but we believe you will find the wait well worth it.

Beta 30.1 - Wednesday December 23rd

    Hud: Popups (issues with the taskbar)
    Hud: Config not being able to change the separator (Mac)
    Hud: Infinite symbol
    Import: Party hand issues
    Backup: Database names containing certain characters causing problems

Beta 30 - Monday December 21st

    Setup Wizard
    New Backup & Restore
    Omaha (limited to PokerStars, Party Poker, Full Tilt and iPoker)
    Mac OS X Release
    Usability: Numerous improvements (sanity checks, keyboard shortcuts, etc)
    MicroGaming: Importing of tournament hands
    FullTilt: Memory grabber fixes
    FullTilt: Tournament import issue where satellite flag was being cleared when hero had an addon
    PokerStars: AEST timezone support
    PokerStars: Unknown target tournament importing
    PokerStars: Rebuys and addons support
    PokerStars: DST adjustments
    PokerStars: Importing FPP rebuys
    Party: NL tables being 9 max and not 10 max (except for $30 NL)
    Bodog: Support for HU tables
    Bodog: Problems with playing multiple SNGs in a row
    Bodog: Limit importing as $1.00 NL instead of $1 NL
    Cereus: Tournaments all being marked as SNGs
    Boss: Player names not importing correctly
    iPoker: Rewritten hand history files
    Cake: Importing tournament finishing information
    Cake: Importing money issues
    Import: Uncalled hands marked as having showdown
    Import: Email imports freezing
    Import: All-in flags that were causing problems with the EV graph
    Import: Support for tournament bounties
    Hud: Negative number decimal places
    Hud: Players sitting out affecting player ranges
    Database: Non-English locales
    Custom Stat: Exporting stat based on variables not exporting columns used by variables
    TableTracker: Full Tilt and iPoker table opening
This is a beta version and these are all huge changes. There's a very good probability that there will be bugs. If you aren't willing to deal with bugs and help us locate and fix them, please wait until the stable release is out.

Beta 29.1 - Thursday October 1st

  • Import: MicroGaming tournament hands
  • Hud: Full Tilt observed table recognition

Beta 29 - Wednesday September 30th

  • New Site: Bodog
  • New Site: Cake
  • Database backup and restore to Database Management window
  • User Interface: Better database checking on startup
  • User Interface: Better handling of registration problems
  • Changed labels on most buttons to accept keyboard shortcuts
  • AutoRate: Performance improvements
  • Import: Raise from dead blind causing pot size issues
  • Import: Now detects and allows removal of bad duplicate hands
  • Import: Entraction hands being skipped when encountering partial histories
  • Import: Pacific amounts wrong when everyone folds to the BB
  • Import: More DoN problems
  • Import: Certain Boss Media player names not importing properly
  • Import: Rebuy satellite winnings and steps tickets
  • Import: MicroGaming hands not recognized when the native XML contains newline in the table name
  • Import: Australia time zone problem
  • Import: MicroGaming table names in UTF8
  • Import: Party All-In Freeroll table name
  • Import: Cereus hands not importing properly after encountering a partial hand
  • Import: Certain PokerStars player names not importing properly
  • Import: PokerStars hand histories including "USD" in the limit name
  • Import: Email problems
  • Import: Incorrect values when $ added to satellite
  • Import: OnGame error when player name starts with "---"
  • Import: tournament rake not being read
  • Import: Full Tilt ante cash on returned bets
  • Import: MicroGaming hh format change
  • Import: iPoker hh change
  • Import: Full Tilt tournament summaries (addons/rebuys)
  • Hud: Full Tilt hero recognition
  • Hud: Not showing up on Full Tilt low limit Matrix SnGs
  • Hud: Added "Treat as 6 Max" and "9 max" option to Boss Hud menu
  • Hud: Full Tilt "Super Turbo Matrix" tables not being recognized
  • TableTracker: Full Tilt table opening
  • TableTracker: PokerStars table opening
  • Report: Custom report down arrow in sort window crashing
  • Numerous crashing issues
  • Numerous performance issues
  • PT2 Conversion: Satellite winners
  • Database non-English installation problems

Build 5.2 - Friday August 7.

Build 5.1 - Friday July 17.

Build 5 - Thursday July 8.

Beta 28.4 - Monday July 6.

Beta 28.3 - Saturday July 4.

Beta 28.2 - Thursday June 25.

Beta 28.1 - Monday June 15.

Beta 28 - Wednesday Jun 10.

Beta 27.2 - Monday Jun 01.

Beta 27.1 - Monday May 04.

Beta 27 - Friday May 01.

Beta 26 - Wednesday March 26.

Beta 25 - Wednesday February 18.

Build 4 - Thursday January 29 2009.

Build 3 - Monday September 29.

3.00 build 2 - Friday May 16 2008.

3.00 Build 1 - Commercial Release - Thursday May 15 2008.
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Re: Build 2 to Build 4

Postby WhiteRider » Thu Jul 12, 2012 12:37 pm

Build 2 to Build 4

Build 4 - Thursday January 29 2009.
There are many new features in this release since build 3. Here is a list of some of the major changes:

  • New Sites: Boss Media and the new Cereus Network
  • Selective purging of sessions/tournaments
  • Tournament result entry improvements
  • New stats and filters
  • Further improvements to performance, particularly Hud performance
For a complete list of changes, see the Beta releases listed below.

Beta 24 - Wednesday January 21.
  • Database: Changed schema to support built-in Cluster
  • Hud: Improved query performance
  • Hud: Popup and Table queries combined
  • Hud: In configuration window, when adding a stat, new stat appears under the currently highlighted stat
  • Email imports now save a backup if move processed files is enabled
  • PokerStars import problem with players with colons in their name
  • PostgreSQL startup (makes sure directories exist and is deleted)
  • PostgreSQL lockups
  • PT2 Conversion: PokerStars tournament hands not converting correctly
  • Import: Exported tournament summaries now import the player count correctly
  • Import: Cereus import dead blinds and jackpot rake
  • Import: Boss Media dealer seat problem
  • Import: OnGame bug when posting the blind puts a player all-in
  • Import: OnGame bug when db file has multiple hands with the same ID
  • Import: OnGame bug when only one blind is posted
  • Import: ATS stat when an inactive player is in the button or cutoff position
  • Reports: Player names that start with a "{" now display properly
  • Tourney Results "Only Tournaments Needing Results" filter
  • Hud: Now works on Boss Media heads up tables
  • Hud: Now works on Party Speed Rebuy tables
  • Hud: Eliminated several sources of freezing
  • Hud: Problem with player icons and multiple databases
  • Filter: Facing Raise Preflop will account for limp/fold instances
  • Filter: Made Hand Two Pair on Flop, Board Paired, Low Pair

Beta 23 - Friday December 19.
  • New Site: Cereus
  • Hud: PT Icon -> Mark Hand for Review
  • Hud: Player notes
  • Hud Filter: Last X Hands
  • Party preferred seating
  • Memory leak/crash source
  • Boss: Import problems
  • Boss: Tables with accented characters in the name should now be recognized by PT3
  • Hud: Popup stats for hero aren't retrieved if there are no hero groups in the layout
  • OnGame: Very large databases will now import correctly
  • Running out of db connections, causing strange error messages in reports

Beta 22 - Saturday December 6.
    Hud stats not updating
    Settings not saving properly
    lookup_action in regards to tournament stats
    OnGame hands where the dealer information is incorrect in the database file (causing hands not to be imported)
    Email imports: Problems when connecting without using SSL
    Sessions/Tournaments double-click filter that was broke in a previous release
    More than 5-6 Boss tables not being recognized
    New filters breaking the player list
    PokerStars tournament summary changes

Beta 21 - Tuesday November 25.
    New Site: Boss Media
    Tourney: Enter Results window allows you to select and edit/auto multiple tournaments at once
    Tourney: Report: Tournaments - By Time
    Import from Email
    New Filters
    Option to use images to represent cards in reports
    OnGame tournament support
    Report: Tournaments/Winnings tab using the "Amount Won" value instead of the "Net Won" value for the row coloring
    Auto Rate: "Rules" tab shows icons properly (broke in previous release)
    Import: OnGame import problem with steal attempts
    Import: After preflop raise, flag for cbet opportunity being set

Beta 20 - Wednesday November 5.
    Registration issues
    Stats: Stats that access the _combinations table will no longer filter the reports they are added to
    Import: Session information getting corrupt when dealing with duplicate hands
    Import: OnGame problems with certain file formatting
    Hud: Freezing
    Hud: Hero only stats when "Retrieve Session Stats for Tool Tips" is not selected
    Purging should be faster now
    Reports: Freezing
    Reports: Crashing
    Replayer: Keyboard shortcuts work again
    Interface: Tabs appearing with missing GUI elements

Beta 19 - Wednesday October 15.
    Selective purging
    Session/Tournament selection filtering
    Row coloring and changing the color of positive/negative numbers
    Tournament tables to the cluster process
    New Stats
    Import: iPoker import errors
    Import: Party import errors
    Import: Problem importing some Party tournament hands
    Import: Problem with iPoker hands being overlooked
    Import: Problem with flg_p_limp when limping then calling a raise
    Import: Problem with enum_face_allin database field
    Tournaments: Not importing/losing tournament place information during import
    Tournaments: $/Hour stat
    Hud: Popups not reading from all databases
    TableTracker: PokerStars table opening
    Graph control causing PT3 to freeze

Build 3 - Monday September 29, 2008.

Beta 18 - Wednesday September 24.
    Auto Rate
    Hud: Player Icon stat
    Reports: Hovering over a stat in a report will bring up a tooltip with more detailed information
    Stats: Percentages that don't have any opportunities can now have a user defined value/color
    Players: You can now set players as your "buddy"
    TableTracker: Buddy list, stack sizes, more filters, double-clicking and right-clicking options
    Stat: CCPF, the cnt_p_ccall_opp column has been updated. Re-cache required
    Stats: Will no longer allow multiple SQL aggregate functions in a column, as this causes problems when using the cache
    Removed the percentage complete from the Housekeeping progress window
    Compatibility with new Party Poker update
    Import: More of the Party "invalid pot size" error messages
    Import: OnGame "No Winners Found" problem
    Import: enum_allin not populating correctly
    Import: Certain straight draws not being recognized as such
    Import: Squeeze opportunities field in the database not getting all opportunities
    Import: Full Tilt "Invalid action" error message
    Import: Certain Party hands causing interface lockup
    Import: Some "trying to access a negative index" errors
    Import: Tournament importing players from the next hand in the file as part of the tournament
    Import: OnGame import issue where amount won is wrong
    Import: Problem with the "CBet" reaction stats, when the player has multiple actions on street
    Import: Tournament importing players from the next hand in the file as part of the tournament (Full Tilt)
    Import: Full Tilt invalid pot size errors
    Hud: Input on Hud only working on one OnGame window
    Hud: Crashing on Vista at stop/shutdown
    Hud: Multiple other access violations/crashes
    Stat: RFI
    Reports: An error in one stat will not break an entire report
    Graph: BB Won graph erroring when a filter is applied
    Cache: Problem with caching certain custom columns
    Cache: Problem with caching from lookup tables
    Filters: Problem with saving changes to existing filters
    TableTracker: Opening tables on Party causing PT3 to freeze
    TableTracker: Players listed multiple times
    Export: Not including satellite seats when exporting tournaments
    Refreshing issues where selected player would be lost/other refresh issues

Beta 17 - Wednesday September 3.
Note: This is mainly an emergency bug fix release for the PokerStars hand history import problem. However, it contains some other less tested bug fixes

and features.

    If the PostgreSQL service stops, PT3 attempts to restart it and reconnect
    Hud: OnGame support
    Import: Party hands with invalid dates will no longer import
    SQL: Divide by zero errors
    Stat: RFI (required adding new columns)
    Stat: Without Blind. If you don't win anything in the blind it now shows $0 instead of N/A.
    Filter: Call PF Raise. No longer includes 3 bet hands
    Import: Bug where SB was marked as open limping when calling a raise from the BB
    Reports: Simple filter wouldn't update when switching reports
    Cache: Message notifying user of unpopulated cache
    Cache: Column names starting with numbers
    Import: PokerStars change to hand history format

Beta 16 - Wednesday August 27.
    Trial extension: 60 days
    Cache to improve Hud performance
    Table opening for TableTracker (Full Tilt, Party and PokerStars only)
    Database Housekeeping. Replaces the old way of clustering/vacuuming/analyzing
    Hud: Config window should now popup in front of windows and is now centered on the screen rather than the table.
    Hud: New drawing method, should be much more efficient and less resource intensive
    PokerStars observed tables can now only import 30 hands per session (30 minutes required between sessions before new hands can import) REQUIRED BY

    Export: Groups hands by table, and in order (improves speed when re-importing)
    Hud: Crashes
    Hud: iPoker tournaments not being recognized
    Hud: iPoker showing lifetime stats of Hero after sitting out
    Hud: iPoker tournament tables not being recognized
    Hud: Stats remaining on screen after table closes
    Import: Everest 6/2 max limits
    Import: Some tournament import issues with dates
    Import: Rare continuation bet problems
    Import: flg_x_has_position
    Import: Party hands with invalid dates will no longer import
    Report: Cache preventing certain filters from working
    TableTracker: Displaying multiple entries for single player in table list

Beta 15 - Sunday July 20.

    Import of observed PokerStars hands (max 30 per table), Hud on observed PokerStars tables
    Site Pref: PokerStars preferred seating settings (for those it doesn't automatically detect)
    Site Pref: FullTilt auto center setting (for those it doesn't automatically detect)
    Hud: Best Hud Performance feature that configures the Hud for optimal performance at the cost of some features
    Tournaments: Icons can now be assigned to players
    Hud: Table averages are now simple averages rather than weighted
    Cluster has been changed to improve performance of most reports and Hud stat retrieval
    Hud: More performance improvements
    Hud: Problems with using multiple databases
    Hud: Sitting out on Full Tilt will no longer unrotate the stats
    Hud: PokerTrackerTableObject phantom taskbar button
    Hud: iPoker 6 max miniview tables will now auto adjust the limit if option is selected
    Import: Not importing the first hand of Party SnG tournament summaries
    Import: iPoker tournament table changes being treated as a different tournament
    Import: Party hands where the preflop action is reversed now import for the most part
    Import: WTSD not being recognized for some hands
    Import: SB completing is now considered a limp
    Import: Fixed "has position" database field when an invalid button is specified by the hand history
    Replayer: Bug with pot odds when facing raises

Beta 14 - Wednesday July 02.

    TableTracker: Support for PokerStars
    Adjust Qualifying Tables Limits won't change the limit if the seat count doesn't work
    Automatically starts PostgreSQL services if they aren't running
    More import problems
    Hud: Filter by Current Blind Level (Tournaments)
    Hud: PT icon location now saves again
    Hud: Crashing issues
    Party: Auto-Import will now recognize new tables
    Import: Everest invalid pot size errors
    Import: OnGame issues
    Filters: Certain filters causing SQL errors in reports

Beta 13 - Thursday June 12.

    CCPF is now a % of times facing raise
    Import: Everest tournament fixes
    Import: More Party import errors
    Import: Auto Adjust now only happens when the option is selected
    Hud: Hero stats needing session stats to be retrieved
    Hud: Various performance improvements
    Hud: Treat As option back in menu on table
    Hud: Blue Screen/Reboot and some lag issues
    Hud: PokerStars 8 seated tables are now recognized
    Hud: Treat As now works properly again
    Filters: Problem with <Street> 3/4 Bet Opp and Called filter including limp/folds.
    Tournaments: Auto Fill bug with Full Tilt tournaments
    Stat/Filter: Call PFR no longer counting raises
    Tournament exports use the actual player name and not the aliases anymore

Beta 12 - Monday June 2.

    Replayer: Keyboard shortcuts
    Menu: Help -> Dump Diagnostics Info to Log
    TableTracker: Now uses same database configuration as the Hud
    Aliases: Can no longer be changed while an import is running
    Import: OnGame hands with large pots
    Import: Numerous Party problems
    Import: Adjust Qualifying Tables Limits option is more accurate now
    Import: Stealing stats
    Import: PokerStars tournament summaries
    Import: Everest limit problem
    Import: Continuation bets
    Import: Tournament type now recognized in summary imports
    Stats: Removed some invalid stats from the list
    Tournaments: Time played is now accurate
    Replayer: Tournament hands now replay properly
    Replayer: Notes can be added without problem
    Replayer: Pot odds work again
    Replayer: No longer crash at the absence of a hand history
    Hud: Lag/CPU usage improvements
    Hud: Popup stats going off screen
    Hud: Disappearing hero stats
    Hud: Focus stealing problem
    Hud: crashing issues
    Hud: Current Limit/Blind Only now works properly
    Hud: PokerStars limit 9 seated tournament tables will now be recognized as 9 max and not 10 max
    Hud: Crash when adding table average group with no stats
    Hud: iPoker tournaments
    TableTracker: Sorting of columns
    Export: Problem with tournament summaries
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