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Hand history for Carbon won't import

PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2014 11:03 pm
by keymess
I think they changed the hand history for Carbon, because the hand histories are there, but they won't import into PT 4.10.9 (my antivirus thinks the latest update has a Trojan on it). There was an update to Carbon today, and the hand history files from yesterday imported fine. So it seems Carbon was fiddling with things.

I checked the files and there is an error in the XML format; the files have two root elements: <description> and <game>

I would think that <game> should be a subelement of <description>, but it is completely impossible to find a sample hand history anywhere, and PT consumes the files, so I don't have any old files to check (and maybe correct) the files against.


<description type="2" stakes="No Limit ($0.05/$0.10)" version="2" />
<game id="77936571-950" starttime="20140716220932" numholecards="2" gametype="2" seats="9" realmoney="true" >
<players dealer="2" >
<player seat="0" nickname="ElRey1229" balance="2.35" dealtin="true" />
<player seat="1" nickname="100stacks" balance="11.66" dealtin="true" />
<player seat="2" nickname="Juanp42" balance="15.43" dealtin="true" />
<player seat="3" nickname="Map741" balance="10.00" dealtin="true" />
<player seat="4" nickname="KeyMess" balance="18.19" dealtin="true" />
<player seat="5" nickname="Cash8Kow" balance="13.18" dealtin="true" />
<player seat="6" nickname="foxintheshadow1" balance="10.15" dealtin="true" />
<player seat="7" nickname="Cenchrus" balance="8.24" dealtin="true" />
<player seat="8" nickname="biznizz" balance="4.00" dealtin="true" />
<round id="BLINDS" sequence="1" >
<event sequence="1" type="SMALL_BLIND" player="3" amount="0.05" />
<event sequence="2" type="BIG_BLIND" player="4" amount="0.10" />
<round id="PREFLOP" sequence="2" >
<event sequence="3" type="FOLD" player="5" />
<event sequence="4" type="FOLD" player="6" />
<event sequence="5" type="RAISE" player="7" amount="0.30" />
<event sequence="6" type="FOLD" player="8" />
<event sequence="7" type="FOLD" player="0" />
<event sequence="8" type="FOLD" player="1" />
<event sequence="9" type="FOLD" player="2" />
<event sequence="10" type="FOLD" player="3" />
<event sequence="11" type="FOLD" player="4" />
<cards type="HOLE" cards="3s,2c" player="4" hand="Three High" />
<round id="END_OF_FOLDED_GAME" sequence="3" >
<event sequence="12" type="MUCK" player="7" />
<winner amount="0.25" uncalled="false" potnumber="1" player="7" pottype="n" />
<winner amount="0.20" uncalled="true" potnumber="2" player="7" pottype="n" />
<round id="END_OF_GAME" sequence="4" >

Re: Hand history for Carbon won't import

PostPosted: Thu Jul 17, 2014 12:03 am
by hotshot001
+1 on this. Carbon update has stopped my PT3 HUD from launching

Re: Hand history for Carbon won't import

PostPosted: Thu Jul 17, 2014 3:21 am
by WhiteRider
Thanks - we're aware of the change that Merge made and the development team are working on a fix. Please see this thread.