No Support for PokerStars Ring Stud!!??

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No Support for PokerStars Ring Stud!!??

Postby PokerBreath » Sun Jan 24, 2010 10:45 pm


Cant believe u guys ommitted HUD support for ring stud games at the largest site in the world (pokerstars) . Im beyond miffed.
heres a copy of my previous post when i learned of this:

PokerBreath wrote:
kraada wrote:That is correct; PAHUD only works with PTO and PTv2. It does not work with PTS and stud games.

TY kraada.
Idont know where i got the idea that the HUD finnally worked for pokerstars stud...thats why i came back to Pokertracker.

I've just spent about 8 or more hours reading/installing/configuring/etc/etc with Tracker Stud and AceHud.OMG!!!! thanks alot to PokerTracker team for ommitting such an obvious staple of the game. (speechless)

(PS: a majority of all U guys so hot for holdem with the new pokercraze and popularity will inevitably wind up broke and dumbfounded and find ur way to a REAL and SOLID game of Poker called 7-card Stud. HOLDEM HAS LONG SHOT BAD BEAT WRITTEN INTO ITS DNA) 25 years of poker experience talking.

K...guess I have 2 small questions, viz.:

1) PTv2 doesnt work with stud either, right, Just for Holdem and Omaha?
2) Does anyone have knowledge of this RustyBrooks HUD thing working for PokerStars Ring Stud?

Ps. i just read something a second ago about PokerTracker being the number 1 sofware! Yeah right...but no support for a staple like stud on THE BIGGEST SITE IN THE WORLD: POKERSTARS.
As a stud player im really miffed...ive been messing with poker softwares for weeks and havent gotten anywhere. Guess ill get back to playing my game.

TY in advance again. ;)

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