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obsolesce of PTv2

PostPosted: Sun Jan 22, 2012 1:29 am
by germany
Finally , even stars ban PTV2 :(

Re: obsolesce of PTv2

PostPosted: Sun Jan 22, 2012 5:36 am
by WhiteRider
PokerTracker is not banned by any site that we support - we work fully within the terms and conditions of every site.

Any updates to sites' software which changes the hand history or table windows considerably could prevent PT2 from working, and there have been significant changes to PokerStars since support for PT2 ended. We had advance notice of the changes to the PokerStars hand histories and an update to PT3 was released before the PokerStars changes were introduced.

Re: obsolesce of PTv2

PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2012 9:48 am
by JimmyM69
Am I to understand that, after recent changes to PS HH format, PT2 is no longer able to import PS HHs, and, besides being no longer supported, PT2 is thus unable to function? :-(
If yes, is anyone aware of what needs to be replaced in the PS HH files, so's that PT2 is still able to import them?
TIA, and with sadness, as PT2 was a good and loved friend :o

Re: obsolesce of PTv2

PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2012 12:50 pm
by WhiteRider
That's correct.
The most significant recent HH change is that they now start their hand histories with "PokerStars Hand #" instead of "PokerStars Game #", but they have also made other changes to their software and at some point something more difficult to handle will come along.

Poker software has moved on considerably since PT2, as good as it was at the time, and anyone who hasn't tried PT3 really should (we have a 60 day free trial!) although PT4 is approaching public beta testing and that is a whole world away from PT2, and a big step up from PT3 too.