Backup Files / Moving PT to a new PC

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Backup Files / Moving PT to a new PC

Postby ptrack pat » Fri Mar 07, 2008 4:55 pm

The only files you need to backup are the database files. These files have the extension ".MDB". DO NOT BACKUP PTREGV2.MDB though. If you haven't created additional databases, the only files you'll have are PTRACK.MDB and HHDB.MDB. Additional databases usually have the names PTRACK2.MDB, PTRACK3.MDB unless you have renamed them.

If you want to move Poker Tracker to a different PC, just backup the database files then run the install program - - on the new PC. Copy the database files over to the new PC and overwrite the files loaded during the install. You will need to create a ticket on the online support system and send me the new product ID (from the About Poker Tracker window) so I can send you a new registration code. I DO NOT GIVE CODES OUT ON THE FORUM! (Note to PokerAce users: you need to request PokerAce codes here: ... n=reg-code)

If you have created any custom known hands filters, you will also want to backup/copy the files ptfilter.txt and pthands.txt. These files contain the custom filters so if you copy these you won't have to recreate them on the new pc.

All of these files should be in the c:\program files\poker tracker v2 folder if you have used the default settings.

WINDOWS VISTA USERS! - you must use 'run as administrator' to start Poker Tracker (and ALL your poker software) - make sure you follow these directions given on the download page linked above!


The database files listed above are the Microsoft Access databases. If you are using PostgreSQL databases then you have to backup the database files differently.

To do the backup (on the old computer):

1. Open the Utilities/PostgreSQL Database Functions window.
2. Click the "Backup" button to create a compressed backup file of the selected PostgreSQL database. If you have more than one database, then you must choose each PostgreSQL database from the dropdown list at the top left corner of the window and perform the backup for EACH database. The backup being done is only for the selected database and NOT for all your databases. So if you have created 3 PostgreSQL databases, you need to perform the backup function 3 times, once for each database.

To do the restore (on the new computer):

1. Open the Utilities/PostgreSQL Database Functions window.
2. In the Restore section, use the Browse button to select the backup file you created in the steps above.
3. Click the Restore button. If the database to restore doesn't exist, then the restore option will create the database for you. If the database already exists, the restore option will drop all the data from the database and reimport the data from the backup file.
4. If the database didn't exist and it was created by the restore option, in order to use this database you must now go to the File/Maintain Database Names window, click the Add button and then select "Select existing PostgreSQL database" option from the last field in the new row. Then on the window that opens, select the database that was created by step 3.
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