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Tournament Summaries

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I pulled this from the help file because I get a lot of questions about it...

Obtaining Tournament Summaries - PLEASE READ IF YOU PLAY TOURNAMENTS!

One thing that many people do when playing tournaments is to simply load the hand histories from those tournaments. This is fine, but the main thing you must do with tournaments is to enter the tournament summaries. The summaries contain information essential to the program like buy-in amount, fee, place of finish, payouts, etc. Without loading the summaries, you won't be able to view the hand histories for the tournaments you are playing in or some of the data will display as "N/A".

Poker Stars Tournament Summaries

Poker Stars has a nice feature that allows you to request a tournament summary without having to go through customer support (from the Stars lobby window, select the Requests menu option and select Tournament History...). Beware though that if you request your last XX tournament summaries from Stars, the information that they send to you probably won't be complete enough to load into Poker Tracker. The first few tournament summaries will include the full details of each tournament (buy-in, fee, place of finish for all players, etc) however, the remaining summaries will include only a small summary and not the full details of each tournament therefore it may be necessary for you to manually request each tournament summary, one at time. The emails you get from Stars containing the tournament summaries can be loaded into Poker Tracker using the File > Import Hand Histories/Tournament Summaries window. If you would prefer to manually enter the tournament summary information (you may want to do this for large Stars tournaments where you just want to enter your own place of finish rather than the 1000's of other players that you'll probably never see again that would be loaded if you imported the summary sent by Stars), you can do so by using the Stars tournament summary manual entry window that you can open under the File menu.

EDIT: The latest version of Poker Tracker has a "Auto-Request Tournament Summaries" button on the File/PokerStars Tournament Results - Manual Entry window which you can use to request the summaries for you. Click the help link at the top right corner of this window for more details/constraints on using it.

EDIT #2: Check out this Tourney Updater program which will automatically enter the information for you.

Party Poker and Affiliates (Empire, Intertops, etc.)

For SINGLE TABLE Sit&Go tournaments, they will prompt you at the end of the tournament to see if you want them to send the hand histories for that tournament. MAKE SURE YOU ANSWER YES TO THIS PROMPT. Included in this email will be the summary of that tournament at the top of the message. Another feature is that they often times, but not always for whatever reason, will send you hands that were played even after busted out of the tournament. This gives you additional information about your opponents that you don't get from Paradise or Stars. However, for the multi-table tournaments at Party, there are no summaries available and you can't get them from customer support, at least not at the time version 2 was released. So you must manually enter the tournament information if you want to track your results using the File/Party and Affiliates Tournement Results - Manual Entry window.

EDIT:The latest version of Poker Tracker is able to record the summary information (buy-in, fee, place of finish, etc) for the SINGLE TABLE SNG's at Party because this information is contained in the hand histories that are stored on your hard drive. You shouldn't need to get the emailed summary/hands any longer unless you want to record the payout and place of finish for every player in the tournament.

Absolute - As of October 2006, Absolute stores the tournament summary information in their hand history files so PT can automatically generate the summary for you, there isn't a need to manually enter them anymore.

Ultimate Bet, Pacific, FullTilt, CryptoLocic, Prima/Ladbrokes, Everest and iPoker Network Tournament Summaries

Unfortunately these sites do not offer a way to get any kind of tournament summary via email. It is therefore up to you to manually enter the tournament information if you want to track your results using the File/Tournament Results - Manual Entry/[site name] window.

EDIT: A PT user has written a program that creates tournament summary files for FullTilt Poker that can be imported into PT by using the Select Files To Import button on the File/Import Hand Histories/Tournament Summaries window. A link to the program is here: ... hp?t=15299

EDIT #2: Check out this Tourney Updater program which will automatically enter the information for you. Right now, Stars and Full Tilt are supported, more sites to come...

EDIT #3: SEPTEMBER, 2008 - FULL TILT USERS - a recent FT upgrade has started to save tournament summary text files to the hand history folder after you finish a tournament. PT2 will import these files and update the summary information automatically. Get the latest patch here
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