The auto-import is taking longer and longer to run...

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The auto-import is taking longer and longer to run...

Postby ptrack pat » Fri Mar 07, 2008 5:04 pm

Some users have noted that their imports take a while to run and that the program freezes or says "Not responding" when looking at it through task manager. Please note that the not responding does not indicate it has crashed, you would most likely receive an error message if this were the case. Chances are it's reading/importing or refreshing.

There are a few things that could be causing this:

1. The most likely reason is that you have a large number of processed hand history files still in your hand history folder. You need to move or delete these files so that Poker Tracker does not try to keep reading them only to find all the hands have already been imported. This slows things down and it keeps getting worse and worse as more files are added. Once you delete or move the files initially, you should use the "Move processed files to the following folder" option of the auto-import window going forward and Poker Tracker will move the files for you when you close the auto-import window.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have just purchased PokerTracker, the slowness initially is probably caused by the fact that PT is now importing all of the hand histories that have been stored on your PC since you have been playing. This could take a while to run based on the number of files there are. Please let the process run to completion though.

2. If you have the "Auto-Rate on import" box checked, make sure that you do not have your name setup to be rated. Go to the Ring Stats window, select your name and click the "Do not auto-rate this player" box. If you are rating yourself, and you have a large number of hands played, the slowness may be due to the fact that it's taking a long time to rate yourself based on all the hands you have imported.

3. If you are using the Game Time window or an external program like GameTime+ or PokerAce HUD, make sure that you use the option "Do not include my stats" so that it doesn't try to retrieve all of your stats to display or use in the table averages. This is along the lines of #2 above in that using your stats causes it to take longer to refresh.


These NVidia video drivers can cause conflicts with Poker Tracker that actually cause the program to freeze and use up 100% CPU. If your PC used these drivers, right-click on your Desktop and disable the "NVidia Desktop Manager" and see if this helps the problem you are having.
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