Where has my data gone?

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Where has my data gone?

Postby ptrack pat » Fri Mar 07, 2008 5:07 pm

Many times people ask why they can't see any or parts of their data. This is usually the results of a filter having been set on the Preferences tab that is preventing the data from showing.

The title bar of the Ring and Tourney Stats window will display the filters that are currently being used so check those first to see if this could be the problem. Then go to the Preferences tab and remove the filter.

If you still can't see the stats, try removing all filters by checking the "All Dates" box, unchecking all Site and Game Level boxes and unchecking the "Use Player Filter" box.

EDIT. In version 2.11.00 I added a "Remove All Filters" button to the top right corner of the Preferences tab. Use this button to quickly remove all filters so you can see the data.
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