Three quartering

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Three quartering

Postby Gato_Vago » Sat Jan 24, 2009 1:38 pm


I´be been studying the stats structure of Poker Tracker Omaha. I think it is a very complete set of parameters, but I only miss one thing that I and I am sure most PLO8 players would see added at some point.

As you may know, PLO8 is a split game. Pots are split among the best high hand and the lowest hand. The PTO stats include Hi/Lo Won Hi%, Hi/Lo Won Lo% and Hi/Lo Scooped%.

However, there is a situation when two (or more) players win the pot and only one of them wins the Hi end and has also the lowest hand, which yields to a situation when one (or more) have to share only half of the pot. This is generically called “three quartering”. So, in the present stats all appear as winners in that particular hand, but only one of them wins money, the other (or others) end up losing money in that hand.

Although most rare, the three quartering situation can appear when two or more players tie for the High hand and only one has the Low.

It would be very significant for a player to be able to assess his (or her) performance in this department. In how many hands has the player been three quartered, and in how many hands has the player three quartered his opponents.

I would like very much this to be added, in the form of a stat or in the filters section.

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