remember hand history window position and size

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remember hand history window position and size

Postby pto432 » Wed Feb 11, 2009 5:00 pm

Hi guys,

I often use the hand history / replayer feature within PTO. It's really great for reviewing my play, and of course, that of my opponents.

However, whenever I open a hand, the history window always displays in the upper left hand corner of my screen and is not sized to show the entire history. I always need to resize the window a bit to see the full history and I also like to move the window to the center of the screen for better viewing. It would be really great if PTO remembered where I like to have the hand history window, as well as the sizing. I review a lot of hands so continually moving and resizing the window every single time gets to be rather cumbersome.

Please consider adding this in a future update. Thanks for your anticipated consideration!

Best regards.
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