Vista users: 0 Files to Monitor

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Vista users: 0 Files to Monitor

Postby prajna » Thu Aug 14, 2008 2:00 pm

This one is a quick and easy fix, but is something that Vista users need to be aware of. If you are ever using pt3 and it shows 0 files to monitor for the poker site you are playing on and it NEVER imports one hand, this is what has happened. You probably remember recently that your poker site (full tilt, or maybe pokerstars, or others) has recently told you that there is new software you must upgrade to. Once it upgrades, please close the poker site's software, and once again set the software to run in Admin mode (right click, run as admin). When the software gets upgraded, this setting is lost and the software will run in normal mode, preventing it from writing hand histories to file. Remember to set the software back to run as admin after it upgrades, or you will be unable to import hand histories again.

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