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PT3 Backup Files

Postby WhiteRider » Mon Feb 09, 2009 5:03 am

We recommend that you make regular backups of some critical files so that you can restore PokerTracker 3 should you have any problems.
It is safest to store the backups somewhere off your main computer so that if you have any critical computer problems, such as a terminal hard disk failure, then you will still be able to restore them.

PokerTracker 3 configuration files
You should keep a backup of the configuable files in PT3 whenever you make changes to your HUD layout or custom stats or reports.

The PT3 files you need to backup are:
  • C:\Program Files\PokerTracker 3\Data\layouts.pt3
  • C:\Program Files\PokerTracker 3\Data\StatDefinitionsCustomized.pt3
  • C:\Program Files\PokerTracker 3\Data\ReportsCustomized.pt3
  • C:\Program Files\PokerTracker 3\Data\Config\Buddies.cfg
  • C:\Program Files\PokerTracker 3\Data\Config\PokerTracker.cfg

You can also copy these files if you install PT3 on a second computer and want to use the same layouts and stats.

Hand History files
PT3 moves processed hand history files to the folder defined in 'move processed files to' on the Auto Import tab and we recommend that you keep a copy of these files too - they will compress pretty well and won't take up too much space.
Should you ever need to recreate your database you can re-import these files.
This is "C:\Program Files\PokerTracker 3\Processed" by default.

PostgreSQL Databases
To backup your actual database(s) use the Backup button in the Database > Database Management window, with the appropriate database selected. You can then restore your database using the Restore button in the same window.
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