Tutorial: Configure Built-in Reports

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Tutorial: Configure Built-in Reports

Postby WhiteRider » Sun Mar 15, 2009 3:44 pm

The built in reports in PT3 can be configured to show different stats - you can add or remove stats, including your own Custom Stats from the appropriate section.

To do this, click the spanner/wrench icon to the right of the report.
You can then double click stats in the list on the left to add them, or double click them on the right to remove them.

    Tip! You can filter which stats are available to choose from (to make things easier to find) by selecting a Category from the drop down list below the list of available stats.

config window.png

You can also change the order of the stats (and therefore the columns in the report) by clicking the up and down buttons in the bottom right corner to move the selected stat to the position you want it.

To revert to the default settings for the report click the Restore to Default button.

To apply your changes click Apply.
You can then Close the window.
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