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FAQ: General PT3 Usage

Postby WhiteRider » Sat May 03, 2008 8:51 am

Please read the documentation and FAQs in this forum before posting problems.

Please check out our Quick Start Guide, and see the Documentation for site setup guides.

For Importing issues, see PT3 Importing FAQ

What is the TableTracker?
See here.

For some guidance on which stats are important, and how to use them, see these posts:

I just imported some hands but they aren't in the database?
The stats in PT3 do not update every time a new hand is imported, you need to click the Refresh button on the Texas Holdem tab.
This is because PT3 now imports every hand in real time rather than on a timer as PT2 did. If the stats updated after every hand you would never be able to see them between updates.
Some auto/timed refresh options may be added later.

Why do I have no data for tournament winnings?
PT3 cannot automatically import tournament summaries as the information is not included in the hand histories (apart from Full Tilt).
You can import summaries from email, for those sites which provide this.
For single table tournaments there is an auto-fill option on the tournament summary entry which can read the hand histories and detect the finishing order.
Tournaments FAQ

Should I have separate databases for observed and played hands?
This is up to you, and really depends on how many hands you will have.
More hands means more need for separate DBs, but you don't have to separate them at all.
Regardless of how many DBs you use, the HUD will show combined stats (if you choose).
If you import a lot of observed hands please see this Tutorial: Managing Multiple Databases.

When playing on multiple sites, will PT3 group all of my stats together, or will the stats be separated by site?
If you want to combine your stats you can create an alias for each extra site. Select your "main" name/site, and then on the Texas Holdem / General tab use the Alias feature. You will still be able to view your stats for each site by filtering on that site.
Tutorial: Aliases

Can I share Custom Statistics, Reports, and Layouts?
Yes. Have a look at the Repository.
To use a Custom Report, download the appropriate file from the Repository and save it to your computer, then go to the Texas Holdem / Reports tab and click Import and browse to the file you just downloaded.
To import a Custom Statistic, go to the Configure -> Configure Stats window, Stats tab and click "Import" then browse to the downloaded file.
From Beta 25 onwards HUD "Profiles" (layouts) can be imported and exported too. See the Tutorial: Managing HUD Profiles.
If you have something you want to share with other PT3 users, upload it here.

Do I need to store the Hand Histories in PT3?
You don't need to, but it is highly recommended. If you don't store HH and need to export the hands (for example to re-import) at some point in the future you will not be able to. You also need the hand histories to use the replayer.

Can I filter by time more accurately than by whole days?
The "Sessions - Details" report now breaks down your results by day and hour, but you can't actually filter by time yet.
See below for related topic..

I play sessions over midnight sometimes, how can I filter by date and still see my whole sessions?
If you change "My day starts at.." on the Settings window (Texas Holdem tab, Settings button, General tab) to 5am or whatever, then when you filter to a particular date it will show hands played from 5am on the date you specify to 5am the following day (so it shouldn't split sessions played over midnight).
Tutorial: Settings Window

I've found a bug, how do I report it?
Please post all PT3 issues (including HUD issues) in the PT3 forums.
If you have a problem that can't be resolved that way please report your problem as explained in the Tutorial: Submitting a Bug Report.

I've had a good look around PT3 and I've got a great idea...
PT3 is still in development and not all functionality is implemented yet, but if there is something you'd like to see added please suggest it in the Feature Requests forum.
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