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FAQ: PT3 HUD (Head-Up Display)

Postby WhiteRider » Sat May 03, 2008 8:56 am

Configuring the HUD

For help with configuring your HUD please read the documentation:

..and the following tutorials:

Kraada explains how he built his cash and tournament HUDs in the How To: Advanced HUD Configuration, and this includes lots of tips and techniques.

How do I open the HUD?

You don't need to do anything to activate the HUD. Once Auto Import is running and you have a table open with hands being imported, the HUD will be shown once a complete hand has been played.

    Note: Sites that do not write hand histories unless you are dealt in will not show the HUD unless you are playing (e.g. Pokerstars, iPoker or Party without hand-grabber) with the exception that we can import up to 30 observed hands at Pokerstars and this will allow the HUD to show for table selection purposes. This now applies to virtually all sites - I don't know of any supported sites which write hand histories when you are only observing tables.

I have problems with the HUD

If you are not seeing stats on the HUD, please try these steps:

  • Your poker client must be installed in English (not just writing hand histories in English). Please re-install it and choose English if you are given the option.
  • On the Configure HUD / HUD Options:
    • Check the Filters section: Disable "Show stats for current limit only".
    • Set "Minimum Hands Required" low - you will not see stats for a player until they have this many hands in your database. Note: if you are using multiple databases, the minimum hands must be in BOTH database individually, not combined.
    • Make sure the correct database(s) is/are selected.
    Tutorial: Configuring HUD Options

If you still can't get the HUD to appear please report your problem so that we can check your configuration and troubleshoot the issue.

The best thing is to enable logging and restart then play about 20 or 30 hands at a single table.
Take a screenshot of the table and attach it along with the hand history file for the session and the PokerTracker.log and PokerTrackerHUD.log files to a Support ticket.

The HUD is working but has partial stats or is slow/laggy/my stats keep disappearing.

The HUD works pretty well for most people now, but to keep everything running smoothly (or if you're still having trouble) try some performance tweaking:

Check the Database > Database Management window for your PostgreSQL version - if you're using 8.3.x but not at least 8.3.9 then you should update. Directions here.
8.4.x is supported too, and although 9.x isn't officially supported yet we do have several people using it with no reported problems (including at least a couple of the PT team).

You should defragment your hard drive regularly (XP / Vista).
Before you do this you should stop the PostgreSQL service so that your database files can be defragged too (Start > Programs > PostgreSQL > Stop Service).

For optimum performance the cache needs to be at 100% for all of your databases.
You can see the state of the cache in the Status Bar at the bottom of PT3. If any of the values are not 100% then you should run Housekeeping immediately, from the Database menu.
Once your database's cache is at 100% (optimum) it will be kept updated automatically during Auto Imports, but if you have done any manual imports or added any custom statistics then you need to trigger the cache update manually via Database > Housekeeping.
You an either Update Cache or Rebuild Cache. Which of these you should choose depends on how big the import was - as a general rule if you import less than 10% of the number of hands already in your database (e.g. less than 100k hands into a database of 1M hands) then Update Cache will be fastest, but for more than that Rebuild Cache will be faster.

    Tip! If the cache status is less than 90% for any section then Rebuild Cache will probably be faster.

If you see duplicates reported when you start Auto Import please read the Tutorial: Preventing Duplicates.

These posts may help performance too:
Performance Tuning: Hard Drives
Performance Tuning PostgreSQL.

If you still have issues please report your problem so that we can check your configuration and troubleshoot the issue.

Does auto-center / preferred seating work? / The stats are in front of the wrong player.

If you use preferred seating or auto center in your poker software then you need to configure it in PT3 as well.
Please read the Tutorial: Preferred Seating

The "Sit Me Here" option which some sites now have is not supported because this just rotates the view to wherever you choose (and can be different at each table) and this information is not in the hand history files so PT3 has no way to know where you are being shown.

I [configured my preferred seat and] saved my layout but the stats aren't lined up correctly on my next table.

This is often caused by PT3 not knowing the size of the table you are at so using the wrong layout.
For instance if you are at a 6-max table but PT3 is importing it as a full ring table then the wrong layout will be used and the stats won't line up with the seats correctly.
To get PT3 to automatically import your hands as the correct size, enable the 'Adjust Qualifying Tables Limits' option on the Auto Import tab.
Tutorial: Auto Import

The tables keep jumping to the front when I use the HUD.

This is only a problem at Everest and OnGame as far as I'm aware - if you see it at any other sites when you have the option turned off in the poker client, please report it via the Support system.
PT3 does all it can to avoid this, but the way these sites display their table windows means it's difficult.

Can I show % stats as a count as well on HUD stats/pop ups?

Yes. See the Statistic Properties tutorial and enable the 'Times/Opportunities' option.
If you mouse-over a stat you should also see this information in a tooltip.
It is also possible to configure Custom Stats to always display like this, if you want to see that in a report for instance - check out the Custom Statistics and Reports FAQ.

How do I move the stats around on the HUD?

Right-click and drag.
This works for the board and mucked cards, and the PT icon too, grab the bars at either side.
Once you've got them as you like them, click PT-icon -> Save Layout.
This only affects the current table and tables you open after you save the layout - if you have other tables open at the same time you need to click PT-icon > Reset to revert to the [newly] saved layout.

How do I get the pop-up stats to be displayed?

Left click on a stat group.
Note that this is set up in the default groups, but if you add your own groups, or if you accidentally stopped the default groups working, you need to link them manually.
See the tutorial: Linking an 'On Table' Group with 'Popup' Groups.

How do I add more stats to the HUD?

Click the PT icon at the top-middle of the table and choose "Configure Stats". (You can also access this page from the main application menu Configure -> Configure HUD, but if you do that you will need to make sure you select the correct Profile).
On the window that opens you can add more stats to the existing Group, using the Stats tab, or add another Group of stats on the Groups tab. You can create PopUp type groups too, just like any other group.
See the Tutorial: Managing HUD Groups.
Groups can contain as many or as few Stats as you like, as well as text and line breaks, and you can configure the size and colour.
Have a play around, it's pretty self-explanatory!

I added a new popup group but they don't appear.
Make sure your new popup group is registered in the table group you want it to be linked to.
Linking an 'On Table' Group with a 'Popup' Group

Can I show auto-rate icons on the HUD?

Yes, but only for cash tables.
The stat you need to add is called "Player Icon" and you add it in the same way you add any other stat.

Can I set the background of the stats to transparent?

You can't yet make the background of the whole HUD group transparent, but you can change the translucency of the whole stat group, which includes the text.
You can set Statistic Properties to have the background of each stat within the group transparent so that the group's background color shows through, but this will NOT make the group transparent.
This option will be added, but we don't yet know when.

Can I change the size/colour/font of all stats at the same time?

At the moment you can't, but this will be added.

Can I have colour ranges like in PAHud?

Yes, on the Configure HUD window, select the group you want, then on the Stats tab select your stat and use the "Color Ranges" tab bottom right.
Tutorial: Color Ranges
You can also set colour ranges for a stat in the HUD and/or Tracker using the main menu: Configure -> Configure Stats. Changes made here will apply to all HUD layouts, and can be based on the value of any stat, not just the selected one. See the How To: Advanced HUD Configuration for more information on this.

Which database(s) does the HUD get it's stats from?

On the PT-icon -> Configure Stats window, choose the "HUD Options" tab, and choose your database(s).
If you uncheck all databases it will use the databases which are currently defined to auto import into (Tutorial: Auto Import).
See the Tutorial: Configuring HUD Options.

What are Player Ranges?

Player ranges are used to filter out hands used for stats.
For example, if you play both full ring and heads up, you don't want your full ring stats being shown in your HU games. You can set up two player ranges: 7-10, and 2-2. When the number of players at the table is 7, 8, 9 or 10, it will only show stats from hands including 7-10 players. If there are only two players at the table, it will only show stats from hands with two players. If there are a number of players at the table that doesn't fall into those two ranges, it will use all the hands you have on each player.
You can define as many ranges as you like, but they must not overlap.
Tutorial: Configuring HUD Options

Is it possible to have some stats not appear until I have more hands on a player?

Not yet, but for now, you can kind of "fake" this by editting the stat definitions (menu: Configure -> Configure Stats, not directly on the HUD config) and setting colour ranges.
On this window you can set ranges based on any other stats (i.e. number of hands) and set them for use on the HUD - if you set the lowest range to show as black (on black HUD group background), then they won't "appear" until your specified number of hands is available.
You can also 'censor' stats by displaying text (such as an X) instead of the stat value using the Format Expression.
See the How To: Advanced HUD Configuration where this is explained further.
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