How to: New database creation

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How to: New database creation

Postby prajna » Wed May 14, 2008 2:46 pm

How To: Create a New Database

Open the Database Management window via the PT3 menu: Database -> Database Management


This will open a new window:


Click on New and the next window will look like this:


Click Create.

If you receive this error message:

..then you need to retype the password into the previous window. Use the default password "dbpass". If that does not work please follow the tutorial on removing password authentication: Tutorial: How to remove password requirements in postgresql.

Once created, you will receive a window which looks like this:

Click OK.

How To: Use your new database

If you want to use the new database as your main database, you need to set it to be the Active and Default database.
The Active database is the one that is currently being used for imports and shown in the main reports.
The Default database is the one that is set to Active when you launch PT3.

Select your new database from the list of databases and click on the two buttons highlighted below:


If you want to use the HUD to show stats from the newly created database then you need to add it to the HUD Options.

If you have configured Auto Import to import to specific databases (other than "Current Active Database") and you want to Auto Import to your new database then you will need to update the Databases section of the Auto Import Preferences too.


The following section only applies if you need to transfer information from an existing database, which you can no longer use for some reason.

Once set as your active database, next we need to export your old database. Select your old database from the list and click on export. You will be given a file menu asking what folder to store your database to. Select or create a new one (I am using temp in this image):

Once completed, you will see this:

And now, you must import it. Close the database management window, and click on the manual import tab. Click on the button highlighted below:

Select the directory you exported your database to:

And click okay. It will take some time to import it back, but once completed it will cluster the database as well. When completed, click on the Texas Holdem tab, and click on the settings button to setup your name for stats. When you click on settings, you will find this:

Click on search and wait for this list to populate. Once populated, type in your nickname:

Select it and you are good to go :)
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