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FAQ: PT3 Importing

Postby WhiteRider » Fri Jun 06, 2008 3:31 pm

I have a lot of old hand history files I want to import, should I use auto import or manual import?
Use Manual Import - this is much quicker than Auto Import (Auto Import is designed to use very little processing power so that it can run quietly in the background). If the hand history files are in your normal poker folder, you should move them to another folder after the import has completed so that when you start Auto Import it doesn't need to re-process the files. (See "Move Processed Files To" below).

Initial import of old hands with PT3 - or if you are seeing stats for players who aren't currently at the table
For each poker site, identify which folder hand histories are written to. Stop the poker sites (or at least close all tables).
Run a Manual Import in PT3 on each hand history folder.
Once it has completed, move any files that were in there to the folder you have configured in 'Move Processed Files To' (or anywhere you like, you can delete them if you want, but I'd suggest keeping them in case you ever need to recreate your database).
Once you've done this, make sure 'Move Processed Files To' is checked and start Auto Import. It should report no files found.
After that, once you have hands importing, when you stop Auto Import it will move any files it has processed when you stop the import. To make sure this works as desired, close all tables before stopping the import (you shouldn't really need to do this, but some sites keep their files locked while the tables are open so the files can't be moved).

I can't get hands to Auto Import.
Make sure your poker software is installed in English (not just writing hand histories in English), and is configured to write hand histories to file.
Check that hand history files are being written as you play, and that PT3's Auto Import tab is looking at the correct folder - select your site and click the <site> Configuration tab.
Please check out our Quick Start Guide, and see the Documentation for site-specific setup guides.
If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, make sure that both PT3 and your poker site are being run as Administrator. This is different to being logged in as an Administrator.
Setting software to run in administrator mode - Vista Users

What does "Move Processed Files To" mean? Should I enable it?
This will move any hand history files that have been completely processed when you stop the Auto Import.
You should enable it so that next time you start Auto Import it doesn't have to re-process the same files.
Tutorial: Using Auto Import

What does "Adjust Qualifying Tables Limits" mean?
Not all sites report the size of their tables in the hand history, so if you are playing a 6 seat table at one of these sites it will be imported as a full ring table and not separated into it's own limit labelled as (6 max).
To counter this, you can enable this setting and any hands imported (either Auto or Manual Import) with less than 6 players will be counted as 6-max. Hands with 2 players will be counted as heads up.

How do I import observed hands?
This depends on the site.
Not many sites write hand histories for observed tables - you normally need to be dealt into a hand for the history to be written.
MicroGaming write observed hand histories themselves.
Most other sites do not write histories for observed tables so you will need some 3rd party software to generate them, and you will have to add another folder to the auto import config for each site.
Pokerstars does not allow this at all, with the exception of trackers being allowed to import 30 hands per session to aid table selection.
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