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not sure how to put this...

PostPosted: Wed Jan 27, 2021 1:43 am
by ommaha

is there a way for a program to automatically detect whether Hero is playing? I usually just leave PT and the pokersites open the whole evening as it would always take me about 10 minutes to sort everything before starting a session if I shut down the laptop after every session. I would like to build a program that starts when Hero starts playing. I basically have the problem that I sometimes play a bit too long and then occasionally really fuck up which basically makes it not worth playing. Atm I usually put in a command in the command prompt to shut computer down after x minutes which works. BUT there is a good chance that I forget to set the timer when I play my first hand(s) if too much is going on and then play too long without realising that I didnĀ“t set the timer. So, I would like to introduce a solution that does that for me automatically (and I would then choose freezing my mouse for 5 minutes when time is up or sth similar instead of shutting laptop down). The crucial part with that is realising when Hero actually starts playing. I thought I could use the size of the processed hands folder but as it also does grow when PT processes mined hands that does not work.
I very much appreciate any ideas