ipoker network problems

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ipoker network problems

Postby tunisianking » Fri May 28, 2021 11:43 pm

hi ! i dont know why i cant open ticket maybe because more than 1 year is my account
i started playing on ipoker network 
first problem is that table hud not showing until i found on forums that i need evertime to click on treat as ! should i do it always ? any solution ?
second is result always wrong until i found that i need to go to currency and select tournaments and set rates but this crashes my pt4 then when i force close and open it becomes ok adjusted ! should i alwas do this proces of setting rates ?
3rd sometimes when i click on treat as 8 max HUD dissapears from that table forever
4rd is no bounties detected in results for ipoker tournies 
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Re: ipoker network problems

Postby WhiteRider » Sat May 29, 2021 4:17 am

1. iPoker do not record the table size in their hand histories and it isn't possible for us to determine accurately between 8-max and 9-max for example, so if you play at 8-max or 5-max tables then you will need to use 'Treat As' until iPoker add this information.

2. This situation normally occurs when the timezone is configured incorrectly for iPoker as their hand histories do not specify what timezone is being used so you should set the time in the iPoker lobby to server time and not your local time. Then in PokerTracker 4 go to 'Configure > Sites & Import Options > iPoker' and select the skin you play at, or if it isn't listed one which uses the same server timezone as your skin. That should mean that the hands import as the correct time, and that should avoid problems with retrieving the exchange rates for future sessions.

3. That should not happen, of course. To find out why it happens for you sometimes we would need to see your log file.
There shouldn't be any reason why you can't open a Support Ticket - what exactly happens when you try?
Tutorial: Reporting a problem

4. The bounty payouts should be included in iPoker hand histories now and PT4 should import them. If you're not using our latest PT4 version 4.15.32 please update. PT4 Download Page
If you have this problem with the latest PT4 then we will need to see one of your hand history files where you won at least one bounty so that we can see whether the information is available and find out why it isn't being used. Please compress one of these hand history files and attach it to a Support Ticket (again, tell us exactly where you get stuck if you still can't open a support ticket).
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Re: ipoker network problems

Postby tunisianking » Mon May 31, 2021 11:40 am

thanks for all the answers i will do that if i have problem i will reach to you
thanks again much appreciated
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