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Postby mtfaz1988 » Sat May 27, 2023 11:55 am

Hey all,

I spoke to the support agent last night regarding the no show of the HUD whilst playing snap. I was advised to press the 'Get hands while playing' before loading up the tables which seemed to work, apart from the stats seem a bit odd but might be due to uploading.

But when I check my hands on the pokertracker summary, they're not there. Surely must be going somewhere for the HUD to show up?

I've checked the filters etc to make sure nothing is clicked, but everything looks fine. Works okay on reg tables and pokerstars.

Just wondering if someone could advise, not sure if support it open over weekend.

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Re: Snap

Postby WhiteRider » Sat May 27, 2023 1:56 pm

The Hud works a little differently at fast fold tables (like Snap). The data is not taken directly from the hands as they import; but instead stats for the players seated at the table when the hand is dealt are retrieved from the database.
Therefore the Hud could show some data if you played some of the players before, even if the hands aren't importing. (You do need to have 'Get Hands While Playing' running though.)

That said, if the hands are importing for your regular tables on 888 then they should be importing for Snap too.
You can check the Play Poker > Import Status page to see if hands are being imported while you play.
If not, check the 888 Configuration Guide to make sure that you have the hand histories configured correctly. You may also want to check that the hand histories are actually being saved where they are supposed to be.

If you think you have everything set up correctly please enable logging (Configure > Options) and restart PT4.
Play a few hands at a single table and then attach a Support Bundle to a Support Ticket along with the hand history file so that we can investigate further.

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