PokerStars hand history without pot size

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PokerStars hand history without pot size

Postby misiakj » Wed Sep 13, 2023 11:09 am

I am custom creating some hand histories to use in PT4 in the Pokerstars format. I'm running into some issues figuring out all the edge cases for calculating pot size and am running into issues where my calculated pot size doesn't match PT4s calculated pot size.

Error: PokerStars: Invalid pot size/winnings for hand #7 (calculated pot: $81,000.00; reported winnings: $137,000.00) (Line #43)

Is there a way I can just exclude pot size entirely from my HH and let PT4 rely on it's calculation? Alternatively is it possible for you to share the algorithm you use to calculate pot size?
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Re: PokerStars hand history without pot size

Postby Flag_Hippo » Wed Sep 13, 2023 1:05 pm

As far as I am aware it's not possible to exclude pot size entirely and there isn't any algorithm I can share. This is somewhat beyond the scope of our support here on the forum but if you attach an example hand history to a Support Ticket then may be we can identify what's wrong.
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Re: PokerStars hand history without pot size

Postby maggu5 » Thu Nov 30, 2023 9:20 pm

did you find a solution?
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