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Lifetime Hero Stats

Postby Smoky » Sat Oct 29, 2016 8:09 pm

This is the second need I have. See the Stat Reference Guide message just posted minutes ago for my first need. I have asked for many years why I can't see the hud hero stats as lifetime stats in addition and as an option to the session stats. Many on this forum have expressed a similar interest over the years. Your staff has come up with many reasons why they feel this is unecessary. And I admit I find the session stats far more necessary because of the constant ebb and flow of new players. But Gee whiz! I don't even know what my lifetime stats look like. If my opponents can look at them, one would think it is a most natural desire for me to also occaionally look at them the same way my opponents can. And don't forget, I am not a professional player. I still struggle with learning nuances of the tracker. It makes me uneasy not to be able to look at my lifetime stats and then compare that to my current session stats. Is there a technical programming reason rather than a poker reason why this cannot be provided? If I can switch the HUD to instantly show session stats and thgen back to lifetime stats on my villians, why cannot I not do the same thing for my hero? Also my return key (enter key) will still not start a new paragraph here. ----Smoky
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Re: Lifetime Hero Stats

Postby morny » Sun Oct 30, 2016 9:50 am

It is a valid point and we have had several other requests for the same feature. That said there is also valid reasons for not including it. Most players will not have played every single hand with you and even if there was users who did you have no way of knowing which do and which do not. From that perspective it would be a mistake to assume your opponents are viewing you based on your lifetime stats.

The other point is that once you have played a significant number of sessions your lifetime stats will rarely change from hand to hand and even if they do it would likely be by an amount that is insignificant. So you would be using your HUD to display static information that rarely would change and most regulars in this position with significant sessions behind them would be very aware of their lifetime stats.

We also have an option in the re-player to turn on lifetime stats for Hero so if you do need to remind yourself you can go the replayer, click options > show hero lifetime stats and you could keep this window open if you like to see your stats. If we just added every feature requested then PokerTracker would become more and more complicated so we sometimes leave out features that some people think merit been included for the good of the majority of users when we feel like it does not add enough value. In the past it was decided that this feature hadn't enough value considering my points above and that the information is accessible in the replayer but if there is enough support for it and valid reasons it might be reconsidered but at this point it is unlikely it will change.
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Re: Lifetime Hero Stats

Postby Smoky » Mon Oct 31, 2016 12:20 am

I am not so concerned about how others view me. I am concerned instead aboout how I view myself. After analyzing my leaks with your PT software I would like to be able to switch back and forth between my life view and my current session view to see if I am making good changes along the correct variables. I cannot do this in a vacuum.

I believe we may be looking at a self fullfilling prohpecy here. If you remained focused on what only the more experienced players need, then likely the importance of my request is dininished. But if you want to attract new customers from the newer ranks of players, this feature becomes more critical.
As for the software issues, I know I can change the villains back and forth in a heartbeat. If I can do this easily with villians, then the hero is just another seat at the table and the same software algorithms should already be in place.
Hope this gets some serious consideration.
Thanks, Smoky.
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