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New Release: 4.15.32

PostPosted: Fri May 14, 2021 10:54 am
by APerfect10
PokerTracker 4.15.32 Release Notes - May 26, 2021

  • Winamax: Import: Added support for new Winamax hand history paths
  • Winamax: HUD: Fixed HUD not displaying on "Go Fast" tables due to Winamax update changes
  • Third Party Apps API: Fixed crash due to remote cache running out of memory

New Release: 4.15.33

PostPosted: Tue Jul 20, 2021 9:34 am
by APerfect10
PokerTracker 4.15.33 Release Notes - July 20, 2021

  • GGPoker: Import: Added support for new tournament summaries
  • PokerStars: Import: Added support for CNY currency
  • PokerStars.CH: Added PokerStars Switzerland support
  • PokerStars: Import: Added support for "Stealth" hands

  • 888: Import: Fixed invalid pot size errors in some converted 888 format hands
  • 9Stacks: Import: Cash hands and tournament buy-ins now import as Rupees
  • GGPoker: Import: Fixed some more mismatches between posted blinds and stated blinds
  • GGPoker: Import: Fixed incorrect "Net Won" for some GGPoker PLO hands
  • GGPoker: Tournament Detect: Import buy-in data for more tournament types
  • GGPoker: Tournament Detect: Added 'Spin & Gold' buy-in detection
  • GTech G2: Import: Fixed incorrect "Net Won" for some BBJ hands
  • GTech G2: Import: Corrected the stake name format for PLO hands
  • Hand2Note: Conversion: Fixed some import errors with H2N hands in PokerStars format
  • ICM Quiz: Fixed crash when starting the quiz
  • Import: Archiving: Fixed archiving of empty/blank hand history files
  • iPoker: Import: Fixed incorrect blinds being imported for first hand of a tournament level
  • iPoker: Import: Fixed an import error with no SB when folded to BB
  • Open Hand History: Fixed a few import and export issues with Open Hand History (OHH)* format hands
  • partypoker: HUD: Fixed HUD attachment when the window title and hand history stakes are formatted differently
  • partypoker: Import: Improved import of partially anonymous hands
  • partypoker: Tournament Detect: Updated partypoker Lottery 'Spins' fees
  • PokerStars: Import: Fixed incorrect finish positions in some partial tournaments
  • PokerStars: Tournament Detect: Included Grand Tour SNG bounty won when calculating "Net Won"
  • Run It Once Poker: Import: Fixed import error when posting blind puts the player all-in
  • Winamax: Replayer: Fixed locking loading replayer when playing on new Winamax beta client
  • Winamax: Import: Fixed import error for some Omaha Hi/Lo cash hands
  • WPN: Import: Fixed some all-in hands that were won incorrectly reported as a loss

  • macOS: Moving of processed files now happens immediately whenever possible which should significantly decrease the large number of hand histories warning when starting import
  • 888: Snap: Updated Snap HUD files for 888 client update

* The Open Hand History (OHH) specification as defined at

New Release: 4.15.34

PostPosted: Wed Jul 21, 2021 11:29 am
by APerfect10
PokerTracker 4.15.34 Release Notes - July 21, 2021

  • People's Poker: Added support for prizes in People's Poker tournament summaries

  • HUD: Fixed black border around HUD panel if player had no HUD note color
  • PokerStars: Import: Fixed number of players recorded for some PokerStars MTT re-entry tournaments
  • PokerStars: Import: Fixed winnings for Grand Tour SNG when finish in 1st place

New Release: 4.15.35

PostPosted: Fri Sep 17, 2021 7:56 am
by APerfect10
PokerTracker 4.15.35 Release Notes - September 17, 2021

  • 888: Import: Added support for 888 play money tournaments
  • GGPoker: Import: Added support and detection for Flip & Go tournaments
  • iPoker: Import: Added support for fast-fold Football tables and 5-max tables
  • Winning Poker Network: Import: Added support for only showing one hole card

  • 888: Import: Fixed import error with all-in for ante/blinds in a tournament
  • GGPoker: Fixed tournament time being incorrectly reported

  • GGPoker: Report T$ tournaments in dollars
  • GGPoker: Import: Show correct tournament currency despite tournament summary always being in USD
  • GGPoker: Import: Reject invalid hands where the stated and posted blinds are incorrect
  • GGPoker: Import: Fixed incorrect 'blind not posted' warning with ante and partial blind posted
  • GGPoker: Import: Fixed finish position occasionally not being imported
  • GTech: Import: Fixed import errors due to rake not being read from the .db hands
  • GTech: Equity: Fixed some hands not calculating all-in equity
  • Open Hand History: Fixed a few import and export issues with Open Hand History (OHH)* format hands
  • partypoker: Import: Fixed PLO8 hands being imported as PLO
  • partypoker: Import: Re-entry tournament now record best finish position
  • partypoker: Import: Fixed parsing error with preflop all-in anonymous tournament hands
  • People's Poker: Tournament Detection: Improved Velox tournament buy-in fee detection
  • PokerStars: Tournament Detection: Fixed incorrect prizes awarded in MTT Turbo Satellite Re-entry
  • Winamax: Import: Include 'hold up' amount in net adjusted calculations
  • Winning Poker Network: Import: Fixed Bomb Pots not immediately importing
  • Hand History: Fixed player names with backslashes not being stored correctly in the database
  • macOS: Crash Reporter: Fixed crash reporter not being activated
  • Crash: Fixed out of memory crash

  • macOS: Removed 'PT4 Apps' from file menu since there are no macOS third party apps at this time

* The Open Hand History (OHH) specification as defined at

New Release: 4.15.36

PostPosted: Mon Sep 20, 2021 11:57 am
by APerfect10
PokerTracker 4.15.36 Release Notes - September 20, 2021

  • partypoker: Import: Fixed regression causing Holdem hands to be treated as Omaha

New Release: 4.15.37

PostPosted: Tue Oct 19, 2021 9:20 am
by APerfect10
PokerTracker 4.15.37 Release Notes - October 19, 2021

  • GGPoker: Import: Added support for winning ticket entries in a tournament
  • iPoker: Import: Added support Run It Twice hands
  • iPoker: Import: Added support for new iPoker feature to be released soon
  • partypoker: Added preferred seating option for 7 seat tables
  • PokerBros: Tournament Summaries: Added support for tournament summaries*

  • 888: SNAP: Improved data handling to prevent crashes
  • GGPoker: Tournament Detection: Fixed detection for 5.25 PKO tournaments
  • GGPoker: Tournament Detection: Fixed "Bounty Deep Stacks" games not properly labeling the buyin
  • Hand History Viewer: Fixed rake not displaying for PokerStars cash out hands
  • iPoker: Import: Fixed PKO bounty incorrectly multiplying currency values by 100 if you won a bounty
  • partypoker: Import: Fixed Run It Twice import errors
  • PokerStars: Tournament Detection: Fixed incorrect detection of PokerStars MTT's with 45 players
  • PokerStars: Import: Fixed cash bounties failing to import for some freeroll tournaments
  • Winamax: Tournament Detection: Fixed incorrect winnings from re-entry fee not being included
  • Winamax: Import: Fixed stack sizes failing to be imported when bounties are listed with player stacks
  • Winning Poker Network: Import: Fixed "Invalid Pot Size" errors for some hands
  • macOS: Added logging for Big Sur and Monterey version numbers
  • Import: Fixed regression where bounty prize amounts were recorded as zero
  • Import: Properly reject hands with 0 stack size

* Requires a subscription to the Asian Hand Converters

New Release: 4.15.38

PostPosted: Tue Nov 23, 2021 10:08 am
by APerfect10
PokerTracker 4.15.38 Release Notes - November 23, 2021

  • partypoker: Replayer/HHV: Added replayer and hand history viewer support for Run It Twice hands
  • Winning Poker Network: Added support for "Play It Safe" all-in equity protection

  • 888: Import: Fixed empty mucked cards failing to import
  • 888: Import: Fixed import errors with hands with multiple very short stacks
  • GGPoker: Import: Fixed incorrect "invalid stakes" import errors regression
  • Import: Reject zero stack sizes when a player bets as an invalid hand
  • partypoker: Import: Fixed incorrect results and rake with all-in over bets
  • PokerBros: Import: Correctly import converter hands for PokerBros as PokerBros*
  • PokerStars: Memory Grabber: Fixed out of memory crash
  • Replayer: Equity: Improved equity calculations by running more simulations for replayed hands
  • Winamax: HUD: Added support for multiple tournaments

  • API: Third party apps that timeout are shut down and a message is displayed

  • Tournament Detection: Updated TD engine to 5.94

* Requires a subscription to the Asian Hand Converters