Please get rid of Flash.

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Please get rid of Flash.

Postby ChipButty » Sun Aug 05, 2018 3:39 am

As a poker player I want to run my poker clients on the most secure operating system possible.

I also want to be able to view the leak tracker videos from time to time.

However these two requirement are unfortunately mutually exclusive.

The leak tracker videos require flash to be installed.

A secure operating system is not possible with flash installed because it has a multitude of 0 day security vulnerablities. Most companies are abandoning Flash because of the troubles it causes end users. (Adobe really are evil IMHO)

To work around this you have to keep flash updated as soon as possible, which makes you a bit safer when browsing the web, but not much.

If you use a browser other than Firefox this becomes a real pain in the backside, because the flash notifications for updates doesn't let you choose which browser to update it simply updates the default browser, which in my case is Chrome.

This means I had to go through the added step of installing firefox, set it as default browser and then update it. Failure to do this ends up with Adobe nagging you constantly for updates which you do, but of course for the wrong browser so you get nagged again, failure to update can and often does result in a compromised system.

Can you please just re-encode these videos to HTLM5 and be done with all the support issues Adobe are creating for you and your users?

The security issues that Flash create should make it an absolute no-no for the type of software Poker Tracker 4 is, and it really concerns me that nobody has thought of this, money is literaly at stake on our PC's and we're running one of the most compromised browser plugins of all time, because the developers prefere to use flash for the videos?

Please please please for the love of God protect your users and get rid of Flash from your software.

Many Thanks.
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Re: Please get rid of Flash.

Postby APerfect10 » Sun Aug 05, 2018 6:41 pm

All of the videos are available here and do not require flash:

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