BB Fold to R Bet after Calling F Cbet and X Turn (MINR)

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BB Fold to R Bet after Calling F Cbet and X Turn (MINR)

Postby potamito » Sat Jan 13, 2018 2:51 am

Trying to build a stat that isolates when active player is in the BB in a 3 handed spin&go game, bu folds, SB minr (up to 2.25bb), BB calls. On the flop, SB launches a cbet and BB calls, turns goes check/check and on the river SB fires a river bet and BB folds. For some reasons when testing the expression on a hand report im not getting any results after i add the expressión for the river, this is what i have...

Action Column

Code: Select all
sum(if[tourney_hand_player_statistics.position=8 and tourney_hand_player_statistics.flg_f_has_position and char_length(tourney_hand_summary.str_aggressors_p) = 2 and (tourney_hand_player_statistics.amt_p_raise_facing <= tourney_blinds.amt_bb * 2.25) and tourney_hand_summary.cnt_players_f = 2 and tourney_hand_player_statistics.enum_f_cbet_action='C' and lookup_actions_t.action LIKE 'X%' and tourney_hand_player_statistics.amt_r_bet_facing > 0 and lookup_actions_r.action = 'F', 1, 0])

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Re: BB Fold to R Bet after Calling F Cbet and X Turn (MINR)

Postby WhiteRider » Sat Jan 13, 2018 4:38 am

I can't see anything wrong there, and I get a few hands when I use that expression as a filter in a hand report.
Do you have a hand which you expect to count but doesn't?
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