Tourney - Fold to CBET by size of CBET HUD stat

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Tourney - Fold to CBET by size of CBET HUD stat

Postby hotdiggy1121 » Sun Mar 07, 2021 11:39 am

Hi there! - I have Fold to CBET in my HUB. I'm wondering if I can create a custom stat or if there is another way to break down the size of CBET that makes them Fold.

Do they fold when CBET is 0-30% pot? what if it's 40-65-% pot? What if it's 66%+ pot? Ideally I can understand those folks who never fold to small CBETs and size up OR if they typically fold to small CBETs, I can size down.
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Re: Tourney - Fold to CBET by size of CBET HUD stat

Postby WhiteRider » Sun Mar 07, 2021 3:46 pm

Yes - that is possible with custom stats.
The size of bet faced as a percentage of the pot is stored in the database field "cash_hand_player_statistics.val_f_bet_facing_pct" so you would make a new version of the Fold to CBet stat and include that in your new columns.
For example, include "...and cash_hand_player_statistics.val_f_bet_facing_pct < 30".

The Custom Stats Guide gives an overview of custom stats in PT4 and the Tutorial: Custom Reports and Statistics goes into much more detail, including how to make a new version of a stat like this.
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