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Re: Vertical Report Column

Postby Flag_Hippo » Tue May 04, 2021 12:05 pm

Evoke_89 wrote:I do have a limped pot stat, I just didn't add it to this. I have now added it, but are not been grouped separately :cry:

I've done a version of this statistic for you including limped pots.
Evoke_89 wrote:Also, this means all the hands that did not see a flop "preflop pots" will need to be included? How is this included in the "else[]" expression, or does it stay blank?

Those hands are accounted for with the else condition in the attached statistic.
Evoke_89 wrote:If which case would use of "char_length(cash_hand_summary.str_aggressors_p) = 3" actually simplify my squeeze stat? I would still need to use "not (cash_hand_player_statistics.flg_p_squeeze or cash_hand_player_statistics.flg_p_squeeze_def_opp)", correct?

Yes if you want to separate standard 3bet pots and squeezed pots. I've done that in the attached statistic.
Evoke_89 wrote:Also, considering people have a tendancy to call 4bets on occasions (be it either a leak, tricky play or being deep stacked), would using "char_length(cash_hand_summary.str_aggressors_p) = 4" & "char_length(cash_hand_summary.str_aggressors_p) >= 5" be suitable?

Yes. I've done that in the attached statistic.

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Re: Vertical Report Column

Postby Evoke_89 » Wed May 05, 2021 6:00 pm

Thank you so much for the help with this! I really appreciate it, you've really gone the extra, thank you.
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