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Re: MTT information stats

Postby WhiteRider » Sun Oct 18, 2020 8:22 am

The Hand stat Chips Won and the Player stat Chips Won effectively do the same thing, but are defined differently because the Hand stat is just for individual hands, and the Player stat is for the total across all hands.

The Hand column is just:

..where the Player column is:

In a [different] Player stat if you were to use the column 'amt_chips_won' then that would have the value across all hands.
If you want to make a Player stat which does calculations based on the amount won in each hand, but across all hands, then you can't use the column 'amt_chips_won', you need to make another column which uses the database field 'tourney_hand_player_statistics.amt_won'.

Take the Player stat 'BB Won' for example.
This is the number of big blinds won by the player.
To calculate that we need to divide the number of chips won in each hand by the size of the big blind in that hand, and then sum up the results.
If you were to make a stat with an expression like 'amt_chips_won / amt_bb' then that would not work. That would divide the total amount of chips won by a single BB amount - but there isn't a single BB amount across all hands.
Instead we need to do that in a new column, like this: (See the built-in BB Won stat, and the column 'amt_bb_won' that it uses, which is defined as:
sum(tourney_hand_player_statistics.amt_won / tourney_blinds.amt_bb)

You would need to do the same sort of thing for your stat.
However, columns work by (effectively) iterating through each hand and manipulating the data, but your stat needs to use data from tournaments, not just hands, and that does not generally work.
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