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VPIP/RFI- better visual effect/badges for Villains?

PostPosted: Wed Mar 17, 2021 7:01 am
by atum08

I am using the 6max NL ProPoker HUD <NL50 and the VPIP and RFI stats are both in color white on the preflop hud.

Is there any way to get them colored and categorized, e.g. , 0-10% vpip = red, 11-30% vpip = yellow, 31-49% vpip = orange, 50-100% vpip = green ? Or you just do it manually (is it possible to configure this hud even?)?

And/Or: Maybe you remember PT2? - there were "badges"/icons for each category of villains, like a "whale" for a loose passive fish, or a "tornado" for a lag, and so on.

1) are those badges available in PT4?
2) any other kind of visualization (colored) of this category of villains possible by ProPoker HUD?

Thanks in advance!