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Postflop Arrangement Suggestion and other minor fixes

PostPosted: Thu Nov 17, 2016 1:47 pm
by Goomashroom
I have a suggestion for the ProPokerHUD 6-Max Cash HUD. On the postflop_panel, the 3rd line of stats (technically 4th line if you include the horizontal line) is currently laid out in the following way:

Float Flop, Fold to F Flop, Fold to T Probe Bet, Probe Turn

It was very confusing to me for a while because of the "IP" and "OP" labels above them. When villain Folds to F Flop, he's OOP, not IP, and when villain Folds to T Probe Bet, he's IP, not OOP. So I suggest switching these stats and corresponding popups around so that everything matches up with the IP and OP labels as such:

Float Flop, Fold to T Probe Bet, Fold to F Flop, Probe Turn

Now when you click the popup for the two middle stats that were switched, it makes sense to be reading this stat when he's in the corresponding correct position. I already re-created the stat group for my own use, but I thought others could benefit from my confusion as well. While, this does screw up the pattern of having "Float Flop" and "vs Float Flop" together and "Delay Cbet" and "vs Delay Cbet" together, it does make it match up with the IP and OP categories above them. This way makes more sense for me because then the flow charts on the popups for these stats make sense. Those were always a little confusing at first to understand who was who. Thoughts?

Also, I noticed a couple of inconsistencies that if fixed might make things clearer. The "IP Postflop (As PFA)" popup should read "2B - As PFA" instead of just "2B - PFA", like it's counterparts do, "IP Postflop (vs PFA)", "OOP Postflop (As PFA)", and "OOP Postflop (Vs PFA). It's the only one of the 4 that doesn't specify exactly if it's vs or as PFA.

And last one, the Postflop 3B (As PFA) should read "3B - As PFA" instead of just "3B - PFA" like it's counterpart, Postflop 3B (Vs PFA) does.