CoffeeHUD For HEM 2 (Notecaddy)

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CoffeeHUD For HEM 2 (Notecaddy)

Postby » Fri Oct 31, 2014 1:15 am

We've worked very hard this year to bring CoffeeHUD for HEM 2 and Notecaddy up to par with CoffeeHUD for PT4. Early in the year, we recruited who we believe is the best Notecaddy HUD programmer out there, and he made extensive changes to the CoffeeHUD. It performs better and now includes some custom notes built into the HUD too.

To see a detailed video of the CoffeeHUD for HEM 2/Notecaddy, click here - ... pUtnG5ouT0

To read more or to purchase, visit our order page.
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