Inserting Color Def as text into popup

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Inserting Color Def as text into popup

Postby rowhousepd » Tue Sep 12, 2023 3:28 pm

I'm wondering if it's possible to insert the text (i.e. the Description field) of a player's color definition into a popup. Something like this would be helpful on non-PokerStars sites where you can't actually color code the players via the client software. If this isn't exactly possible, is there some kind of workaround perhaps? Like maybe creating a regular note definition that could do the same? Hope that makes sense. Thanks! :)
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Re: Inserting Color Def as text into popup

Postby nokaspokas » Wed Sep 13, 2023 3:04 pm


Im not sure I fully understood your question.

For Pokerstars we have the option that writes the text abreviation of the color def. in the PS notes for any specific player.

I understand you would like to do something like that but for non-PS pokerrooms.

The best option i would think is to manually assign the label/color you want to a player in the HUD notes icon. This way instead of coloring the player on the poker client, we do it in PT4 using the notes icon and the PT4 color labels. The same notes icon can be used to make a text notation instead of a colored label if you prefer.

Unfortunatly at the moment there is not a automated way to do this, other than the PS workaround.

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