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Note Caddy Hud

PostPosted: Mon Nov 13, 2023 7:44 pm
by AKJMoscow
Hi Guys,

On HM3, you can use the Tournament - HM3 NoteCaddy Hud. Is there a way to get this one on PT4? It's in the cash section but not MTT.

Re: Note Caddy Hud

PostPosted: Wed Nov 15, 2023 3:09 pm
by nokaspokas

You should have both the cash and MTT version of the Notecaddy HUD.

With the names:
- Cash - PT4 Notecaddy
- Tournament - PT4 Notecaddy

If one of the HUDs is missing you might need to reinstall Notecaddy if running the free version or reinstall the definitions package if running the full version.

Best wishes,