Ignition Hand Grabber not grabbing all hands in a session

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Ignition Hand Grabber not grabbing all hands in a session

Postby MyLastGamble » Thu Oct 22, 2020 2:19 pm

Good Afternoon. I'm having an issue with Ignition Hand Grabber. I played a few hours yesterday in both 5NL and 10NL stakes. It has i'm assuming all of my 5NL hands, however for 10NL it only has 6 hands played. I played 10NL on a side table during my 5NL game, and though I didn't play it for long I know I played more than 6 hands and I know my win rate isn't what PT4 is saying it is.

When I click on results, no filter except date of yesterday, I see 10NL and 5NL (only 6 hands of 10NL and 151 hands of 5NL). Same with Statistics, no filters except Date. I even tried clearing my filters, refreshing, and then clicking "yesterday", still no luck.
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Re: Ignition Hand Grabber not grabbing all hands in a sessio

Postby Flag_Hippo » Fri Oct 23, 2020 7:05 am

Was the HUD working OK on the 10NL table during the session? If it was then please send us a screenshot of your entire PokerTracker 4 window in a Support Ticket along with the grabbed files from that session. By default PokerTracker 4 moves your files to your 'Processed' folder which you can access via the 'File -> Open User Data Folder' option:

Guide: Processed Files

If the hands are not being created at all then please enable logging in PokerTracker 4 via 'Configure -> Options -> Enable Logging'. Take a seat at one table, allow the HUD to appear before you open a second table and wait for the HUD to appear there before opening a third e.t.c. If you then have any problem with having a HUD not appearing or hands not being created then take a screenshot and send that to us in a Support Ticket with your log files. You can access the log files by clicking 'File -> Open User Data Folder' in the main PokerTracker 4 window. Go into the 'Logs' folder and compress all the files there (not the Archive folder, just the files) and send them to us with your screenshot.
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